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Top 10 Legitimate Writing Companies

  1. 1. SpeedyPaper Review

    Rating 4.9/5
    star star star star star

    Main highlights

    • Deadline: 6 hours
    • Price img Price: $9
    • Free revisions img Free revisions
    • Money back guarantee img Money back guarantee
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    SpeedyPaper is known for its unsullied reputation when it comes to writing quality papers, timely delivery, affordable prices. All papers you get from this service are well-written and customized. Certified writers are aimed at providing customers with quality papers within the set deadlines.

    SpeedyPaper cares about the offered quality and hires experts who have proven their reliability and professionalism. It means that you get unique and well-structured papers on time written in accordance with the required standards. All assignments are done fast and at affordable prices so that you get everything you need most comfortably. A-grades are common when you place orders there.

  2. 2. Essaymarket Review

    Rating 4.71/5
    star star star star star

    Main highlights

    • Deadline: 6 hours
    • Price: $11
    • Free revisions
    • Money back guarantee
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    As mentioned in most reviews, safety, anonymity, and confidentiality are the primary values of the platform. Besides striving to keep the customers protected, the company offers free revisions and a money-back guarantee.

    No matter if you need help with your Math homework, Literature essay, or History project, the professionals at are always ready to help you. The ghostwriters will deal with the most unusual and complicated assignments fast and at a reasonable cost.

  3. 3. Writepaperforme Review

    Rating 4.7/5
    star star star star star

    Main highlights

    • Deadline: 6 hours
    • Price: $10
    • Free revisions
    • Money back guarantee
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    If you want to get adequate papers at reasonable rates, WriteMyPaperFor.Me should be your choice. The service works decently and covers the most common assignments, and that is more than enough in most cases. The pricing policy is very flexible so that steady customers could gain more benefits from using the service.

    The advantage of WriteMyPaperFor.Me is that writers can discern any possible problems and solve them pretty fast. In case you have ongoing matters that need solving, you can always contact support agents who work day and night. They will find the most suitable solution in a short time frame.

  4. 4. Essaypro Review

    Rating 4.57/5
    star star star star star

    Main highlights

    • Deadline: 6 hours
    • Price: $12
    • Free revisions
    • Money back guarantee
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    EssayPro is a writing service that offers a sufficient number of solutions enough to cope with almost all types of papers. Obviously, you get professional assistance at student-friendly prices. The service gives you a chance to monitor the process of writing to be sure that everything is coming along well. What’s more, you can select a writer you want regarding feedback.

    EssayPro is aware of the importance to deliver papers on time. Writers are true professionals there whose reliability is perfect. You always get whatever you want and whenever you need it. Moreover, if something goes wrong, free revisions help tackle a problem.

  5. 5.PaperCoach Review

    Rating 4.5/5
    star star star star star

    Main highlights

    • Deadline: 4 hours
    • Price: $8
    • Free revisions
    • Money back guarantee
    Visa Master Discover Amex
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  6. 6.PaperHelp Review

    Rating 4.0/5
    star star star star star

    Main highlights

    • Deadline: 3 hours
    • Price: $10
    • Free revisions
    • Money back guarantee
    Visa Master Discover Amex
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    Helping you to become a star student seems to be one of the crucial aims PaperHelp wants to attain. Well, it appears to be the truth as this service works properly to handle the challenges you pose. Moreover, if you like monitoring, the service provides you with such an opportunity.

    The whole process of placing orders is simple and takes a couple of minutes which is very convenient. The overall performance is more than just good, so even complicated assignments can be professionally done by experienced writers. PaperHelp can be called a proficient and trustworthy writing service that works like a dream you deserve.

  7. 7.SuperbPaper Review

    Rating 4.0/5
    star star star star star

    Main highlights

    • Deadline: 3 hours
    • Price: $10
    • Free revisions
    • Money back guarantee
    Visa Master Amex Discover
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    SuperbPaper is a tried-and-true service designed to complete assignments fast and without all the hassle. You can find here experienced writers who understand how to make a paper sound perfect. If you are looking for certified scrupulous performers, it is a good idea to choose this service as it is not enormous to be a heartless paper mill, but big enough to cope with all papers properly.

    Almost all papers are delivered on time due to efficient management. In case you have any questions or concerns, it doesn’t take much time to find a solution due to rapid support. SuperbPaper is a service where you may forget about assignments once you have placed an order.

