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Wondering what type of assignment is the most difficult for most beginners? As a rule, an essay is exactly the kind of paper that absolutely everyone does not like to write. The problem is not that this is impossible, but the lack of experience. 

The fact is that there are so many types of essays, and you will need at least a couple of months to get the necessary knowledge.

A lack of skills is one of the main reasons students search for the best essay help services on the Internet. In addition, such assignments need to be written almost every week. What if you don't have time?

 Then you need to find a company that will help you write any paper. But how to avoid scams and choose a really honest site? We are ready to help you because we have tested hundreds of sites, and we know who you can trust.

Img title How Do We Rate The Best Essay Help Services

Now let us tell you how we test each site. We have a clear list of items that are the best way to identify the best essay help service. Our final verdict is formed only based on all data, without bias or loyalty.

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Img title Quality

First of all, we strive to test the quality of services. That is why we order papers to analyze every paragraph. If the writer has coped with our task, then we can highly appreciate any essay help service. It is worth noting that we pay attention to grammar, originality, and paper compliance with all requirements.

Img title Price

Price plays a huge role when choosing a site. The point is that many people are not willing to pay a lot of money for a 2-page essay and similar papers. That is why we are always looking for a compromise between price and quality. Fortunately, some companies are willing to provide excellent services at an affordable price.

Img title Guarantees

Usually, newbies always pay attention to the start page and statements about the best services and a team of experts. But we always start analyzing a website with a “guarantees” page. This is where companies usually write conditions for refunds, free revisions, and other aspects.

As a rule, we pay attention to those workarounds that leave the company to avoid responsibility. For example, some companies require paid plagiarism reports if a customer claims to have received non-original paper. 

That is why you should carefully read all the terms and conditions before ordering essay help online.

Img title 24/7 Support

Would you like to be able to quickly contact support agents to order paper or settle any issue? The fact is that many students forget about paperwork or have the opportunity to use the hotline only in the evenings or early in the morning. 

We test all sites and analyze which communication methods are available to all customers. Online chat is of the highest priority. We believe that a good company should respond within five minutes to any message.

Img title Online Reputation

Usually, newbies are a little confused when looking for a suitable site. The point is that the "best essay help service online" search query is not the best way to find a reliable website. This is why we read user reviews first. To do this, we visit at least a dozen of the most popular sites and analyze each comment. As a rule, even fake comments cannot hide real reviews. Of course, we do not trust anyone's reviews entirely, but this is a good addition to make a final verdict.

How Not to Get Scammed?

  • First and foremost, you should always critically evaluate any aspect of some site. Start with a section describing the rights and obligations of the parties. What guarantees does the company provide to students, and are there any tricks that allow website owners not to lose money in any situation?
  • The second aspect is information about the company. Honest websites always indicate the owner of the website, the date of registration, and even the address of the main office. But you should understand that if the company is registered in Cyprus, Sri Lanka, or Panama, you are unlikely to achieve justice in court.
  • The third step is finding real reviews on sites like TrustPilot and Sitejabber. Do not forget that even a small comment can be very useful. Pay attention to the emotionality of the reviews and the attention to detail. If a customer describes all the company's advantages in excessive detail, then this is a fake.
  • If you have gone through all three of these stages and are still not sure, then you can take a chance. Order a 2-page essay and choose the maximum deadline. As a result, you will minimize your risks and will be able to check any site. Furthermore, if the paper turns out to be awful, you will not regret much about the 15-20 dollars spent.

Img title Summing Up

So now you know how we test services. We spend a lot of time analyzing every aspect and tell you about all kinds of pitfalls. This is why you can take a look at our list of top companies and pick something. Enjoy the opportunity to avoid scam sites!