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EduBirdie is rated 3.14 by ScamFighter and is not on our TOP Writing Services

The company is popular among students, and it can be pretty useful for writing essays. In my experience, the quality is acceptable. I found a couple of strange sentences and a few comas missed, but it wasn’t too bad.  Edubirdie’s prices are high as they claim to hire only native English speakers. Moreover, you can choose the writer you prefer, though this option seems to be a fake. Is Edubirdie scam? Read on to find out!

Info Service Review

So, what is EduBirdie? It is positioned as a superior-quality writing service, where every student can get timely and professional backup from an expert well-versed in the specific field. But is it really so, or a company is just trying to create a perfect image? Let’s get to grips with it. was involved in the scholastic cheating scandal in 2018.

Such popular YouTubers as Adam Saleh with 4,8 million subscribers and a British gamer JMX with 2,4 million subscribers were under fire because the BBC informed that they were paid to advertise the writing services provided by the Ukrainian company. They were not the only YouTubers embroiled in the scandal; a 12-year-old YouTube star with around 200 000 followers was also promoting the services, and it also caused a public outcry.

More than 1400 videos endorsing the company were uncovered thanks to the rigorous investigation. Youtubers got hundreds of dollars for their videos where they spoke about the outside assistance for learners who got stuck when churning out their troublesome tasks. Really, the service had to pay to boost their reputation?

Sure, the company had to justify what happened. So, “Boosta”, a parent company of Edubirdie, informed that they gave total freedom to the celebs on how to present their writing service to the public. But as we see, this led to unexpected repercussions!

Is EduBirdie cheating? I’ve come to the conclusion that this academic helper doesn’t play it straight to gain popularity among the clients. So, I have some doubts whether you can completely trust it. When I dug deeper and googled some photos of their experts, I also discovered one more mismatch. They use fake photos of writers. Their Prof Chris isn’t really a specialist in Linguistics, but a Medical Doctor.

Just check what I’ve found out online!

Writers from

True information about the Ph. Doctor from Edu Birdie writing service

You may also google some of their experts if you want to know all the truth. Sure, you can tell me that using fake photos isn’t a deadly sin and that the quality of the delivered assignments speaks volumes, but the point is that customers should trust a company they pay to. Ruining a perfect reputation is a cakewalk, but regaining the customers’ trust will take much more time.

So, is there a sense to doing it? Probably, no! Is EduBirdie scam? I hope that the service won’t hide their real experts in the future because a lot of students still trust it and count on timely assistance with papers according to the pile of Edu Birdie reviews that can be found online.

Info Pros and Cons


  • Impressive range of provided services
  • Easy-to-navigate platform
  • Sufficient quality of writing


  • Provided services are pricey
  • Slow supports response time
  • The service isn’t the best option for ordering complex assignments.

InfoOnline reputation

Is EduBirdie good? Let’s check what people think about this academic helper. Although the service tried to create a perfect image hiring Youtubers, it is impossible to buy off ordinary college students. Here is what I’ve read in the EduBirdie Reddit review.

EduBirdie Reddit review

There are not so many followers on Reddit and some other trustworthy rating platforms. I assume the service doesn’t work duly because I’ve come across a pile of positive as well as scathing reviews. You deserve to know the truth before deciding whether to place an order on their website or to search for another option.

Info Guarantees

Is EduBirdie legit? It seems so. There is an extremely long Privacy Policy section as well as the Terms of Use. Be ready to spend around an hour trying to get to know all the nuances of the website’s operation.

They claim that they refund the money, but you won’t find any details. Checking their Money Back Guarantee page, you’ll read the words from Nicole Harris, their QA Team Supervisor, but no specific details. Only vague wording, and that’s all!

When it comes to the originality of the delivered tasks, they promise to check everything twice. My assignment was unique, but from some reviews, I’ve found out that the company doesn’t always operate duly. So, it seems to me, EduBirdie legit, but I can’t guarantee it is one of the most reliable and trustworthy academic helpers.

Info Types of Services

Is EduBirdie legal? It seems so. The website provides a wide range of services and says about covering all academic needs. You may order almost all types of assignments here. They say their experts are adept in crafting homework assignments such as essays, summaries, reviews, and articles.

You may also order an admission essay from their experts, but I’d recommend you to pick the most knowledgeable specialist to complete this task. The more proficient an expert is, the higher bid you’ll have to pay.

