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Few grammatical errors

3.7 Good
Posted by amoren60, 2019-12-05 17:42 about PapersOwl
Few grammatical errors and not all points in my revisions were addressed but I don't have time to send it again for revision

1 reviews, registered 05 Dec 2019



very poor

2 Average
Posted by jmolinas, 2019-12-05 17:41 about OZEssay
very poor paper...worst ever

1 reviews, registered 05 Dec 2019



I got it back quickly

4.9 Excellent
Posted by nikki73197, 2019-12-05 17:39 about SpeedyPaper
I got it back quickly and I can tell that my writer actually read the work and I got what I asked for.

1 reviews, registered 05 Dec 2019



I like what I receive

4.7 Excellent
Posted by hanony08, 2019-11-26 18:13 about WritePaperForMe
I like what I receive Great!I enjoyed the service & prompt response. I will definitely use them in the future and recommend them to friends and family.

1 reviews, registered 26 Nov 2019



I am disappointed

1.3 Poor
Posted by kevin.castlunger, 2019-11-26 18:01 about SuperbEssay
I am disappointed with SuperbEssay and expected more, much more.

1 reviews, registered 26 Nov 2019



I am very satisfied

5 Excellent
Posted by bryana169, 2019-11-26 17:55 about PaperCoach
I am very satisfied as it was spot on and done in the agreed time. In fact it was ready before I was :) I was even able to get a real person on the phone unlike other companies.I have used your service in the past and was happy with the service and you have shown me that you have not dropped the qua ...more

1 reviews, registered 26 Nov 2019



What Is the Best Essay Writing Service?

“Best” is an arbitrary term that depends on your perception. Simply put, what’s best for one student might be lacking for another. Still, we try to keep our rating system objective and take into account multiple factors to create this ranking. All custom writing services on the list have been thoroughly tested and approved by ScamFighter and our readers.

Tested and Approved Services by ScamFighter and Our Readers





















What Is the Selection of Writing Companies on Our Website?

We realize every student is different, and your writing needs are unique. That’s why we don’t discriminate against any type of writing company. Our rankings cover traditional essay writing agencies, as well as companies that specialize in research paper writing, theses and dissertations. If you require job hunting help, we’ve got you covered too. There are plenty of resume writing companies on our website to help you achieve great results after graduation.

While American companies are prevailing on the academic assistance market, we realize students in the UK, Australia, and Canada require as much help. We collect reviews and test writing agencies dotted across the globe and serving English-speaking students and international learners studying abroad.

We are proud to say our list of academic writing companies is one of the largest and most comprehensive you can find online. Aside from aggregating your reviews, our team tests each website to protect you from fraud, scam, and poor quality.

Are the Prices Too High? What Can I Do?

While you can always search our database for the cheapest writing services, we also offer you another chance to save. We reached out to the most trustworthy writing companies on our list and requested discounts for you. You can copy the promo code or hit the “Apply” button and go directly to the website to place an order (this way the discount will be applied automatically).

Remember, this is not our way to promote some companies and ignore others. We do not work for them, and we don’t compromise our integrity and transparency. Here, you will find the promo codes the companies provided for you of their own volition. You can make use of them now or save them for later, though be aware that some promo codes might expire.

The Good Side to Using Custom Writing Help

With the scorn surrounding academic writing companies, using one makes you a fraud or a loser in the eyes of school administration, but they forget the most important question. Why do students rely on online services to do their homework? The answers can be different:

  • Mary T. has to juggle a part-time job as a barista with her Psychology major to pay tuition. She has to pull double shifts to make ends meet and has no time or energy to power through writing all-nighters. She completes most of the assignments on her own but chooses to delegate the most time-consuming papers to professionals.
  • Paul R. got into college on a football scholarship, but his dream of getting a degree and pursuing his passion turned out to be a difficult one to achieve. Daily practices and playoffs are a constant drain on his mind and body. To keep his scholarship and stay on course, Paul orders a paper or two every month to keep from falling behind.
  • Sam O. had to leave school for three weeks to take care of her mother after a car accident. Even after such a short time, the assignments snowballed into an unmanageable pile. Sam went through most of them but had to order a case study online to keep her GPA for slipping below 3.0.

