The Best Essay Writing Services on Reddit and Quora


It's no secret that students often look for side assistance online. However, sometimes the search process leads them to the most unexpected places on the World Wide Web. For example, recently, I wondered if I could find anyone on Reddit and Quora who can help me with some papers.

Looking ahead, I want to say that I regretted a little about my excessive curiosity since it took me about seven days to crawl through tons of spam and scams. But in the end, I know that the "essay help Reddit" search query can help you find something interesting. So, let me tell you everything in detail.

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To my deepest regret, Quora has lost the status of a site where you can get an answer to your question. This is a website that looks like a huge dump where you can drown in piles of rubbish. You can't just write something like "Quora & Reddit write my paper" and make sure I'm right.

I only found hundreds of spam messages and fake pages. Here you will not find someone who will help you with your papers. Unfortunately, this site has fallen prey to spammers and jokers. This is why I don’t think that it is a good place to search for help.


Now let's try to find a legit essay writing service on Reddit. After a short search, I came across something interesting. However, this is not exactly what I expected to find.

As you can see, I could not find anything useful because of the legion of trolls and pranksters. However, I decided that good old Google and "Reddit write my essay" search query will help me. As I expected, this strategy was much better.

1. PaperMarket

And here is the first web forum, which has almost 5.5k subscribers. It should be noted that this is a fairly active place with moderators and strict spam control. I recommend that you take a couple of minutes and read the basic rules. Although there is a fair amount of spam even here, you can try to find a helper there. But you’ll come across hundreds of "essay writing Reddit" advertisements.

2. ThePaperBay

Here's another web forum, which has almost 2.1k subscribers. All you have to do is ask for assistance. Then, other people can contact you and get the details. However, you should understand that there is a lot of spam, and you will have to read more than once about "the best essay writing service on Reddit" and people who are ready to write the perfect paper for you. But you should know that many users are fakes, and you will only waste your time. By the way, almost every forum is nothing more than another spam place.

3. OnlineCourseHelp

When I entered the "write my essay Reddit" search query, I found this web forum. It is worth noting that this is a fairly popular place that has around 156k followers. Here you can ask questions regarding your homework and get answers. However, the local moderators are against advertising. But if you ask for help, someone may answer you in private messages.

4. Essay_Writing_Service

Here is one of the first forums that openly invites people to post. By the way, this forum has almost 8.41k subscribers. It's not much, but you can try to find a writer or a company. However, there is a lot of spam here. In addition, moderators often promote certain writing services.

5. EssayForAll

When I tried to find an essay writing service on Reddit, I saw this web forum as one of the first. There are only 3.3k subscribers here, but you can try to find someone who can help you. It's worth noting that the moderators are trying to block spam, but I've seen quite a few links to and other websites. Unfortunately, you may have to spend some time finding the diamond among the heap of rubbish.

Top 3 Most Advertised Companies on Reddit

Since I spent almost a week exploring the web forums jungle, I had to deal with thousands of advertisements. That is why I decided that it would be nice to find at least three companies that are the most advertised. Here are the results of my research. I've tested them, and I'm ready to share my experience with you.

1. EduGuide.Pro

star star star star star

I found this site almost as soon as I typed the "best paper writing service on Reddit" search query. DDW Corp Limited operates the website. The company provides lots of services. So I decided to order a 2-page college essay on History. It seemed to me that such a task is quite simple to complete. 

I asked the writer to describe the key events of World War II and the stage when the United States decided to declare war on Germany. However, it is worth noting that I was not satisfied with the paper's quality. Besides, the support agents lied to me when they promised to find the best writer.

Pros and Cons

  • Low prices
  • Easy-to-use website interface
  • Uncomfortable online chat
  • Poor paper quality
  • Support managers can misinform you
  • Tricky money-back policy


star star star star star

As you may have guessed, I decided to go the extra mile to find another Reddit essay writing service. JustDoMyHomework is the second most popular site I've picked to test. It should be noted that this is a British company. UniProf LLP owns the site. 

I decided to order a 3-page argumentative essay on Biology. My topic was related to the structure of animal cells and the causes of biological mutations. Unfortunately, the writer ignored some of my demands. Another problem is high prices and plagiarism. I have a negative attitude towards those companies that use other people's intellectual property.

Pros and Cons

  • Alluring website design
  • A pile of additional paper options
  • The writer ignored my requirements
  • High prices
  • Plagiarized papers
  • Fake reviews


star star star star star

Here's another writing service I've spotted on almost every forum. It is worth noting that ThePensters is a Cypriot website that was established in 2009. The FrogProg Ltd company owns this site. I thought about it and decided that I was ready to take the risk. This time I decided to order a 2-page admission essay. According to legend, I was going to become a college student and connect my life with music. 

I asked the writer to focus on a list of my goals, strengths, and ambitions. It is worth noting that I have attached a file with detailed instructions. In the end, the writer met the deadline. I cannot say that I am completely satisfied with the quality of the paper, but my assignment was slightly better than those that I ordered on other sites from my list.

Pros and Cons

  • Good citation generator
  • Free samples
  • Average paper-quality
  • High prices
  • No online chat
  • Slow customer support

The Bottom Line

So, I spent a whole week looking for emeralds among dirt on Quora and Reddit. As a result, I was able to understand a few interesting patterns. First, many companies create web forums to promote their websites. Secondly, I haven't found a single mention of really good writing services like SpeedyPaper or I advise you to forget about Quora as a nightmare, as there are more scammers than fleas on a stray dog.

There are quite a few freelancers on Reddit, but almost all of them are scammers, or you will have to spend several weeks to find at least someone real. In addition, freelancers do not give you any guarantee, although they require you to pay for their services in advance. It