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To provide you with the most reliable services.


Welcome to our website! What we do is help people with their studies by collecting customer reviews on custom writing services and providing them with academic tips on how to make their education process as smooth as possible! So how the reviews are gathered? We collect them from the whole WWW network, mix them with our own reviews and your experience. Then we analyze and compare them to the opinions of our guests and writers in the forum. After that, you can enjoy the results in our ratings and blog sections.

You might notice that we place test orders with different sites to make sure that we have the most relevant information, and there is no place for mistakes. If you do not agree with our opinion, okay, go ahead and place a feedback under our post or discuss it in our forum. I am an actual person and I can see all the complaints you submit, so I can send you an email or call you if you need my assistance. To be honest, I hate guys who do that but, after all, no one can say that my reviews are fake!

My Story

Let me tell you my story...

Just like you, my dear reader, I was a university student and sometimes I looked for the easiest way to achieve goals and tried many services where I ordered tons of papers. I got my Master's degree and, finally, became a teaching assistant at my university. Suddenly, one day I came to a brilliant idea how to help people to get what they want without the appalling experience that I had. This site was created to make the most of your student years.Share your opinion and let's help each other

Financial Aid

Oh, yes! I tried to avoid it but it’s an important part. We need funds to support our website and place orders with writing services. I hoped that we could get the money from advertisements, but nope. It’s not enough, guys. Considering this issue, I asked a few reviewers to give us some money for the project you see and... it worked! We need to pay our writers, content managers, developers, etc. So if you are so kind, please help us and we will do the same for you. Promise!

Help us spread a good (or not very good) word about writing services. We will not disappoint you and guarantee to make your studies joyful!

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So, if you need help, I’m on it. Please fill out this form and I will reply as soon as possible. Please be polite as I am to ban anyone who dares use cursing words . Some people can try to blackmail me. “You can try but you won’t be successful” (c) Russ. All violators will be punished!