I’ve read in some EduBirdie reviews that research assignments are also not a problem for their well-versed writers. But as I’ve already told you, to stay on the safe side, better opt for the writers with the top rating. Picking one of such experts will give you peace of mind that the task will be well-done.

There is a glimmer of hope that you’ll find the writer who will do not only your two-page essay but voluminous coursework, a demanding research paper, or a winning speech. The main thing is to pick an expert with the highest rating or the one offering a mediocre price. Don’t be fooled by the low bid! Because the quality will be of the same level.

Info Ordering Process

Does EduBirdie Work? I’ve got a paper from their writers, so have no doubts that it works. To get the completed order, you’ll have to go through the four steps. First, provide paper details, then select the writer, check the order and add some funds to your balance.

Once the payment is processed, feel free to kick back and wait for the order completion! You know, the whole process of ordering an assignment grabbed just around five minutes. Not bad, right? I really appreciate every minute, so I’m not ready to waste much time on the ordering process. Being meticulous when choosing the writer, you’ll definitely spend more time on order placement, but it is up to you to decide how to act.

Info Prices and Fees

How much does EduBirdie cost? Well, it depends on the assignment you need, the timeframe, and the expert you’ll choose. The price I had to pay was $20 a page. As I’ve already told you, the clients have a right to pick the writers themselves, or there is another option; you may pay $9,99, and they will pick an expert for you if you have no wish or time to do the job.

Actually, talking to the writers and clarifying all the nuances of the task is essential to get a good result, so I won’t advise you to skip this step. More than that, you’ll save $9,99.

If you want a premium writer or a platinum one to work on your task, then be ready to spend 10% or 20% extra. Sure, this service isn’t among the most affordable ones; their prices are quite high!

how much does edubirdie cost

Info Paper Quality

Is EduBirdie safe? It seems so because I got my paper as agreed, and it was quite ok, except a few commas missed and some redundant words. For a high-school or a college-level it will be okay, but if you need a more voluminous complex task, I’d advise you to opt for another service.

What is more, I’ve checked an Edu Birdie review on Trustpilot and found out that they may assign non-native experts to craft an assignment for you. Sometimes it happens that their writers confuse informal and academic language, so better avoid diving straight into the first offer and make sure that an expert possesses enough knowledge in the specific field.

Info Customer Support

It is high time to say a few words about the speed of the support responses in my review. As I’ve already mentioned above, in the pros and cons section, their support team is quite slow. You won’t get an immediate reply, so whenever you decide to reach out to their managers, take a breath and be ready to wait for a while. So, if you are an impatient client, better opt for a service that is much faster in providing support and cares for the clients’ comfort.

Info Offers and Extra Services

You may choose standard, premium, or platinum writers, but as I’ve mentioned above, you’ll have to pay extra. Customers have a chance to benefit from the offered referral program. If you refer a friend, you’ll get $25. Not, bad right? But keep in mind that the funds will be added to your account, no withdrawals are possible.

I’ve also discovered a cool tool - a plagiarism checker. You know that plagiarised papers can get you banned from your college or school; that is why it is important to hand in only unique and individually-tailored tasks. Don’t want to be caught using EduBirdie? Double-check the provided assignment using their tool. Although they say it is free, it isn’t really so.

You'll see the number of grammar mistakes, the percentage of readability, and the number of redundant words, but you won’t see the EduBirdie plagiarism check. They ask you to pay $9,99 a month to get access to all the options.

EduBirdie plagiarism checher


Is Edubirdie good? EduBirdie can deliver good high school level papers, but at more complex levels, they are useless. Getting an A-worthy piece depends on your luck in landing an experienced writer.
Is Edubirdie cheating? Buying essays is frowned upon by professors, but there are life situations that warrant ordering a paper online. Only you can decide.
Are there Edubirdie discounts? Edubirdie prices are quite high, so many students ask me about Edubirdie coupons. Unfortunately, the company doesn't offer any promo codes at the moment. If you're looking for special deals, check our discount page.
How much does Edubirdie cost? There are no fixed rates, as Edubirdie uses a bidding system. However, I've never managed to get a paper for under $20 per page.
Can you get caught using Edubirdie? Many students are afraid of being caught using essay writing services. I've never heard of anybody being caught using a custom writing company. You might be interested in reading our FAQ page if you have fears regarding buying essays online.
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