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College Christmas Break: How to Make the Most of It

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by John Milovich

The winter holidays are such an awaited, promising, and really necessary break for students. And it is sound that you do not want to waste this time. Plan it ahead in order to include rest, learning, and self-development to your Christmas schedule.

Should I Go Home for Christmas?

The answer is pretty personal and depends on a lot of factors. We recommend you to look through our questions below and analyze your thoughts towards them. The right decision will come to your head by itself:

  • Do you have good relationships with your family? It is not a good idea to spend weeks in quarrels with relatives who do not understand you and simply drive you mad.
  • Are you home-sick? If you miss your hometown, mom and dad, things you love since childhood, it will be silly to force yourself to stay on campus.
  • How long is the winter break in your college? Evaluate how much the road home takes and how much time you can spend there. Is it enough to come back to the uni ahead and prepare for the new term?
  • Do you have lots of old friends from high school you would like to see and have a chat with? However much you love your family, you will not withstand the whole holidays with them. You will want to walk around the town, and a nice company will not go amiss.
  • Do many college mates stay on campus? If 99% of your friends leave the dorm, what will you do alone there? Do not waste such a wonderful time eating pizza and watching Netflix all day long.

Things to Do over Christmas Break for College Students

Remember the main thing - the college Christmas break is intended to set aside all the nervous education things, switch off your brains (that were working so hard during the fall term), and refresh yourself. As a result, you will start the spring term full of energy. That’s why the following things should go first in your Christmas to-do list:

  • Hang out with your family members if you decide to visit home
  • Go ice-skating/skiing/skateboarding/etc.
  • Pamper yourself with pleasant things you have no time for during the term
  • Travel abroad if going home is not an option for you

Meaningful Winter Holidays

Anyway, you should not forget about what is waiting for you after this winter break. Do not let yourself sink in the sweet nap fest called Christmas holidays. There are a lot of more important things to do. Complete them and you will be proud of yourself, happy, and prepared for the spring term:

  • Sort out the academic questions you had troubles with during the previous term. There will be so much new on the next lessons that you will not have opportunity to return to the unclear topics.
  • Plan your spring term. Your schedule changes, your preferences do too, so make your time work on you, not against you.
  • Take a class. Improve your English if you are an exchange student or learn how to cook.
  • Do your “winter cleaning”. Mess in your dorm room can badly influence your productivity. Also, you may find stuff you do not need anymore and sell it.
  • Begin your scholarship or summer internship hunt. You have plenty of time to choose a program, evaluate your chances, and write a perfect application letter.
  • Make some money. Local businesses often provide students with an opportunity to work during their holidays. Search for a part-time job and save money for a trip or a long-awaited buying.
  • Volunteer. There is always a need in extra hands at an animal shelter, a retirement home, a hospital. Make this world a bit better.

Read a book. You might have a list of literature you are required to read. If not, here are some books to enjoy during your winter break. Relax, have fun, and spend your time wisely!