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Being a student can be tough. Endless assignments, part-time jobs, constant lack of time. But everything is not that bad if you decide to outsource a part of your essays to the writing companies.



Have you ever struggled with completing or even starting your essays? Well, so have I. When you need help, academic writing services can be a great savior. But what if the quality of the paper will disappoint you or what if the company is a scam?



Writing essays is not a talent that everyone possesses. However, academic writing services make our student's lives a bit easier. Writology is one of the services which offers help to international students.



Studying in a foreign country is possible. However, socialization, the language barrier, and the number of assignments that you need to do can turn your life into a nightmare.



Completing all the college assignment on time is a reality for all students nowadays. They have to write numerous essays on different subjects.

Why Does the List of Top Writing Services Matter?

There are tons and tons of writing services already, and their number does not seem to stop growing. As a review platform, we keep discovering new websites every day.

Most often, it does not matter that the service is a couple months old and has no reviews on the Internet, it will claim to be a top essay writing service with hundreds and thousands of satisfied customers.

We do hope no one ever falls for that, yet it’s much better to have a place where you can check whether that service really has any positive feedback or whether it should be avoided altogether.

This is when our list of top writing services in 2020 becomes handy. First of all, if you are in a hurry and really have no time to read the reviews, it’s enough to cast a glance at the list and if the company you are considering is among the top listed, you can at least be sure it is not a scam.

It is still advisable, however, to scan the review and comments to see if that particular writing service fits your requirements. Even though it may have a high rating, it may not be dealing with rush orders, for example, or not support your subject or the type of a paper you need.

How Do We Determine the Top Rated Essay Writing Service?

The first thing we do is conduct our own little investigation, which serves as the basis for our review. In it, we mention all the advantages and disadvantages we have discovered.

Naturally, we do examine the feedback available on the Internet, as well as on the writing service’s site, but the final word is only said after we get (or don’t get) the paper we ordered to test the company and its writers’ proficiency.

After the review is ready and published, it’s up to you to decide whether the site deserves to be on your own list of the top paper writing services that can be used in the future.

How Do We Calculate the Rating for Each Writing Service?

It’s important to explain the rating you will see on our platform for each of the companies we have reviewed.

Since we realize that our experience with a particular service may not be the same other people had with it, it’s our users who help us establish which companies deserve to be among the top quality essay writing services and which will sink to the bottom of the list so that no one gets fooled by them anymore.

So, when we publish our review, each writing service gets a 2.5 out of 5 rating. Whether we praised it in our review or labeled an absolute scam, the starting point is the same for all. We do not establish the rating or what the top essay writing companies will be, we only write the results of our investigation.

However, our visitors who have also used that same writing service can leave their feedback and rate the company. The rating changes based on their votes.

If people keep confirming that the company is reliable and delivers as promised, its rating rises consistently, placing it among the top essay writing services. If the company gets only one or two stars from our visitors, its rating will get even lower.

And, finally, if no one except us has ever used its services and it’s not as popular as it claims to be, the company’s rating will remain at the unfavorable 2.5 stars.

Why Can Our List and Reviews Be Trusted?

Our website was created to help students avoid getting scammed and have a more reliable source of feedback than comments left on a writing company’s website.

There’s no guarantee those are not written by the company itself, or that it does not delete negative comments, making it appear as good as some actual top writing services. While we always check other platforms like TrustPilot, Sitejabber, Reddit, EssayScam, and others, we are still cautious about the reviews we find there for the very same reason.

In this case, however, we may also be dealing with negative comments left by the company’s competitors or someone with a grudge against it.

So, even a large amount of negative feedback is not enough for us to trust such reviews until we use the service ourselves. And since we are not affiliated with any writing services, we believe our findings will be useful to their potential customers.

Now, we monitor the top essay writing services reviews written by our visitors to filter out those that seem too suspicious or uninformative. Besides, we require an order number as proof that this is a real review and not someone’s attempt to fidget with the company’s rating displayed on our site.

So, whether you want to share your experience with a particular company or find a reliable writing service, you are very welcome on ScamFighter!