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How it works

  1. Type the essay topic keyword or phrase
  2. Press the “Generate topics” button
  3. Select the best topic from 10 options

Using Topic Generator is as easy as it gets:

  1. Type the essay topic keyword or phrase
  2. Press the “Generate topics” button
  3. Select the best topic from 10 options
Topic Generator

The Universe has answered your calls for help! ScamFighter presents the one-of-a-kind Random Topic Generator. Forget about the hours wasted in libraries and online looking for the right subject for your essay! Get unique topics generated just for you, all it takes is a single mouse click.

From proper academic research topics to funny ideas and pawsome puns, our essay topic generator has it all! The best part about it is that YOU don’t need to do anything. So let your grey matter relax, close your eyes and ask the question. Press the button, and the Magic Cat will come up with the perfect topic for you.

Once you press the button, the powers that be will rush through the world wide web scouring the millions of web pages and the latest news to compile the most relevant and exciting topics for your query. Within the milliseconds it takes for the page to update, the Magic Cat will perform a miracle and find the single perfect theme for your assignment. All you need to do is copy the text into the text file and start writing. With such a magical kick up the rear, your writing will go smoother than ever. Give it a try!

Don’t think for a moment we show the same three topics to every student desperate enough to use this title generator for college essays! Our essay topics list goes on for miles, and the Magic Cat adds new lines every day. If you want to join in on the fun, send your ideas to [email protected]. Use #forMagicCat in the subject line, and your topics will join the list ASAP.

The more students use the generator of topic sentences, the more ideas will be available for everyone. So be a dear, and share this page with your friends on Twitter, Facebook or even Google+. Spread the fun, and we’ll put in a good word for you with the Magic Cat to save the best topics just for you!

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How To Choose A Topic For Your Paper?

Now that we have your attention and you are in high spirits let’s get serious. Our Random Topic Generator is just an example of how similar services work. They can’t produce a topic that will get you a high grade, so why bother. Instead, rely on our simple algorithm to come up with the research question on your own within 15 minutes.

Read the assignment (1 minute). Highlight or underline the key verbs and terms. Keep them at the forefront of your mind when choosing the topic to research.

Review the class topics (2 minutes). Reread the class syllabus and select the most exciting issues. If you are in a hurry, choose the topics you know well, but if you have time, prioritize the questions you would like to research in-depth.

Test the chosen issue (4 minutes). Once you have a general idea in mind, ask yourself these questions to ensure your train of thought takes you in the right direction:
Is the topic relevant to the current state of the world?
Is the research subject new and ingenious?
Is the issue manageable for the paper format?
If you answer “YES” to all questions, go on to the next step, otherwise, go back to the previous step and rethink the issue.

Do quick research (6 minutes). Use the Wikipedia reference section and Google Scholar search to look for relevant sources you can use to research the topic and support your claims. You should be able to find at least the double amount of sources your professor requested you to use in the paper. If there are too many sources available, narrow the topic down or, if you can’t locate enough references, broaden the issue.

Formulate the topic (2 minutes). Once you study the sources and get a better grasp of the issue, you will be able to formulate the final name for your paper. For now, write the first draft of the topic to concentrate your research efforts better.

Congratulations! It took you a quarter of an hour to generate the topic for your essay! Looking for a non-existent adequate paper title generator online will waste much more of your time. Don’t fall for this trap, for even our Magic Cat won’t be able to help you.

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