The Best Writing Services on Reddit and Quora

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a research on what the word goes about best essay writing services on Reddit and Quora. To carry out such an extensive research I needed a week and several gallons of coffee. There are so many writing subreddits and threads on Reddit and Quora you can easily get bogged down in them. During my research, I discovered some patterns of students seeking paper help online. Let’s get going and see what skeletons I managed to find in the closet.

Best Essay Services in 2019 According to Reddit and Quora












I started this research on top essay writing services on Quora. There are communities like “Essay Writing Services” and“Essay Writing Help” devoted to issues pertaining to essays writing, buying essays online, and custom writing companies.

These services are followed by more than half a million followers and have tons of interesting content. I selected the top 10 most popular questions and answers. Some of them have thousands of views and I decided it was a good place to start from. The first thing I came to know was there were many writing services I haven’t heard of. Second, that almost all answers are created by marketers and often don’t answer the main question. Some are so blatant, it seems they don’t even read the question before pasting their prepared commercial text in the answer box. Look at this one, for example:

A user is asking what is the place to chat with other students about essay companies. Now have look at this answer:

What this answer does have to do with the question? Almost 90 percent of answers in this thread are the same spammy shit, having no value for the customer. Plowing through this shitload of commercials and spam I can name a couple of services worth your attention.


Since I have reviewed this service some time ago. The good things people say about this service seem real. PaperCoach offers dissertation and other writing services at relatively affordable prices. More about this dissertation writing service you can read here.

I’ve never come across this service before but there were many mentions on Quora that I couldn’t ignore it. First, I searched for reviews on the web and reddit. I found a lot of reviews on Sitejabber

99papers reddit review was no big help. There is a separate subreddit for it

But it turned out to be inactive. Is scam? I don’t think so. Having read reviews on the internet, chatted with their supports and studied 99papers refund policy, I can say that 99papers is legit.

Yet another dark horse which is widely spoken about on Quora. Unfortunately, there’s little said on the internet. I found only two reviews on TrustPilot: one positive and one negative:

After that, I chatted with their support and read refund policy. Is scam? In my opinion not. Perhaps, they are just new to essay writing business and I would give it a shot.

I was happy to find that people on Quora also like one of my favorite writing services. provides a wide range of services at affordable prices. I can write a lot about this service but I’ve already written it in my review on

The Best CAT-Approved Custom Writing Services:


Now it’s time for the best essay writing service on Reddit. I started my search from the most popular writing subreddits. The first page I stumbled upon was this one:

This page didn’t help me much as it was full of trolls. Then I googled for reddit writers and reddit freelance writers. I discovered a half a dozen of useful writing subreddits which I want to discuss in more detail.


PaperMarket is a popular subreddit which has around 1.5k followers. The subreddit is actively moderated so that spammy writing services cannot post their shitty commercials. If you want to find a writer there, make sure you read and followed their rules:


ThePaperBay is smaller than the previous one but operates in the same way as PaperMarket: a student publishes their details and the writer connects with them and discusses the details.

ThePaperBay also operates another subreddit, namely



When I searched for reddit do my homework, the first page I found was HomeworkHelp. It turned out to be quite a widely known and used subreddit. It counts 45.6k followers. The rules say that you’re not allowed to ask “to do my homework” or “pay someone to do your homework.”

But I decided to test it and provided some paper details and asked if somebody could help me. It didn’t take long before one of reddit writers wrote to me and offered his help.

Obviously, if you post details of your paper in this subreddit, you can expect somebody to contact you and offer their writing help.


Its name speaks for itself. It’s a reddit essay writing service which connects students and essay writing companies/tutors. Having surfed this thread I saw too much spam from writing companies willing to attract a new customer, however, the moderators warn:

I was thinking why they let such messages be published until I noticed that all these messages link to one company - EssayCrate. The subreddit turned out to be owned by EssayCrate mods.

I want to elaborate on this company.


Having reviewed dozens of essay writing services, I was surprised that I hadn’t heard about this one before. The service has quite a nice website

EssayCrate seems to bring students and writers/tutors together.

There’s few EssayCrate reviews on the web. Seems like the site has cropped up recently and now its marketers try to advertise it aggressively. At this point, I’m not 100% sure whether EssayCrate is scam or legit. Maybe I’ll review it soon if you’d like to learn more about this service.

The Bottom Line

Phew, I cannot believe I’m almost done with this review. Looking back and reflecting on what I discovered at the time I was writing this post, I can be certain saying that Quora and Reddit are not trustworthy sources to find the best essay writing services and here’s why:

  • Most of threads and subreddits are owned by some unreliable essay companies.
  • There’s nothing about such proven and tested companies which provide high-quality papers like UKEssays, SpeedyPaper, UniTutor and others.
  • There’s a shitload of spammy commercials.
  • They are strictly moderated, for example, I submitted my feedback about scam services but it had never been published.
  • Ordering from freelancer, there’s no money back and revision guarantees. It’s a leap in the dark.
I hope you find this review useful. Let’s fight scam together. Stay tuned!