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HomeworkDoer is rated 2.83 by ScamFighter and is not on our TOP Writing Services

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At first, the website appears appealing, partly due to the positive Homeworkdoer reviews scattered across the web. However, my experience was marred by complex terms & conditions and disregarding my specific needs. Consequently, I wouldn't consider using their services again, as it felt like a squandering of time. In contrast, Homeworkdoer seems to be gaining traction, but is it a reliable option? It prompts the question: Is homeworkdoer.org legit?

Info Overview of the Service by ScamFighter

Home Work Doer presents itself as a premier destination for ordering academic papers. Although the service primarily targets English-speaking clients, it's officially based in Spain. This detail might be a minor concern for those residing in the US or Canada. So, is homeworkdoer.org legit? I aim to explore this question thoroughly and provide an unbiased assessment in my review of Homeworkdoer.org. Additionally, I'm curious about Homeworkdoer and its offerings, as reflected in Homeworkdoer review.

Info User Experience of Homeworkdoer.org

When I first visited Homework Doer, I was initially drawn in by its modern appearance and the array of positive reviews scattered across the internet. However, my experience quickly soured. I found their terms and conditions overly complicated and felt like my specific needs were largely disregarded. This left me feeling that using their service was more a waste of time than a help, making me hesitant to consider them again.

Info Pros and Cons


  • Modern & user-friendly website design
  • FAQ section & live chat with pre-made answers


  • Tricky pricing policy
  • Light plagiarism
  • Ignoring basic paper requirements
  • Unclear terms & conditions

Info Range of Services Offered

The company is focused on writing papers from scratch. You can order an essay, term paper, research paper, and other assignments. It should be noted that you cannot order a plagiarism report or any additional options like a VIP writer or additional revisions.

Info Assessment of Homeworkdoer Paper Quality

I chose a less conventional topic for my paper: "Environmental and Economic Effects of Mining: Oil and Gas Exploration." It was a two-page college essay on geography with a 14-day deadline. My requirements were straightforward: include information about the most significant American gas fields and pollution in the southern states.

After applying a 10% discount, the cost came to $32. Given the enthusiastic homeworkdoer.org reviews praising their essay quality, I anticipated a piece comparable to something from National Geographic. Unfortunately, the reality fell short of my expectations. It makes me curious about the Homeworkdoer review process and the quality they deliver.

Info Prices and Fees

One of the most irritating things for me in any service is when the prices are not indicated. There is no price table or calculator to make it easier for you. Instead of that, you will have to ask the manager for this information. And how can I be sure that they are telling me the same price as the previous Client, and that they are not taking advantage of me? Just imagine coming to the shop, where the products are without prices. For sure you wouldn’t like that. I read one Homeworkdoer review that said about an easy and understandable price policy. Maybe they changed their webpage or we were using different services but it seemed to me that these guys don’t have any price policy at all. In accordance with the info from the manager, their minimum price is around $15. Let’s proceed with this Homework Doer review.


Recognizing the financial considerations often a part of a student's life, Homework Doer provides a 10% discount for first-time users. This homework doer free discount is intended to make the service more accessible to new clients.

Info Ordering Process

All Homework Doer reviews must be honest so that students know what they can expect. So, let's take a look at the ordering process. You should click on the red button in the upper right on the main page to delegate the task. Select academic level, deadline, assignment type, and solution format. Also, you should specify your topic. So, is Homework Doer legit? Let's find out this aspect.

Info Digital Presence and Feedback

Online, there's a scarcity of detailed information about this company. Searching for "Homework Doer reviews" on Reddit yields a few remarks. Similarly, on Trustpilot, the company has only a single review, which, notably, is unfavorable. This limited and largely negative feedback suggests exercising caution if considering this company for your needs. On the other hand, I've noticed some intriguing Homeworkdoer reviews Reddit posts that could shed more light on their credibility.

Info Customer Experience and Trustworthiness

Assessing the reliability and trustworthiness of Homeworkdoer.org is a critical step before considering its services for academic assistance. While the service has some positive aspects, such as a modern website design and responsive chat support, it also exhibits several concerning issues, including a tricky pricing policy, light plagiarism concerns, and a failure to meet basic paper requirements. Limited positive feedback and unclear terms and conditions further contribute to the hesitancy surrounding its use.

Info Guarantees

Thinking about using HomeworkDoer? Let me guide you through their guarantees. It's crucial to understand what you're getting into. Many services promise the moon, but HomeworkDoer's policies are clear yet cautious. You get a safety net, but it's not all-encompassing. Full refunds are possible but under specific conditions like plagiarism or research failure. Otherwise, prepare for partial refunds after their scrutiny. Remember, claims are managed in the EU, adding an extra layer of reliability. Choose wisely and stay informed!

Info Verdict

Based on this comprehensive review of Homeworkdoer, while the service has some appealing aspects, such as a modern website design and responsive chat support, there are significant concerns that potential users should be aware of. The problematic areas include a tricky pricing policy, light plagiarism, and failure to meet basic paper requirements. The lack of detailed, positive feedback online and the ambiguous refund policy further contribute to the apprehension about using their services. These factors and an unclear terms and conditions policy suggest that caution should be exercised when considering Homeworkdoer for academic assistance.

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