  8. 8.UkEssays Review

    Rating 3.92/5
    star star star star star

    Main highlights

    • Deadline: 4 hours
    • Price: $90
    • Free revisions
    • Money back guarantee
    Visa Master Discover Amex Bitcoin-light Union Jcb
    Visit Site Read review is an excellent service where experienced professionals united together to find solutions to even the most sophisticated assignments. This service is a real way to forget about papers once and forever because everything works smoothly and pleasantly. You don’t have to bother yourself with the quality because writers know how to do everything properly.

    Every solution is customized to achieve the highest standards that can please your professors. If you want to make your paper become a piece of art, the service offers free revisions. Actually, seems to be one of the less problematic services in the market.

  9. 9.EssayAssist Review

    Rating 3.9/5
    star star star star star

    Main highlights

    • Deadline: 3 hours
    • Price: $9
    • Free revisions
    • Money back guarantee
    Visa Master
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    EssayAssist is a decent and reliable service aimed at providing customers with all types of assignments fast and conveniently. It doesn’t take much time to fill in the order form and find a suitable writer. All papers are unique and written duly within the shortest time possible, and this fact is a great advantage of the service.

    In case there are some issues that need solving, you can easily get in touch with the support agents. They are competent enough to find good solutions very quickly. Moreover, they work 24/7 to be closer to you and your concerns. EssayAssist is a good service that knows what you really need.

  10. 10.EssayService Review

    Rating 3.88/5
    star star star star star

    Main highlights

    • Deadline: 6 hours
    • Price: $9
    • Free revisions
    • Money back guarantee
    Amex Visa Master
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    EssayService offers an excellent opportunity to find a great writer whose main aim is to make you contented by providing perfectly written papers. The whole service works in a proper way due to the implemented bidding system. All your orders are secured so that no one finds out that you have decided to resort to EssayService.

    The peculiar feature is that the service doesn’t offer refunds. However, the explanation is very simple. You just don’t pay until you get exactly what you need. It makes EssayService a convenient platform to order papers safely. Thus, all your money is protected and assignments are done.

Comparison of the Best Essay Services

Service Rating Deadline Price Free revisions Refunds
4.9/5 6 hours $9 check check
4.71/5 6 hours $11 check check
4.7/5 6 hours $10 check check
4.57/5 6 hours $12 check check
4.5/5 4 hours $8 check check
4.0/5 3 hours $10 check check
4/5 3 hours $10 check check
3.92/5 4 hours $90 check check
3.9/5 3 hours $9 check check
3.88/5 6 hours $9 check check


Are Paper Writing Services Legal? Yes, the best essay writing services are working within the bounds of the law. However, many companies claim they only provide samples and urge you to use them as templates for your writing and cite the sources according to the chosen citation style.
Are All Essay Companies Fake? In other words, can there be one best essay writing service? Yes, there can be. And no, they are not all fake. Our in-depth essay writing service reviews delve into the fine print and technicalities unreliable companies don’t want you to know.
Is It OK to Use Writing Services? We say it is OK to use writing services when you feel overwhelmed with assignments and the school stress and strain robs you of sleep and will to live. Your physical and psychological health is worth more than getting an A.
Are Their Reviews Real? Can I Trust Them? You can trust the best college paper writing services reviews posted on ScamFighter, as students like you write them to help you avoid their mistakes or share great experiences.
The Essay Service I’ve Found Is not on Your List. Send us an email at [email protected]. We’ll add your suggestion to our list, investigate it, and post an in-depth review here, on ScamFighter.

What Is the Best Essay Writing Service?

  • 1. SpeedyPaper - 4.9/5.0
  • 2. Essaypro - 4.7/5.0
  • 3. JustDoMyEssay - 4.6/5.0
  • 4. Writepaperforme - 4.6/5.0
  • 5. SuperbPaper - 4.2/5.0

“Best” is an arbitrary term. What’s best for one student might be lacking for another. Still, we try to keep our rating system objective and take into account multiple factors to create this ranking. All custom writing services on the list have been tested and approved by ScamFighters.

Best Research Paper Writing Services

Our platform provides comprehensive research paper writing services reviews, aiming to steer you clear of subpar offerings that could squander your time and financial resources. You're likely not here to dwell on failed attempts; you seek legit research paper writing services that can handle various tasks – from crafting a succinct 5-paragraph essay to developing a comprehensive thesis. We've gathered the best research paper writing service reviews to facilitate your search and narrowed them down to a top-5 list of websites. Each of these platforms receives our endorsement and has garnered positive feedback from your peers. Whether you're looking for the best essay writing service, a general essay writing service, or a specialized paper writing service, our curated list offers trustworthy options to suit your academic needs.