Your life story may not be as dramatic. Perhaps, you overindulged your wild side and spent one too many nights out instead of studying. You might have suffered a minor depression after a breakup or even caught the bad flu. There are thousands of scenarios that make using a writing company the most reasonable and efficient choice.

Unless you are in Med School and slacking off instead of learning how to save people, don’t feel bad about your need to get help. Think of writing companies as your personal academic assistants that help you get through the toughest parts of the school year.

Why Do We Collect Information on Top-Rated Writing Services?

When you look for a good service for your assignment, you risk paying and not getting the piece you expected. It doesn’t matter if you need an urgent essay or a full Ph.D. thesis, you still need to be sure that you are not wasting your money. Some websites seem solid and reliable at first glance, but their writers are not native English speakers. They charge sky-high prices and send substandard custom college papers in return.

The story of the first ScamFighter goes like this:

“At first, I wanted to help people not to get scammed while using writing services for their assignments. I found hundreds of students robbed of their money, leaving reviews on BBB, Trustpilot, SiteJabber, and EssayScam. Most of these aggregate feedback on all products and services, making it hard to make a choice.

Soon I met a couple of guys who knew how to create a website which you see now. Its main purpose is to prove that using custom paper writing services is OK when both parties are honest with each other about their expectations and promises.”

At ScamFighter, we have tested each of the websites and provided our honest feedback. If you have a similar opinion, you can support it with your reviews or disprove with your own thoughts. Just take a look before you buy something. Don’t get into trouble!

ScamFighter is a must-read for you if you are looking for reliable and trustworthy writing services to get over academic hurdles. You can just browse our essay reviews or join the thriving student community, share your experiences, and make the Internet safer for everyone.

How Do We Choose the Best Writing Services for our Users?

There is an order to what seems like the chaos of ScamFighter. Let us bring you backstage and describe our process.

First, we go online and Google “online paper writing service” to find the companies we haven’t tried yet. We study each website carefully, assess their prices, read the fine print of the Terms of Use and the Refund Policy. Finally, we place an order for a paper. We record all the benefits and drawbacks of the service as we go and create an in-depth overview.

Even if we really enjoy or despise some websites, we award them with an average rating of 2.5 out of 5 stars. The magic of ScamFighter begins once your fellow students share their experience and post reviews. That’s how the company ratings go up or down. Whenever there is a disturbance in the force (meaning a change in scores), our system automatically adjusts the top rankings to ensure the best companies stay on top, while the worst get pushed to the bottom of our list.

As you see, we investigate each and every website before posting our review. However, we do not assign the rankings. Instead, we enable students like you dictate who gets in the Top-5. If you want us to research and create essay writing help reviews for companies you are interested in, all you have to do is reach out and let us know. We’ll add your suggestions to our list of future investigations!

What Do We Pay Attention to When Reviewing any Website?

Whenever there is a need to review another writing company, we put our “investigative journalists” hats on and treat the job as a chance to find out the truth. After the first dozen of custom essay writing service reviews, we realized we needed a system to make our ramblings readable and understandable for you. So we devised several criteria and cobbled together a structure that would make it easier for students to compare different services and make educated decisions. If you haven’t seen many of our posts, here’s what we pay most attention to:

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Service

This is a short and sweet section present in every one of our best and worst essay writing services reviews. A simple list of pros and cons is often enough to summarize our whole experience with each particular company. However, as with all reviews, our opinions are subjective, and you might not agree with our assessment. For example, we consider the lack of experience (under 3 years) to be a disadvantage, though you might consider it a benefit. The same is true for pricing, as we’re used to certain average rates and consider higher prices to be a drawback.

