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Careers Booster Review

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Executive Summary

My Careers Booster review starts with an admiration for their online reputation. Wherever you go, you find that they are so splendid that you believe in it. Indeed, Careers Booster reviews are perfect, and they usually satisfy their customers. Their samples are good and they seem to be proficient in resume and CV writing. To me, they appeared a reliable company due to the facts that they are always online and there is always someone to get your call. Support agents are helpful and quick in response. However, more attention to detail to what the customer initially asks for could be improved! Some minor issues could happen if you don't provide all the details initially as they don't call or contact you in this case. Yep, they will simply make up the information. Overall, their prices are very high but the quality is usually comprehensive. It seems that Careers Booster is a good choice for any resume/CV/admission writings.

1.Service Review

Before writing this article, I have seen a lot of CareersBooster reviews, and almost all of them were terrific. I am a sceptic, so this made me dig deeper till I find something that is not so brilliant. The first place to stop was 913 N Market St #200, Wilmington, DE 19801 which appears to be the CareersBooster's headquarter. As I expected the very first Google search showed me that it was a virtual office for $99/month. 

CareersBooster fake location

To verify this just go to opusvirtualoffices.com and see this yourself. Why would they do that? Is Careers Booster a scam? Is  Careers Booster legit? According to their reviews, they are an absolutely reliable company.
In my CareersBooster review, I have also noticed that their Guarantees tab shows nothing and basically doesn't promise anything particular to their customers. Of course, they say about some professional language and style but what about simple grammar? 
I went to their LinkedIn page to see their writers but literally found three employees there!

CareersBooster writers

The further we went the more interesting we found.  See the full Careers Booster review below.

2.Pros and Cons


  • Good quality.
  • Short response time.
  • Perfect reputation. 


  • High prices
  • Hidden location
  • Vague Money Back Guarantee

3.Online reputation

The online reputation of this service is quite good. It is not an easy task to find a bad review about them. Still, only a few people had issues with them. Certainly, it shows great trust for this service. You'll find many positive reviews on SiteJabber and TrustPilot about the service from grateful customers whom the site helped with employment. When I googled careers booster reddit reviews I, unfortunately, found nothing, though it would be great to see what redditors think about this service. 


These guys went smart on their guarantees. Basically, they created a new tab with all those wordy promises but not a single guarantee on the home page. 

CareersBooster Guarantees
To find the actual Guarantees, you have to find them on the bottom of the homepage. There should be Terms and Conditions link in the footer. 

CareersBooster Refund Policy

There you can finally find that those guys don't guarantee any particular refund. 
CareersBooster Money Back Guarantee

What does it mean? It means that if you want to cancel the order, they can return your money back. If you got a rubbish paper you have to prove it, and they might offer you some refund, but they also might not. 

5.Types of Services 

  • Resume Writing
  • Resume Editing
  • CV Writing
  • CV Editing
  • Cover Letter Writing

6.Ordering Process

To get an order at Careers Booster, you click that big "Order Now" button on the homepage. It is really hard to miss it.

 CareersBooster Order Now button
Then you see this screen with the details of your resume/CV/cover letter. In product section, you can choose a couple of papers, and it will be a bit cheaper. Level means the experience you have. If you'ew only starting out, it would be Entry, for the rest you simply choose the work specifics (Military, Federal, Professional, etc.)
CareersBooster Order Page
Don't worry, you will be able to upload your current resume or any files later. You can also use a fake name and choose it later.
Then you go to the payment page and proceed with it. Getting started will inform you about your order that has been put in progress.

7. Prices and Fees

The CareersBooster prices are quite high. Actually, they take a lot for their quality, but most of their customers are okay with it.   
CareersBooster prices

8.Paper Quality

Based on my paper, I can say that it is good enough. Not that brilliant, but you can get a decent resume to show. 
There are a lot of people who did not like it but who knows what they got there.

9.Customer Support

I was absolutely satisfied with their support agents. They are quick and efficient. I have nothing to say more, except to inform you that not all of their phone numbers are toll-free. I found that only the sales one is free of charge.  

10.Offers and Extra Services

The additional services are listed in the order form on the very first step.

CareersBooster extra features

Those are standard. E-cover letter as a short email why you want to get this job. Thank you and Follow-Up letters are for spamming your employers. KSA is a new type of application papers that will tell your future boss about your strong sides (knowledge, skills, ability). Be aware that some hiring teams don't like these attachments as they are always too wordy and often not true. Resume Distribution to some agencies means that they send it to some other bounty-hunter companies and you will have to pay for their services. 

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cover letter is good

4.5 Excellent
Posted by andrewstuat11, 2019-03-16 16:28 about Careers Booster
Cover letter is a very important it need to be perfect so that i need to find expert when i search for options i get this careers booster site and send my all requirements and i am happy and satisfied with my cover letter.they are really have good experience

IN, Maharashtra
3 reviews, registered 08 Mar 2019



Great job

5 Excellent
Posted by jeffj247, 2019-01-14 10:09 about Careers Booster
Great job and great corrections! :)

1 reviews, registered 06 Nov 2018



All I wanted to say is thank you.

4 Excellent
Posted by williamjames2006, 2018-11-07 20:07 about Careers Booster
I am incredibly proud by the amount of help that I received from your Support Staff. The writers are magnificent and patient. All I wanted to say is thank you.

2 reviews, registered 01 Nov 2018



Contact information  (Hidden location)

Phone number:
US sales toll-free: 1-888-449-2690 US support: 1-703-763-2764 UK support: 44-203-051-3430
913 N Market St #200, Wilmington, DE 19801, USA

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