To find the best research paper writing service for your needs, check out our reviews detailing the pros and cons of every website. And don’t forget to post your research paper writing service reviews once you receive your order to help others find reliable help.

  • #1 SpeedyPaper - 4.9/5.0
  • #2 Essaypro - 4.7/5.0
  • #3 JustDoMyEssay - 4.6/5.0
  • #4 Writepaperforme - 4.6/5.0
  • #5 SuperbPaper - 4.2/5.0

How Do Essay Writing Services Work?

Securing a professional to write your paper isn't as straightforward as clicking 'buy now' for your favorite coffee on Amazon. The first step is crucial: outlining the specifics of your assignment with utmost clarity. Even the best assignment writing service won't yield satisfactory results if your instructions lack precision or omit vital details. If you're uncertain how to populate the order form, don't hesitate to contact the support team. Uploading your professor's prompt and associated rubrics can further streamline the process.

Once your requirements are clearly defined, a good essay writing service functions like your preferred online retailer. A preview feature allows you to double-check the details of your order. This step is an opportunity to add extras like text message updates or a one-page summary, typically offered by top-tier essay writing services. The final step is payment after confirming everything is set as it should be. Rest assured, your paper will be ready within the timeframe you specify.

Across a range of essay writing websites and paper writing services, the experience may vary, but the core process remains the same. That is why it's crucial to choose writing services wisely, preferably those highly recommended for their reliability and quality.

Are Paper Writing Services Legit?

While no law in most jurisdictions deems purchasing homework illegal, educational institutions universally uphold codes of conduct and academic integrity guidelines. These often include a prohibition against submitting work that isn't your own, labeling such actions as plagiarism. Therefore, any legitimate essay writing service will include a disclaimer advising you to utilize the papers they provide as samples or templates for your writing.

Yet, the reality is that instructors typically have no definitive way to prove whether a paper has been purchased. A legit essay writing service takes measures to produce original work that can clear plagiarism-detection tools without issue. Exercise prudence, and your purchased paper is unlikely to raise any suspicions.

Whether you opt for a cheap essay writing service or a more premium offering, the fundamental tenets remain: use the work responsibly. The marketplace for writing services is broad, extending from general assignment writing service options to specialized college paper writing service providers. When selecting a writing service, it's vital to gauge its credibility, particularly if you aim to submit the purchased essay as your own. So, while 'writing' itself may not raise ethical questions, how you use the essay you purchase is where your moral compass should guide you.

Are Essay Services Worth It?

Only you can make that call. I found that if time is a scarce resource for you, or if you have priorities beyond academics, essay help websites can be a lifeline. I realized that outsourcing my paper assignments to professionals was not just about completing assignments but about reclaiming time. The time that I could then invest in building my brand by applying for scholarships, internships, and even grants.

Holding a part-time job while in school became much more manageable when I had a college paper writing service to rely on. Gaining real-world experience in my chosen field felt infinitely more valuable than writing boring essays. I also found it vital to choose the best paper writing service that could offer a custom essay writing service tailored to my needs. That’s why I sifted through reviews and even looked into the best essay writers available before choosing. There are numerous best essay writing services, and I was particularly interested in finding the best research paper writing service.

The decision to invest in such services is entirely yours to make. Just bear in mind that while some may dismiss it as a shortcut, I view it as a strategic allocation of resources. Reading through reviews, doing a paper review or two, and selecting the service that best suits your needs can set you on a path to achieving much more than just a good grade.

So it’s up to you to decide if spending money on essays offers a good return on investment.

So, Which Essay Service is the Best?

If you're in a rush, just glance at the apex of our best essay websites list. My personal experience (with all services) aligns with what you'll find: a blend of value for money, low risk, and top-notch writing performance. Among the best essay sites listed in our top 10, I've found that they all consistently excel in writing quality, punctuality, customer service, and security measures.

However, don't just take my word for it. For a deep dive into the pros and cons of each option, peruse our detailed college paper writing service reviews. I found these incredibly enlightening when making my choice. And don't skip the comment sections; they offer additional verification for the claims made in the reviews. Our community thrives on your feedback, and every review and comment adds an extra layer of safety for all involved.

If you're looking for essay writing service reviews or simply trying to sort through paper writing websites, let me tell you – the effort pays off. Whether it's essay websites or the best research paper writing services you're after, the time you spend reading the best essay writing service reviews is not wasted; it's an investment. I usually spend a few hours doing this, but it's worth every minute for the peace of mind and quality service I get. Selecting the right site can make or break your academic life.