If you have no time or desire to read our lengthy ramblings on all things horrible and wonderful about writing companies, start with a list of pros and cons. It will tell you the gist of our review and help you decide whether it’s worth risking your money by trusting a particular service.

Online Reputation

We want to be your best resource for finding the best essay help reviews, but we haven’t been around that long. That’s why we scour the web in search of student reviews to get the idea of the company’s online reputation before forming our opinion. We rely on the popular feedback aggregators, such as Trustpilot and Sitejabber, as well as Reddit search results to provide you with a well-rounded account.

Of course, we study the feedback posted on the writing services’ websites too, but experience taught us not to give them much credit. Most of those testimonials are fake, especially if paired with a full name and a photo. The lack of neutral or negative reviews is also a tell. Considering this, we usually mention on-site feedback in our reviews, but focus on independent posts, as they are more likely to be honest and reveal the truth about any occurring problems.

Revision and Money Back Policy

The easiest way to find all the gruesome details writing companies don’t want you to know is by looking at the fine print in their legal paperwork. That’s why we read Terms of Use, Revision and Money-back Policies carefully, even if they make our brains hurt. We want you to be aware of the possible problems you might run into when dealing with low-quality writing, plagiarism, or late deliveries.

If you don’t trust our word for it or can’t make sense of the refund rules, try asking support managers about them. At best, you will get a standard answer, at worst, the agents will ignore you and block the chat window for you, as it happened to us on multiple occasions. If you get a late or plagiarized paper and want to get your money back, but can’t get it from the company, contact our dispute resolution team. They will help you receive at least a partial refund.

Ordering Process

We know most students rely on writing companies to save time, as they are swamped by other responsibilities. While placing the order, we pay attention to the order process and evaluate whether it is easy or complicated, quick or drawn-out. While most forms are similar, sometimes we stumble across unique fields or features. Some of them are cool and make sense, while others lead to unpleasant questions.

We are especially wary of the forms that contain information conflicting with the homepage or FAQ sections of the website. When the company promises good essay writing by native English-speakers, and the order form offers a choice between ENL and ESL writers, we become understandably cautious. Another pet peeve of ours is the lack of price in some order forms that make you waste 30 minutes to get to the order total only to realize you can’t afford it. We warn you of any inconsistencies we find to save your time and prevent unnecessary stress.

Pricing and Discounts

As we’ve already mentioned, not all companies are forward with their rates. Some proudly display the prices on the homepage, while others hide the price behind the registration wall or the five steps of the order process. Luckily, you don’t have to jump through the hoops, as we do it for you and provide screenshots of the rates. Remember, that prices may change over time, so the numbers you see in our reviews might differ from the ones you encounter, though they are unlikely to go down.

Discounts are another sore spot for writing agencies. Some deem themselves too high-class to slice even 5% off your price. Others will bombard you with promo codes and coupons whenever you try to close the page. We share the possible deals with you, but seasonal discounts are unlikely to help you. Still, you can check out our Discounts page to look for coupons provided by writing companies exclusively for ScamFighters.

Paper Quality

This is probably the most sought-after part of our best paper writing services honest reviews, on par with pricing and discounts. Everyone wants to know whether the paper is worth the money we pay. You won’t find a definitive answer in our posts, as we try to keep the pretense of being objective. However, we will tell you whether we would order from the company again or recommend it to a friend, and that’s what you can expect. Whether you trust our assessment or wish to gamble, is ultimately your decision.

You might ask why there are no paper screenshots in our reviews. The answer is simple - our friends submit them to professors and don’t want any proof of buying them posted online. We’re sure you wouldn’t want to showcase the essays you ordered even after graduation. For this exact reason we don’t go into detail about the paper topics of courses, and only point out mistakes and problems if there are any in the papers.

