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Nerdify is rated 2.5/5
by ScamFighter and is not
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Nerdify Review

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Executive Summary

Nerdify is a writing service where the ordering process occurs via messenger. I found this approach less convenient, but probably there are certain advantages in it which some customers may find beneficial. The only issue is whether one may trust this service. Is nerdify illegal? To learn it, read this nerdify review.

1.Service Review

Nerdify is a very unordinary writing service, and for those who visit this site for the first time, it is not very clear how everything works here. There is no cost calculator or standard price list. The service is made in such a way that you have to chat with a bot and later with customer support to provide paper instructions and negotiate the price. Taking into consideration that this service is very unusual, I have doubts whether I can trust it. So, is nerdify safe? Let's find the answer together.


2.Pros and Cons


  • clear refund policy
  • helpful support


  • unorthodox ordering process
  • no list of prices
  • high prices

3.Online reputation

To discover what people say about this service, I started searching for nerdify reviews online. As always, I visited SiteJabber and TrustPilot to find the truth. There, as I expected, I found both positive and negative feedback, although there were noticeably more satisfied customers. Nevertheless, one negative comment contained a right statement - Trust the bad reviews.

nerdify reviews

So,  I decided to check all those negative reviews and came to the conclusion that there were a couple of common things which united them all. Those who left negative feedback complained about nerdify cheating, poor quality, and late delivery. I also wanted to check some nerdify reddit comments but didn’t find a word about this service there.      


After a short conversation with a support agent, I learned that the company promised to revise a paper free of charge if the customer was not satisfied with the result. In case the nerd working on your assignment fails to follow the initial instructions and provides a wrong paper to the customer, the latter may request a 100% refund.  

nerdify refund

Is go nerdify legit? Well, at least they provide clear guarantees.     

5.Types of Services

You will not find a list of services the company provides to its clients. However, they assure that can cope with any type of assignment you will send them. So, first, you address an issue, the nerdy bot searches for a writer, and only after that you get an answer whether the company will take your assignment.

nerdify bot

6.Ordering Process

As for me, the ordering process is not very convenient. You have to constantly chat with a bot or an agent and provide your instructions via messenger. I think it is much easier to fill an order form where you clearly see all the fields and what information is required. When you discuss instructions in a chat, there is also a chance that you could forget to mention something. So, I am not up for this ordering process method.

7. Prices and Fees

And now we have come to the main issue - How much does nerdify cost? As I said before, there is no price list. So, the only way to discover the price is once again via chat. Nerdify prices as always depend on such factors as a deadline, number of pages, and so on. However, I managed to find what the lowest possible price is, and it is about 20 dollars per page with a 4+ days deadline. I also asked about some nerdify coupons, but the company doesn’t provide any, neither to newcomers nor their loyal customers.

8.Paper Quality

The quality of the paper that I got on Nerdify didn’t impress me at all. My “nerd” wasn’t a good one and made quite a lot of silly mistakes in the assignment. They were not critical, but still, it is not what one expects when he or she applies to a nerd who is supposed to write an assignment well.

9.Customer Support

On Nerdify, customer support and a person who guides you through every step of the ordering process is the same. To be honest, there is nothing bad that I can say about communication with the agent. The only thing I would like the company to improve is the speed of replies. Sometimes I was waiting for too long to get an answer. Hopefully, they could solve this issue somehow in the future.

10.Offers and Extra Services

Nerdify doesn’t offer any extra features or additional services to its customers. They have quite a plain service which consists primarily of providing essay writing help to students. By the way, there is an option to become a nerd and provide help to customers yourself. Who knows, maybe, you could do a better job than they do if you tried.

nerdify extra services

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Very bad

0.5 Bad
Posted by jijokodiyan, 2019-05-13 10:28 about Nerdify
Very bad, Provided proposal without aim and objective and not ready to return payment.

1 reviews, registered 13 May 2019



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