What Is the Selection of Writing Companies on Our Website?

Our curated list is expansive and varied, designed to cover all your needs. In my journey through academia, I've explored many writing services, and we feature them all here – ranging from the industry stalwarts to the fledgling startups. You'll find everything: reviews for popular giants, rising stars, and, unfortunately, even the poorly-disguised scams. We select writing services through user suggestions, first-hand personal experiences like mine, or their online reputation.

Our scope isn't limited to just the U.S.; we have taken pains to include services catering to the Australian, Canadian, and British educational systems. Whether you're searching for the best essay writing website or online essay writing services, you'll find an array of options here. I've spent hours diving deep into essay writing review articles and paper writing service review sections and even placed an order or two to verify the quality personally. And trust me, the best essay writers online are often found in all places you have to dig a little deeper to find.

Need the best online essay writing services? Each time you visit our platform, you'll notice an expanding selection based on evolving needs and feedback. This array of writing services has been a godsend for me, and I believe it could be for you, too. So, dive in and explore. The best essay writing websites can make a world of difference in your academic journey. On our list, you’ll find the right company to work on your college application essay, term paper, thesis, or resume.

We don’t discriminate against any type of writing company. Our rankings cover traditional essay writing agencies, companies that specialize in research paper writing, theses, and dissertations. There are plenty of resume writing companies on our website to help you after graduation.

While American companies are prevailing in the academic assistance market, we realize students in the UK, Australia, and Canada require as much help. We collect essay writing service reviews and test writing agencies serving English-speaking students and international learners studying abroad.

We are proud to say our list of the best essay writing services is one of the largest and most comprehensive you can find online. Aside from aggregating your reviews, our team tests each website to protect you from fraud, scam, and poor quality.

Are the Prices Too High? What Can I Do?

Digging out the best essay writing websites offering assistance at accessible prices is far from easy. There is a range of factors determining the final price of your college research paper or a last-minute high-school essay. The price you’ll have to pay for academic writing services depends on:

📌 The Type of Paper

(essay, resume, term paper, book review, dissertation, etc.)

📌 The Specified Timeframe

The less time you’ll give to the best online assignment writers, the more bucks you’ll have to pay for the professional assistance. So, better avoid procrastination and order the assigned college tasks at the drop of a hat.

Give ample time to the best assignment writers and save on ordering the most troublesome and tricky papers. Some services are ready to craft your essay in just three hours, but, generally, the shortest deadline you can specify on the websites of the first-class paper writing services is around six hours.

This is the minimum time needed to do research and complete the order. The longest deadline is around two weeks, though some best essay writing sites 2024 offer even longer options - 20 days.

📌 Your Academic Level

Let’s say you’ve ordered a two-page essay about cell aging from the best professional essay writers. The final price will depend on the level of your class.

Being a graduate student, you’ll pay more for deeper research. The top writing services will assign a more knowledgeable expert to complete your order, and this will affect the cost.

📌 The Length

Ordering a two-page college essay won’t make you flat broke, but what about delegating some overlong assignments to the best writing services online 2024? No doubt, they cost more.

Need websites that write essays for you? I've been there, and here's what I've learned: prices per page can vary significantly, from as low as $6.99 to as high as $50. The cost often depends on various factors, including the writer's expertise level, the deadline, and the complexity of the assignment.

But let's get one thing straight – high prices from websites that write papers for you are not automatically guaranteed quality. I've learned that the hard way. Some top-dollar essay writer services have experts who are used to cutting corners, especially when delivering tasks within tight deadlines. So, it's prudent to opt for something in between if you want a good balance of cost and quality.

On the flip side, are you tempted by cheap writing services? Before you take the plunge, check out the reviews thoroughly. I spent a fair amount of money and time experimenting with different providers and ratings to find a middle ground. While some genuine cheap writing service providers offer value for money, there are others (read complete write app reviews scam messages).

So, my advice? Look for writing essay services with a moderate price range. Reviews can be your best friend here, offering insights into the quality of the papers and whether you're getting value for your money. Finding that sweet spot between price and quality can make a big difference in your academic experience.

You can always search our database for the cheapest writing services, we offer you another chance to save. We reached out to the best essay writing services on our list and requested discounts for you. You can copy the promo code or hit the “Apply” button and go directly to the website.

Best and Safe Payment Methods at Essay Writing Websites

You’ve decided to turn to paper writing websites to order tricky and voluminous essays. You'll hit the payment stage once you've detailed your assignment's specifics. Pick the right payment method is crucial. In my experience with top essay writing services and every cheap paper writing service, I found that they offer various payment options. Don't just pick randomly; choose a method you're comfortable with to avoid future headaches or regrets about top essay writing service offers. You don't want to be left with a chip on your shoulder because you rushed this part.