Customer Support

Pleasant support managers are often one of the few redeeming qualities unreliable writing companies possess. Whenever we place an order, we use live chat to contact the support team to gauge their response time, friendliness, and answer quality. You can see parts of our conversations for yourself via the screenshots we take.As we’ve said before, occasionally we run into passive-aggressive and downright rude support managers that would put us off from placing an order if it weren’t for our investigation. In these cases, you’ll notice poor support in the list of disadvantages and a lack of a screenshot. We urge you to avoid entrusting your money and academic reputation to companies that couldn’t be bothered to answer your questions. The rude support team is always a red flag, especially among essay writing services online.

Types of Services

While most students seek essay help, we realize it is not the only written assignment in your professor’s arsenal. We go through the list of all available services offered, such as term paper or case study, and sum them up for you in a couple of sentences. Courses or disciplines make up another part of our research, as there are websites that focus on one specific subject, like Medicine or Statistics, and won’t suit everyone’s needs.

You’ll also notice we pay attention to writing types. Companies that offer business writing along with academic services always seem a little shifty to our ScamFighters. Copywriting is also a strange type of service for an essay writing assistance company. While you might not share our reservations, we try to include these small details into our reviews to ensure you have the full picture before spending the money.

Extra Features

Writing companies are always trying to squeeze more money out of us by offering additional services and promoting their freebies. In our reviews, you’ll see that most of those “free” items are ridiculous, like email delivery, formatting, or title page. It seems some companies believe students to be stupid enough to be willing to pay to get their order delivered to their Inbox. Besides the extras that are plain insulting, there are confusing offers, like extra editing. Shouldn’t editing be the part of the writing service?

However, there are some extra features we like. A plagiarism report is one of the few. With it, your chances of being accused of academic dishonesty approach zero. One-page summary and the copy of the sources can also be helpful. We should confess we rarely have the money to spare on these, so in most reviews, we can only list the possibilities and leave it to you to try them out.

Are Paper Writing Services Legal?

Yes, most writing companies are working within the bounds of the law. However, you need to read their Terms of Service carefully and look for disclaimers. They usually disclaim any liability concerning your use of their services after receiving the paper. Many companies claim they only provide samples and urge you to use them as templates for your own writing and cite the sources according to the chosen citation style.

Additionally, most countries do not have any laws against purchasing papers online. While international legislation frowns upon plagiarism, academic works you purchase are usually free of uncited borrowings, even if you are not their author. You should read your school statue or charter to learn the exact repercussions you might run into for getting your homework online.

On the other hand, when you buy an essay online, you purchase a service exchanging the money for the writer’s time and a custom paper that suits your requirements. Thousands of businesses across the globe use the same principle to outsource their customer and technical support, software development, and writing needs. If you think of yourself as a business person seeking to achieve the best results with minimum expenses, there’s nothing illegal about getting your homework from one of the best essay writing companies.

Are All Essay Companies Fake?

In other words, are there any legit essay writing companies and services? Yes, there are. And no, they are not all fake. In fact, there are more reliable companies than fake websites, but they suffer a bad reputation because students can rarely tell good from bad on the first try. ScamFighter is about helping you make that crucial distinction whether it’s your first ever attempt to order a paper online or you’ve already been burned and are extra careful about who you trust.

Our in-depth reviews delve into the fine print and technicalities unreliable companies don’t want you to know. If you want to check whether the website is trustworthy, start with our overview, and skim through customer feedback posted by your peers. If you are still wary, we encourage you to dig deeper on your own, starting with the Terms of Use and Refund Policy, as well as feedback aggregator platforms, such as Trustpilot and SiteJabber. However, this research takes time and will reflect what you find in ScamFighter reviews. So save your time and let us handle the research while you reap the benefits. You can thank us by posting your feedback; your peers will appreciate another honest review about a reliable writing company.

