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There are no redeeming qualities to Viva Essays. They don’t want you to know anything about them, their services, prices, and extras. I will never use this company again, and not just because they made my day miserable, but because their writing is atrocious. more



Despite my negative experience with, scam it is not. They do exchange writing services for money, but don’t expect to get good quality, reasonable explanations, or a logical order process. I won’t be coming back for more, and I wouldn’t recommend this company even to my arch-nemesis. more



EssayVikings claims to be an editing service, but after you click the Edit My Paper button, you’ll realize that it also has some other services like writing and rewriting which were not mentioned before. The biggest advantage of this site is that writers are not assigned automatically. more



On one of the forums dedicated to students’ tips and assistance, I read about the ace-myhomework website. The visitors were pondering whether acemyhomework is cheating or not and whether they could trust this site. I viewed it as an opportunity to make another investigation of a writing service and find out the truth. more



My overall experience with Australian Assignment Help Provider was not the best one. However, if you wonder “is assignment provider legit?”, the answer is “Yes.”

Why To Show The Top Writing Services Is So Important?

The oldest writing service was found in 2000. Since that time hundreds of new services were created. Most of them are clones of each other just to get more and more clients. There are 5-6 big companies that actually control 70% of the market. The other sites are trying to survive with a single website. How to low your prices? It is easy if you give the assignment to some people from countries of the third world. They are cheap and don't have any rights in the US, UK, etc. Most of those corporations earn big money on speculations. Still, the quality of their papers for them comes second after the number of their clients. In this list, we gathered the rating of best writing companies on the web.

How Do We Make This List?

Actually, once we find the service and make a throughout review on it, we publish it on our website with a rating of 2.5. Admins of ScamFighter don't affect the ratings. It comes from the direct average of the clients' reviews. So best experience and the best quality depends on our users' reviews only. Apparently, the prices and the best timeframes for the assignments for each particular website is constant until we find out that they changed them. Best quality and best experience differ with the fact that best experience includes the customer experience support, timing, and the prices. Learn more about how to choose a perfect service for your assignment here.