The most popular and safe methods to pay for the paper oder are:

💳 Visa/Mastercard

Undoubtedly, this is the top pick among students when turning to the best online essay writing services. Why? The vast majority of customers decide to choose this option due to the following pros. Paying with your credit card is safe and fast. Moreover, they’re a superb way to build credit and add up rewards points offered by credit card companies. As for the cons, the most vivid one is that it is quite easy to dig yourself into a hole by spending too much.

🍏 Apple Pay

This option is a perfect solution for those who turn to the best essay services. The main pros are that no extra fees are charged, it is convenient, safe, and, additionally, there is a low risk of being hacked. Cons of Apple Pay are quite high fees, adoption because not all clients have an iPhone, and there are some concerns as for the stability of the transaction process.

💳 Discover

This payment method is also on the list due to no annual fee and user-friendly online banking system. As for the cons, they include no travel awards and a limited every quarter 5% cashback.


Why not? If you own some cryptocurrency, you may pay with it for getting assignments from the best online paper writing services. The main advantages of choosing this payment method are easier and cheaper payments than ever and secure transactions worldwide. The main disadvantage is high volatility.

The Good Side to Using Custom Writing Help

With the scorn surrounding the best and worst essay writing services, using one makes you a fraud or a loser in the eyes of school administration, but they forget the most important question. Why do students rely on online services to do their homework? The answers can be different:

  • Mary T. has to juggle a part-time job as a barista with her Psychology major to pay tuition.
  • Paul R. got into college on a football scholarship, but his dream of getting a degree and pursuing his passion turned out to be a difficult one to achieve.
  • Sam O. had to leave school for three weeks to take care of her mother after a car accident.

Unless you are in Med School and slacking off instead of learning how to save people, don’t feel bad about your need to get help. Think of the best essay writing service as your academic assistant that helps you get through the toughest parts of the school year.

The Bad Side to Using Essay Services

Seeking assistance from the best essay websites comes with some risks you may face. Although all writing services claim they deliver only top-notch assignments that meet your initial instructions, there are chances you’ll get plagiarized, or low-quality papers that can’t be revised due to the tight deadline. Not all students can afford professional assistance from the best online writing service, and this is a reason they opt for cheaper ones which usually turn out to be a scam.

One more bad side of asking for outside help with your papers is that you may be caught. Navigating the complexities of online academic standards can be perilous. As a college student, I've learned that violating these standards can have serious consequences, even unwittingly. You (students) may be subjected to interviews where you must provide compelling evidence that you wrote the assignment yourself. Failure to do this can lead to expulsion. That's why it's essential to choose legit essay writing services carefully.

I always read essay writing services reviews thoroughly before making a decision. Though free essay writing websites and various online writing services are available, not all are created equal. Opting for a reputable paper writing service online can save you time and stress, ensuring that your assignments meet the required standards. Trust me, reading reviews and evaluating services can make a huge difference in your academic life.

Why Do We Collect Information on Top-Rated Writing Services?

The story of the first ScamFighter goes like this:

At first, I wanted to help people not to get scammed while using writing services for their assignments. I found hundreds of students robbed of their money, leaving essay writing service reviews on BBB, Trustpilot, SiteJabber, and EssayScam. Most of these aggregate feedback on all products and services, making it hard to make a choice.

Soon I met a couple of guys who knew how to create a website that you see now. Its primary purpose is to prove that using custom paper writing services is OK when both parties are honest with each other about their expectations and promises.

ScamFighter is a must-read for you if you are looking for reliable and trustworthy writing services. You can just browse our top essay service reviews or join the thriving student community, share your experiences, and make the Internet safer for everyone.

How Do We Choose the Best Writing Services for our Users?

Top Writing Services
🏆 Best Essay Writing Service in USA: SpeedyPaper
🏅 Best Essay Writers: EssayMarket
🎁 Best Cheap Essay Writing Service: WritePaperForMe
📊 Best Research Writing Service: PaperCoach
🆕 Top New Essay Writing Service: EssayMarket
📚 Best College Paper Writing Service: EssayPro
📕 Best Assignment Writing Service: JustDoMyEssay
🔝 Top Rated Essay Writing Service: SpeedyPaper
👍 Good Essay Writing Service: EssayService
⚖️ Legit Essay Writing Service: PaperHelp

There is an order to what seems like the chaos of ScamFighter. Let us bring you backstage and describe our process.

