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WritePaperForMe is rated 4.4/5
by ScamFighter and is not
on our TOP essay Writing services
We recommend checking out one of our
best rated services

WritePaperForMe Review

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Executive Summary

A super cheap writing service, WritePaperForMe is getting more and more popular. They were founded in 2017 and decided to make academic writing services as cheap as possible. Yet they don't have a huge writer database but easily handle undergraduate and high school assignments. Apparently, their prices cannot cover a Ph.D. or Master level writers' salaries so think twice before ordering your dissertation here. This website is highly recommended for broken students who may get their assignments done here for $6.99 per page. Their quality is appropriate for this level, and support agents are always there to aid you at midnight. Is writepaperfor.me safe, I would say so.

1.Service Review

Writepaperforme is one of the cheapest sites to get your academic assignments done. They use local academic writers for the lowest prices to get their customers. Indeed, it is cheap and cheerful. Compare the price of UKEssays $129 per page and $6.99 here. It seems unbelievable! However, this website is not that much glamorous to hit such prices. Writepaperfor.me uses outsource support agents from Ukraine to get it even more affordable. Is WritePaperForMe legit, well I can see that they are registred in Delaware state, so they seem to be good fellows.
Many would say such low prices may result in bad quality, but they won't. Definitely, they cannot handle big dissertations without rising the prices but they can easily do short academic papers without delays. Some people get their papers then edit the final documents to make it perfect. This kickstarter for a good price may be extremely useful for a busy student. 

2.Pros and Cons

  • Very low prices
  • 24/7 support
  • Clear Money Back Guarantee 
  • Quality is good only for undergraduate and high school levels
  • No direct contact with the writer
  • Outsource Ukrainian Support office

3.Online reputation

Write Paper For Me has a good online reputation. There are no wordy negative reviews yet all over the web. I found more than 30 reviews on TrustPilot and all are the good ones. 
writemypaperforme reviews
writemypaperfor.me reviews


The WritePaperFor.Me Money Back Guarantee is provided below. You can scroll down the website and find it under the Legal button. Basically, they offer a full refund 
  • if the paper is plagiarized
  • if the original paper is late (doesn't work for revisions)
  • if there was a technical glitch and you paid more then in price calculation form 
  • if they don't have the writer for your Nano Atomic Ph.D. dissertation because the price is $5 per page

WritePaperfor.me money Refund Policy

Please note that once you approve the order those terms are not valid and you can get a refund only if your paper was plagiarized. Otherwise, they will not return you a penny.

5.Types of Services

They can do all the college and school papers. See the short list below.

  • Research paper
  • Term paper
  • Essay writing
  • Dissertation
  • Literature review
  • Application letter
  • Case study

6.Ordering Process

To place an order at WritePaperForMe you go to writepaperfor.me/place-new-order and click continue. Then you will see the paper information block. 

write paper for me prices 

Fill all the inputs and click PRICE CALCULATION. Then you will see the next screen where you choose your academic level, the number of pages, and the deadline.  

The last step is the extra features and a quick registration. If you are okay with the price, you enter your email and the phone number so they can call you and bother with their questions.  

To complete the order you press the red button and it forwards you to some other website to write our money off. This seems to be normal and you can type your payment details. If you make a mistake, those guys will call you and tell you what's wrong.

Once you are done, you will be redirected back to your order page where you can see the details and the message box for communication with the writer. Actually, support agents will be forwarding your messages to each other but the final paper will be there within the deadline.

7.Prices and Fees

Their prices are low as a chevy lowrider. These essays are the most affordable and they even have discounts! You can go to their LiveChat and ask for writepaperforme coupon code. The support agents usually don't mind to send it without any questions. We got some writepaperfor.me discount on our Discounts page.

8.Paper Quality

WritePaperForMe quality is good enough for young college students. However, due to the low prices, they seem not to be able to find writers for higher levels. Perhaps, paying for top or pro writers can improve the quality of their papers. 

9.Customer Support

Their Customer Support office is located in Ukraine and they do not hide it.
WritePaperForMe Ukrainian service
Certainly, you may face some issues when they call you and try to explain something. Nevertheless, they are very responsive and reply within seconds! 24/7 service is also there!

10.Offers and Extra Services

There is a couple of features to select from. These are a pro or top writer option, progressive delivery, and plagiarism report.

Progressive delivery gives you an opportunity to check the progress of the writer's work and get drafts on all stages. You will be getting your paper part by part.

An official plagiarism report shows you the percentage of similarity in your paper if there's any. This one is odd, considering the fact that they promise 100% originality of their papers.

According to the support agent in LiveChat: "The PRO writers hold Master degrees, they have been working here for more than 3 years and their client's feedback rate is always high. The top writer is one of Top Ten Best writers, they all have been working here more than 5 years and hold Master or PhD degree, the client's feedback rate is the highest.

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They did a great job considering the short amount of time I gave them.

4 Excellent
Posted by rebecca.lee.1995, 2019-07-16 16:43 about WritePaperForMe
The support system was so amazing! Every time I checked in on the progress they would always write back in a super timely manner and they were excellent about forwarding me concerns and messages to the writer. I thought the quality could have been a little better. The topic wasn't exactly what I wan ...more

1 reviews, registered 16 Jul 2019



outstanding support

4 Excellent
Posted by alberto.cordew, 2019-06-10 17:34 about WritePaperForMe
I have to revise a lot of it myself but it made research easy. outstanding support available anytime I will use them again

2 reviews, registered 10 Jun 2019



My paper is EXCELLENT!

5 Excellent
Posted by sneakersz-, 2019-06-06 16:58 about WritePaperForMe
My paper is EXCELLENT! It was well written and followed all the instructions in detail!All support agents that I spoke to were really helpful and quick in respondingThis is a great service, when you do not have enough time to do your assignment.

1 reviews, registered 06 Jun 2019



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