How to Get Money After Being Scammed

If you stumble across ScamFighter after you’ve been scammed, there are several ways you can try to get your money back:

  • Contact the support team and request a refund within the time limit specified on the website. Most companies allow 14 to 30 days for refund requests. In case you have proof of late delivery or low-quality writing, you can expect to get up to 50% of your money back. If you can prove plagiarism by providing an official plagiarism report, you might get a full refund. However, in most cases writing companies are reluctant to return your payments, and you will need much patience and time to achieve the result you want. Many students give up after a couple of messages, as they have no time to deal with quality assurance and dispute settlement managers.
  • Use ScamFighter Dispute Center. Our team specializes in solving the most complicated cases and can take on the task of pestering the writing companies into releasing your money without your input. We can’t promise every case will be successful or that you will return 100% of your money, but with our help, your payout will be higher than if you handle the dispute on your own.
  • Reach out to PayPal, your bank, or credit card company. You can submit a formal complaint with your bank or CCC and request they reverse the payment. This approach does not work in 100% cases, but it is a viable option for many. If you purchased homework via PayPal, open a dispute, and claim the paper was on the wrong topic. PayPal managers aren’t likely to read your essay, so they will satisfy your demand for a refund.

While all these methods work, you will still lose time and money. That’s why we urge you to read the Refund Policy before placing the order with any of the writing companies. If you have any questions, contact the support team to learn more about Money-Back Guarantee and Revision Policy. Avoid the websites whose support managers turn rude or ignore your questions outright. It is a sure sign of a fraudulent company.

How to Recognize a Scam Review Platform

Online writing companies realize you rely heavily on positive reviews when making a choice, so they create fake review platforms to promote “the best” (aka affiliated) online essay writing services and ruin the reputation of others. We don’t want to breed paranoia but caution you against trusting review websites that:

  • Do not provide enough information about themselves. Transparency is the currency of the Internet, and an unwillingness to share their story, mission, and vision is a sign of a website hastily put together to get your money.
  • Publish short negative reviews without any details. What can be better than ranting about all things gone wrong with your order? If you notice reviews that only read “It’s a scam!”, their authors are likely the rival companies looking to sully the competitor’s reputation.
  • Rely on users with a suspicious number of reviews. It’s strange when all reviewers only post one feedback post each. The same goes about users writing dozens of reviews. Look for a happy medium, as it’s most likely to be true.
  • Post reviews filled with keywords and features. If a review focuses on features rather than personal experience, and the company name is repeated multiple times, it’s most likely fake. A real review will concentrate on delivery time, paper quality, and support experience.

If you check ScamFighter across these criteria, you’ll notice we pass with flying colors, as do many other feedback aggregator websites, such as Trustpilot and Sitejabber.

How to Avoid Scammy Services

No one is immune to minimum prices, sweet promises, and huge discounts. Writing companies go out of their way to convince you to entrust your academic success to their writers. If you want to avoid disappointment, fraud, and school troubles, use our checklist to find the best paper writing website:

  • Reasonable prices within an affordable range. We don’t recommend you overpay for mediocre writing just because some websites are popular and spend thousands of dollars on advertising every month. Still, you should avoid companies that promise to deliver high-quality writing for cheap i.e., at $10 for a 5-page-long essay. They will probably steal your money and disappear into the sunset or deliver a plagiarized piece stolen from a samples database. Either way, you will be in trouble with your school.
  • At least 2 years of experience in academic writing. New companies pop up daily, and some of them are reliable and punctual, but most are fraudulent websites created using the same template to rob you of your money. Stay on the safe side and avoid services that don’t have a history.
  • A 3.5-star rating or above according to customer reviews. We don’t mean feedback posted on the company website. Instead, go to ScamFighter, Reddit, or Trustpilot to look for real reviews. Skim through the most positive and negative posts to make sure you understand both pros and cons.
  • Round-the-clock online support. Considering the specifics of the writing services, you should be able to reach your writer or at least a support manager any time of day or night. The more communication channels the company provides, the better. You can try them all out before transferring the payment to stay on the safe side.
  • Clear terms of use, revision and refund policies. Reading the fine print is annoying, but it can stop you from selling your soul to the Devil. If you notice something fishy within the legal jargon, ask for an explanation, and walk away if the support agents can’t answer the uncomfortable questions to your satisfaction.