First, we go online and Google “online paper writing service” to find the companies we haven’t tried yet. We study each website carefully, assess their prices, read the fine print of the Terms of Use, and the Refund Policy. Finally, we place an order. We record all the benefits and drawbacks of the essay service and create an in-depth overview.

Even if we enjoy or despise some websites, we award them with an average rating of 2.5 out of 5 stars. The magic of ScamFighter begins once your fellow students share their experience and post essay writing service reviews. That’s how the company ratings go up or down. Our system automatically adjusts the rankings to ensure the best among the writing services stay on top.

Bidding vs Writer Assigned. What’s a Better Option?

You’ve probably checked a pile of essay writing websites reviews and know that there are two types of essay mills. The first ones operate using the bidding system. This is when, once after the order placement and specifying the paper details, you start getting bids from writers ready to jumpstart doing your assignment. You are the one who is responsible for picking the most suitable writer to complete your essay.

In my academic journey, I've discovered that getting value for money when choosing a writing service (academic websites) is a nuanced process. You see, a bidding system can be a double-edged sword. While you might snag a knowledgeable writer at a low price, the risk of making a poor choice is high. I've made this mistake, lured by a low price only to get subpar work. That's why I now take the time to check out essay writers reviews and ratings, particularly their proficiency in the subject.

But here's a gem: the best essay writing website companies operate differently. Instead of a bidding system, these companies assign the most suitable writer to your project. In my experience, this expert-assigned flow ensures top-notch quality, meets deadlines, and offers a stress-free experience. Websites to write essays vary greatly, but when managers are involved in assigning college paper writers based on academic expertise, it's usually a win. Always check multiple sources and reviews to find the right fit.

The most knowledgeable writer will complete the order, and chances are really low that your paper will be plagiarized or poorly completed. The writer assigned essay help websites are a better solution for students seeking timely and high-quality assistance.

Pre-written Essays. Should You Go for Them?

I've faced that wall of academic papers piling up and felt the temptation to take shortcuts. The allure of pre-written essay assignments can be strong, especially when pressed for time. But is it worth it? My experience tells me to tread carefully. One of the main drawbacks of pre-written assignments is that you're rolling the dice on originality. I've learned that failing a plagiarism check can bring you a heap of trouble in college.

Before considering this route, you should review paper writing services and look for platforms like Scamfighter that offer comprehensive reviews. All cheap custom essay writing services might seem attractive, but remember that a qualified writer's personalized approach is often the safer, more reliable option. You don't want to gamble with your academic reputation.

Unlike buying pre-written papers, ordering assignments from scratch is a better solution because the best essay writers online will adhere to your instructions and guarantee the originality of the final product. Once you pay for the ordered assignment, you’ll get the ownership right and can do whatever you want with your paper.

What Do We Pay Attention to When Reviewing any Website?

Whenever there is a need to review another writing company, we put our “investigative journalists” hats on and treat the job as a chance to find out the truth. After the first dozen of custom essay writing service reviews, we realized we needed a system.

So we devised several criteria and cobbled together a structure that would make it easier for students to compare different services and make educated decisions. If you haven’t seen many of our posts, here’s what we pay most attention to:

advantages Advantages and Disadvantages of the Service

This section is present in every one of our best and worst essay writing services review posts. A simple list of pros and cons is often enough to summarize our whole experience with each particular company. If you have no time to read our lengthy ramblings on all things horrible and wonderful about any paper writing service, start with a list of pros and cons. It will tell you the gist of our review and help you decide whether it’s worth risking your money by trusting a particular service.

advantages1 Online Reputation

We want to be your best resource for finding essay writing service reviews, but we still rely on popular feedback aggregators. I've done my fair share of browsing through various writing services, and I can tell you that relying solely on testimonials posted on their websites is a rookie mistake. Experience has taught me that many of those reviews, especially the ones accompanied by a full name and photo, often don't hold much weight; they could very well be fake.

Even if you're lured in by the promise of an essay writing service cheap, it's critical to dig deeper. I always seek out multiple sources for reviews and double-check the writers' credentials to guarantee that I make an informed choice. An online essay service might talk a big game on their website, but the real quality measure is found elsewhere. The lack of neutral or negative essay writing service reviews is also a tell.

advantages3 Revision and Money Back Policy

The easiest way to find all the gruesome details writing companies don’t want you to know is by looking at the fine print in their legal paperwork. That’s why we read Terms of Use, Revision, and Money-back Policies carefully, even if they make our brains hurt.

advantages4 Ordering Process

We know most students rely on a paper writing service to save time, as other responsibilities swamp them. While placing the order, we pay attention to the order process and evaluate whether it is easy or drawn-out.

advantages5 Pricing and Discounts

We provide screenshots of the rates. Still, prices may change over time, so the numbers you see in our best and worst essay writing service reviews might differ. Discounts are another sore spot for writing agencies. Some deem themselves too high-class to slice even 5% off your price.

