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HomeworkDoer is rated 3 by ScamFighter and is not on our TOP Writing Services

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Overall Rating - 3 The Lowest Price - $ 18.00 Minimum Deadline - 1.0 Hours

This site may seem attractive at first glance, especially thanks to Homeworkdoer reviews you can read here and there on the Internet. But the problem is that I was faced with tricky terms & conditions and also ignoring my requirements. That is why I would not order papers from here a second time. This is a waste of time.

Info Service Review

HomeworkDoer.org is a company that is positioning itself as the best place to order paperwork. The company is focused on English-speaking customers but is officially registered in Spain. This is not a big problem, but you should be careful if you live in the US or Canada. Is Homework Doer legit? Let's find it out together and I will try to make my Homeworkdoer.org review as objective as possible.

Info Pros and Cons


  • Modern & user-friendly website design
  • FAQ section & live chat with pre-made answers


  • Tricky pricing policy
  • Light plagiarism
  • Ignoring basic paper requirements
  • Unclear terms & conditions

Info Online Reputation

There is not much information on the net about this company. If you enter the "Homework Doer reviews Reddit" search query, you will only find a couple of comments. Likewise, the company has only one review on Trustpilot. By the way, even this one comment turned out to be negative. That is why you should be careful if you want to choose this company.

Info Guarantees

This HomeworkDoer review would be incomplete without this section. Guarantees are one of the first sections  I usually look through when making a review of a new service. No one wants to risk too much and lose money without getting an order. In some of the Homework doer reviews I've found online, it was indicated that the Client can feel protected with this service. But after reading the Terms and Conditions my only wish was to cancel my order. The Client only may receive a refund, but the percentage is really different. 100% can be received only in case of plagiarism or in case the writer wasn’t able to make research. In the rest of the cases, only a partial refund will be done, after an investigation from their side. And in case of any claims they will be handled in the EU, which doesn't add confidence actually. 

Homeworkdoer refund policy

Info Types of Services

The company is focused on writing papers from scratch. You can order an essay, term paper, research paper, and other assignments. It should be noted that you cannot order a plagiarism report or any additional options like a VIP writer or additional revisions.

Info Ordering Process

All Homework Doer reviews must be honest so that students know what they can expect. So, let's take a look at the ordering process. You should click on the red button in the upper right on the main page to delegate the task. Select academic level, deadline, assignment type, and solution format. Also, you should specify your topic. So, is Homework Doer legit? Let's find out this aspect.

Info Prices and Fees

One of the most irritating things for me in any service is when the prices are not indicated. There is no price table or calculator to make it easier for you. Instead of that, you will have to ask the manager for this information. And how can I be sure that they are telling me the same price as the previous Client, and that they are not taking advantage of me? Just imagine coming to the shop, where the products are without prices. For sure you wouldn’t like that. I read one Homeworkdoer review that said about an easy and understandable price policy. Maybe they changed their webpage or we were using different services but it seemed to me that these guys don’t have any price policy at all. In accordance with the info from the manager, their minimum price is around $15. Let’s proceed with this Homework Doer review.

Homeworkdoer prices

Info Paper Quality

When choosing my topic, I decided not to go with some trivial ones, but instead indicated as my topic the "Environmental and economic effects of mining: oil and gas exploration" topic.  It was a 2-page geography college essay with a rather long deadline of 14 days. The instructions were not something special: to include the description of the largest American gas fields and pollution in the southern states. Considering a 10% discount I paid $32. After reading lots of excited Homeworkdoer.org reviews about how great their essays were, I was expecting at least an essay worth of The National Geographics. But unfortunately, I wasn’t that lucky. Maybe the only good thing was that the deadline was fulfilled.  Do you know why you should read the HomeworkDoer.org reviews? Thanks to them you can learn how professional the writers are. If not to talk about some abstracts that were total plagiarism, it’s for sure worth mentioning that none of my instructions was included in the paperwork I received. I was really disappointed and once again thought about the place of registration of the company and that maybe they just didn’t find a qualified writer or someone who can at least use Google.

Homeworkdoer writers

Info Customer Support

Online chat managers respond quickly. They can inform you about prices and deadlines. Plus, you can get standard answers to the most common questions, so you don't have to look for additional HomeworkDoer reviews.

Info Offers and Extra Services

The company offers discounts from time to time. For example, according to managers, the company can sometimes provide free plagiarism reports. However, this service is not available every time.


Is Homework Doer legit? Yes, this is a legit company. But you should be aware that this service is registered in Spain and is not subject to US law.
Is Homework Doer a scam website? This is not a 100% scam website. However, you shouldn't expect to get a good paper. Find an alternative.
Is Homework Doer safe enough? You will not find any information on the site that would guarantee you 100% anonymity. In addition, the company stores transaction data.
Is Homework Doer reliable for students? This is an unreliable site. Nobody can guarantee you the proper quality of your papers. Therefore, it is best if you do not use this site.
s Homework Doer trustworthy? This is not a trustworthy site. You risk wasting your time and money. This website is not worth your attention.
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