Of course, you can just use ScamFighter reviews and rankings to weed out the unreliable and scammy services and take your pick among the best the Internet has to offer. We complete all these steps and answer the question of “How reliable are popular essay writing services?” to save your time for things that matter.

Are Custom Writing Services Ethical?

Is It OK to Use Writing Services?

It is a complicated question you should answer for yourself. We say it is OK to use writing services when you feel overwhelmed with assignments and the school stress and strain robs you of sleep and will to live. Your physical and psychological health is worth more than getting an A. Moreover, if you overstrain yourself, you risk falling ill and missing classes, which will put you behind and further increase your workload, locking you in a vicious cycle of catch-up you can never break, unless you get help.

It is also acceptable to rely on online writing companies if you have no time for writing essays because you are swamped with your work or family responsibilities. Juggling learning with real life is complicated at the best of times, never mind during the midterms or finals. Why should you waste the precious hours you can spend with your loved ones on assignments that do not get you closer to your academic or career goals? Why should you give up a chance to earn much-needed money and not spend a fraction on getting the papers done by professionals?

While we find no problem with using writing services occasionally, we do not recommend relying on their help throughout the school years. If you skip learning altogether, your degree is worthless, and you can forget about getting your dream job. Experienced recruiters will see through your bluff within five minutes of your interview, and your above average GPA will not convince them to give you a chance.

This argument is especially true for students in Medical or Engineering tracks. If your future career deals with protecting or saving human lives, you should only resort to writing services if you can catch up on your studies later. Otherwise, your lack of understanding can lead to an unpredictable number of casualties in the future.

How to Get Help and not Get Caught?

First, you need to understand that your professor can never prove you purchased the paper online unless you admit to it. Therefore, there’s little to no chance of getting caught. However, if you want to avoid suspicions and trouble, there are ways to minimize the risks. Follow our advice before placing the order and after receiving the paper:

  • Provide as much information as possible about your paper, professor’s requirements, and your personal writing style to ensure the writer checks every box. The safest option would be to order all papers from the same writer from your first assignment to the last. If you can’t afford to outsource so many papers, provide samples of your writing when placing the order and stick with one writer. This will ensure he or she will try to mimic your style and prevent the professor from noticing any difference.
  • Get a draft or request interim results to show to your professor before the submission deadline. Seeing your progress will convince the professor you are working on your own paper. Take note of the instructor’s comments and ask your writer to take them into account.
  • Read and memorize the paper before submitting it. Suspicious professors tend to ask lots of questions about your reasoning and thought process. It pays to read the paper to catch any typos and mistakes and make a few quick notes about the thesis and critical claims or results. If the paper is too long to study in detail before the submission deadline, get your writer to deliver an abstract or a one-page summary. It is not as safe as reading the whole paper, but it still gives you a fighting chance of tricking your professor.
  • Practice your cover story in case the teacher asks uncomfortable questions. Deny any knowledge of online writing websites and claim you wrote the paper without their help. Admitting to ordering an essay online will probably result in an expulsion or a black mark in your records. Think of short and plausible explanations for any inconsistencies your professor may find and make sure you can deliver them with a straight face. Without proof, the school won’t be able to punish you, but your defense should be convincing.

How to Choose the Best Writing Service?

How do you choose a new movie to watch or a new phone to buy? You read the description, study the specs and prices, read reviews online, or listen to word-of-mouth feedback. The same principles apply to choosing the best writing company. However, considering the cutthroat competition on the market and the nature of the service, you are more likely to be confused by the offers and disappointed by the results. Whether it’s your first ever order or the fifth attempt after previous burns, we recommend you start by reading our in-depth essay writing company reviews and student feedback. On ScamFighter, you will find all the information necessary to make the right choice. It is always a bad idea to do something in a hurry; especially where the money is concerned.

