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2018-08-01 05:39

How to improve critical thinking

Your professors expect you to think critically when working on writing assignments, but none of them has ever bothered to explain what it means. School teachers and college professors require us t...



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2018-06-26 00:48

How To Get A Scholarship?

Writing a scholarship essay takes time and effort if you want to win. You need to grab the reader’s attention and keep them hooked until the end, at the same time showing you meet the requirements of the awarding organi...



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2018-05-24 00:44

ama writing style

If you dream to become a nurse or a doctor, you will have to go through Medical school, and one of the challenges awaiting you will be the AMA formatting style. Today we’ll cover the specifics of this particular style a...



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2018-05-17 06:56

How to avoid scam

It is not a rare case that writing services take your money and either do not deliver the paper or send you some 5th-grade-level essay which is absolutely not related to your subject. What are the steps to avoid it? First of all, take pictures of every sing...



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2018-04-20 15:44

Writing Business Plan

All people are egoists. And people in business are the greatest ones. We are talking not about making lots of money but about starting a business that changes their life in a better way. Are you ready for the first step towards your comfy and wealthy living...



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2018-04-06 06:24

Preparations for Exams

University, essays, exams...They do not give peace of mind and make all students around the world nervous and frightened… But wait, do not be sad! Although studying for final exams is not easy, the ability to motivate ...



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