Others will bombard you with promo codes and coupons whenever you try to close the page. You can check out our Discounts page to look for coupons provided by the best essay writing service or ten exclusively for ScamFighters.

advantages6 Paper Quality

This is probably the most sought-after part of our best paper writing services honest reviews, on par with pricing and discounts. You won’t find a definitive answer in our posts as we try to be objective. You might ask why there are no paper screenshots in our essay writing service reviews. The answer is simple - our friends submit them to professors and don’t want any proof of buying them posted online.

advantages7 Customer Support

Pleasant support managers are often one of the few redeeming qualities an unreliable paper writing service may possess. I've placed orders with various paper writing services, and let me tell you, the quality of customer support can be quite revealing.

Even services that don't deliver on their writing promises sometimes have pleasant support managers, which can throw you off. When I make an order, one of my first steps is to hit up the live chat and interact with the support team.

I'm not just chit-chatting; I'm testing their response time, gauging how friendly they are, and evaluating the quality of their answers. I even capture screenshots of these conversations for my records and sometimes share them as proof. It's an extra layer of due diligence I've found very telling over time.

advantages8 Types of Services

While most students seek essay help, we realize it is not the only written assignment in your professor’s arsenal. We go through the list of all available services, courses, disciplines, writing types. We include all these details in our essay writing service reviews to ensure you have the full picture.

advantages9 Extra Features

In our essay writing service reviews, you’ll see that most of those “free” items are ridiculous, like email delivery, formatting, or title page. However, there are some extra features we like. A plagiarism report is one of the few. A one-page summary and a copy of the sources can also be helpful.

How to Make Sure Essay Reviews Are Real?

Students often rely on the best paper writing service reviews before delegating their assignments. But is every comment found online real? How can you spot fake writing services reviews that are a dime a dozen?

Sure, it is a hard nut to crack, but paying attention to the facts we’ve written below, you’ll easily spot fake college essay writing service reviews:

📌 Black or White

Most likely, you’ve come across a pile of overwhelmingly positive college paper writing service reviews. If you had a feeling they looked too good to be true, best guess, they were fake. Real customers will definitely mention both pros and cons. If the feedback you’ve come across was filled just with hate or glowing praise, take a closer look at it.

📌 Short and Poorly Written Essay Writing Reviews

You’ve found a sheer number of reviews consisting of just a few lines stuffed with generalities and a lack of punctuation. No order details or any other specific information is provided. Poor English and vague language are the signs of fake top essay writing reviews.

📌 No Details About the Reviewer

If you failed to find the name, gender, or age of the person who’s completed the review, most likely you are reading a fake one.

📌 Sounds Like an Advert

We bet you’ve read a pile of adverts and remember the way they sounded. If the language used in some paper writing service reviews 2024 was to make you order something, high chances those reviews were created by the hired applauders. Instead of explaining sincere feelings and telling about their own experience, they stuff their reviews with paeans of praise.

📌 Timing

Have you ever come across a website with numerous essay writing reviews singing the praises of a specific service and created within a short time frame? This can be a kind of targeted campaign. Don’t you let such college essay writing service reviews fool you. Think outside the box and check some other platforms to get to know what others say about the companies.

Reading best paper writing service reviews is no different from checking any other types of online reviews. Remain analytical and read paper writing service reviews 2024 found on various platforms with a grain of salt or better stay on the safe side, choosing a trustworthy website like ScamFighter. Here you’ll come across a sheer number of detailed writing services reviews telling not only about the bells and whistles but about all the pitfalls.

How to Make the Most of the Essay Service?

The vast majority of students find themselves dead-locked by the massive amount of college tasks, and this is why they decide to reach out to the best college paper writing services. But how can you make the most of these platforms? You’ll be much better off using our tips.

✔️ Make Sure the Chosen Paper Writing Services Cover Your Needs.

Academic helpers are a dime a dozen, but not all of them provide the same kind of assistance. Only the best college paper writing services cover almost all your academic needs. Before filling out an order form, make sure the platform will help with the specific type of work.

✔️ Use All the Bells and Whistles.

