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EssayTyper is as easy as it gets:

  1. Choose your paper type
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  3. Start typing and watch your essay appear!
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Everybody Gets Stuck Sometimes

Homework sucks. First, you spend hours in lecture halls and study groups to grasp the basics. Then, you go through the mountain of reading, and the professors still won’t give you a break. You have to write an essay about every aspect of every class. Case studies, research, and term papers are even worse. They take up all your limited free time and make you forget about social life, going out. They suck out all the fun from high school and college.

Worse still are the times when you love the class. Your professor is a mix between Indiana Jones and Doctor Who. You enjoy his assignments, but can’t get a word out on paper. There are too many ideas floating around in your head, but none of them is good enough to make your writing perfect. You struggle with the writer’s block and your inner perfectionist, stuck between a rock and a hard place. In the end, you rush through the paper in the last couple of nights and get a disappointing С. You promise yourself that next time you will do better and make the essay just right and yet you fall into the same old habits every time.

ScamFighter says: no more! It’s time to beat the writer’s block, indecision, and procrastination. Our free essay generator is an ultimate writing tool, here to bring inspiration and get you started on the paper. Automatic essay writing has never been easier.

How EssayTyper Works

EssayTyper is as easy as it gets. Make 3 steps to enjoy its benefits:

  • Choose your paper type
  • Press the “Type” button
  • Start typing!

Why Give EssayTyper a Go?

Our free essay writer is a fun and exciting way to jumpstart your imagination and get the creative juices flowing. You can turn your mind off and just type. Instead of gibberish, the empty screen will quickly fill with the relevant information whether you need to write about the Civil War, Shakespeare, or marijuana legalization.

The best thing about this online essay writer is the way it makes you feel smart and confident. Instead of sitting in front of an empty screen for hours on end, you can start working at once and type an essay online for free. Your parents, siblings, and roommates won’t be able to accuse you of slacking off! Just don’t let them take a closer look at your mad typing skills.

Unlike any other website that writes essays for you, we offer Essay Typer unblocked. You can copy the text our magic essay creator produces without hidden payments or fees. As always, ScamFighter is here to support your academic endeavors and protect you from greedy fake typing services out to steal your money.

Before you submit the paper you get, remember that any essay typer (free or premium) is just an online tool to get things rolling. Websites that write papers for you for free do not create original works. They are just using the existing data from Wikipedia or academic database to provide inspiration.

Whichever essay generator, free or premium, you find, the results will be far from what you expect. What’s worse, your chosen essay maker will not meet your professor’s requirements. As a result, your time and efforts will be wasted, and your grade - ruined.

Still Can’t Get Started? Check ScamFighter-Approved Services

What can you do if even our random essay generator doesn’t help? When the inspiration eludes you, and the deadline is closing in on you, comes the time for drastic measures. To help you get through this hurdle, we bring out the big guns and share a list of ScamFighter-Approved writing services. They can help you achieve the results no automatic essay writer will ever produce.

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Before you leave in search of another free essay writer program, let us explain why we recommend using professional services:

  • еMagic, science, and talent have nothing to do with online introduction paragraph generator and thesis tools. They take your words and mash them together producing funny, ridiculous, and ultimately unusable results.
  • Relying on a thesis or topic sentence generator is naïve at best. Don’t get your hopes up, as they will be dashed, and you will have to fend for yourself in the end.
  • Using automatic thesis generator for a research paper is a sure way to get a bad grade. The thesis statement is among the critical criteria professors assess when grading papers and using rubbish online tools will not bring you an A or even a B.

How to Beat the Writer’s Block and Get Moving

If you have exhausted all online essay writer options and haven’t moved an inch, let’s shake up your muse. We’ll share some tried-and-true methods of beating the wayward inspiration into submission. Here are our favorite ways to get over the writer’s block:

  • Take a shower or a bubble bath. Remember Archimedes and his famous “Eureka!” story? If Ancient Greek mathematicians got inspired in the bathtub why can’t you? The scientists have proved that the combination of warmth, running water, and pleasant scents relaxes the mind, lets it wander and generate unique ideas.
  • Take a walk or work out. Getting stuck often means your body is tense and coiled tight. Relax it by walking in a park, jogging, or dancing to your favorite songs. It takes 30 to 60 minutes for your body to warm up and release the tension. Exercises stimulate endorphin production that improves your mood and makes you more likely to come up with fresh ideas without an essay builder.
  • Have a drink or write early in the morning. The trick is to make your brain work when it doesn’t expect it. Getting tipsy or typing paper online while sleepy will rouse your imagination and produce unexpected and unique results. Just don’t forget to edit and proofread your writing before submission.
  • Start an idea sandbox. While this advice won’t help you beat the writer’s block now, it will come in handy next time. Create a Google Doc, a note on your phone or a small paper notebook and fill it with all fun, strange, and exciting ideas that come to you. List them without sorting, and browse the sandbox whenever you are stuck.

We hope our paper writer, free and unblocked, tickled your imagination and got you started on that essay. Remember, you always have the option to forego the “write my essay” generator and delegate your homework to professionals.

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