The Reasons Why We Are Looking for Legitimate Writing Companies

We’ve been in your shoes not so long ago, and we know how important quality education is to your career and life plans. At the same time, we realize that school needs to change to meet the requirements of the fast-paced reality we live in. While professors still require you to research the same topics and write the same essays, you will never be motivated and driven to succeed. That’s why we look for legitimate writing companies that can share the burden of the boring, useless, and plain stupid assignments while you focus on things that matter: your major, internships, networking, extracurriculars, and more. We want you to feel safe and confident when you order a paper online and receive a piece of high quality and impeccable style that can secure good grades and a high GPA.

If that’s something you can get behind, you are always welcome to join our growing community of ScamFighters by sharing your experiences and pointing out the flaws of scam services and praising the trustworthy companies. You never know when your review can save someone from embarrassment or plagiarism accusations.

Are These Reviews Real? How Can I Be Sure About This?

Yes, they are real. To make sure, write a meaningful review of your own, and soon it will appear on our website. We do apologize that our admin has to spend time checking your contributions, but before we started doing that, we had received tons of spam reviews from writing companies. Essentially, our I weed out the fakes if I notice the post is more about advertising than actual feedback. Moreover, we require a reference number or an order number for every review so that we can ensure its authenticity.

The Service I’ve Found Is not on Your List. What Can I Do About This?

That’s not a problem at all. Just send us an email to [email protected] We’ll add your suggestion to our list, investigate it, and post an in-depth review here, on ScamFighter. However, we can’t promise it will be a quick process, as we get a handful of suggestions every day. While you wait for our review, we suggest you select the best paper writing service from the list we’ve already checked and approved for you. Otherwise, you risk wasting your money and regretting your choices.

Why Students’ Feedback Is So Important for Us

We could post our own reviews exclusively, but ScamFighter is not just about ranting about unreliable writing companies we have come across. It is a community of like-minded students who want to make most of their school years and support each other in achieving this goal.

Your reviews are first-hand accounts that help others in your shoes make educated decisions, save money, and get good grades without a fuss. Don’t you feel powerful every time you post a review on Yelp? When it’s negative, you help people avoid your mistakes, and when it’s positive, you support the business you enjoyed make more money by attracting new customers. The more students like you share their experience with writing companies, the less chance there is of us being scammed by frauds.

Aren’t Students Afraid of Telling Their Experience of Using Essay Writing Companies?

Why should they be afraid if they don’t use their real names? Of course, the only way for your school to prove your little shortcut is if you plead guilty, even if you post a review online. However, there is no way professors can learn who’s behind the hundreds of testimonials on ScamFighter because we urge students to think carefully about the information they divulge.

When you decide to contribute to our community, you can use any login you want, and we don’t recommend using your full name. We also advise against submitting the topic of your paper verbatim or including the name of your school, course, or professor. This information is unlikely to help other students make a choice but can gain unwanted attention from teachers and school administration.

As you see, there is no danger in submitting your review, and hundreds of students have already done so. Use discretion, follow our advice, and your feedback will be 100% safe and 100% useful.

Are Their Reviews Real? Can I Trust Them?

You can trust the best college paper writing services reviews posted on ScamFighter, as students like you write them to help you avoid their mistakes or share great experiences. However, scam companies have been trying to manipulate our ratings by leaving fake reviews. We check every review to ensure it is genuine and do not post those that seem suspicious. We know all the red flags and tells of the fake feedback and weed it out effectively. Still, if you stumble upon a review that seems fishy, reach out to us, and we’ll check it again. ScamFighter is about students helping students, and we appreciate any assistance you can offer!