The best essay writing sites 2024 offer a pile of perks to attract more clients. Check the information about the available discounts, special offers, and free features.

This will help you save some bucks. Failed to find the information about the offered discounts on the websites of the top writing services? Ask the support managers about perks for newbies and regular customers.

✔️ Check the Guarantees Before Getting Started

The provided guarantees help define the best writing services in 2023. Before entrusting your assignments to someone, check the following pages: Terms and Conditions, Money Back Guarantee, Revision Policy, etc. Being informed about your rights and the provided guarantees will be of great use when resolving conflict situations.

Thanks to these tips, you’ll make the most of the best writing services in 2024 when you are stuck in a college rut.

Mistakes New Users Make

⛔️ Order cheap papers from writing services, not paying attention to conspicuous signs of scam.

⛔️ Skip reading Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Money Back guarantee pages.

⛔️ Procrastinate and order their papers due tomorrow. It’s quite risky because if something goes wrong, chances are low they’ll have enough time to provide amendments.

⛔️ Don’t check the readiness of the support team to help with clarifying issues anytime, day or night.

⛔️ If there is a bidding system, pick writers offering the lowest price. This may result in poorly completed papers and plagiarism.

⛔️ Don’t order extras to get a better result and have peace of mind that everything is done as agreed.

⛔️ Never check online paper writing service reviews to pick the most reliable and safe academic helper.

How to Get Money After Being Scammed?

If you stumble across ScamFighter after you’ve been scammed, there are several ways you can try to get your money back:

  • scammed Contact the support team and request a refund within the time limit specified on the website. A paper writing service might allow 7 to 30 days for refund requests.
  • scammed Use ScamFighter Dispute Center. We can’t promise every case will be successful or that you will return 100% of your money, but with our help, your payout will be higher than if you handle the dispute on your own.
  • scammed Reach out to PayPal, your bank, or credit card company. Submit a formal complaint with your bank or CCC and request they reverse the payment.

While all these methods work, you will still lose time and money. That’s why we urge you to read the Refund Policy before placing the order with any company, even it is the best essay writing service.

How to Recognize a Scam Review Platform?

Companies realize you rely heavily on positive essay writing service reviews when making a choice, so they create fake review platforms to promote “the best” (aka affiliated) online essay writing services and ruin the reputation of others. We don’t want to breed paranoia but caution you against trusting review websites that:

  • Do not provide enough information about themselves.
  • Publish short negative reviews without any details.
  • Rely on users with a suspicious number of reviews.
  • Post essay writing service reviews filled with keywords.

If you check ScamFighter across these criteria, you’ll notice we pass with flying colors, as do many other feedback aggregator websites, such as Trustpilot and Sitejabber.

How to Avoid Scammy Services?

No one is immune to minimum prices, sweet promises, and huge discounts. Writing companies go out of their way to convince you to trust their writers. If you want to avoid disappointment, fraud, and school troubles, use our checklist to find the best paper writing website:

  • Reasonable prices within an affordable range.
  • At least 2 years of experience in academic writing.
  • A 3.5-star rating or above according to essay writing service reviews.
  • Round-the-clock online support.
  • Clear terms of use, revision and refund policies.

Of course, you can just use ScamFighter reviews and rankings to weed out the unreliable and scammy services and take your pick among the best the Internet has to offer.

Can you Get Kicked Out of Colleges If Get Caught Using Essay Services?

Some students avoid ordering papers from the best essay writing company due to having a fear of being caught. Sure, this may result in severe consequences. If a student gets caught cheating, there will be a need to provide strong evidence that an essay was done without any outside assistance.

In case you fail to prove it, expulsion from the university or college may be the result. But what should students do when they can’t sail through the course without getting timely assistance with their papers?

Here is an answer - check a pile of the best writing service reviews to pick a reliable academic helper and have peace of mind that nobody will spot you cheating. Counting on trustworthy and safe service is an optimal solution to boost your grades and survive when having a college routine. If you make it right, nobody will find out that you’ve benefited from outside help.

Recap of the Best Essay Services in 2024

Service Rating Deadline Price Go to site
4.9/5 6 hours $9 Visit site
4.7/5 6 hours $12 Visit site
4.6/5 3 hours $17.55 Visit site
4.6/5 6 hours $6.9 Visit site
4.2/5 3 hours $10 Visit site
4.0/5 3 hours $10 Visit site
4.0/5 Custom $5 Visit site
4.0/5 3 hours $9 Visit site
4.0/5 6 hours $11 Visit site
4.0/5 6 hours $12 Visit site