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AMA Format for Nursing Papers

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Imagine that you want to connect your life with the world of science and learn more medical secrets. Surely you're looking forward to crafting your first assignment. But are you ready to stick to the basic AMA rules, and what are the nuances you need to know first? Let's start with the basics so you can understand the key nuances.

What Is AMA?

AMA is one of the largest American medical associations whose goal is to popularize medicine as a science. Also, this association lobbies for important bills in the field of health care, medical insurance, and compensation to patients. In addition to comprehensive support for the healthcare sector, this association created the so-called AMA Citation Format, which became the basis for academic writing.

What Is AMA Format For Nursing Papers?

Any modern research requires a special approach to the process of citing references. That is why the AMA papers nursing style was created. Each student must adhere to generally accepted rules to craft a research paper or any other assignment type. But what are AMA papers nursing rules? So this is a set of accepted norms related to citation, formatting, creating bibliographies, and forming titles. In other words, this is a detailed guide to the world of medical research.

Basic Formatting of AMA Papers

It's probably hard for beginners to understand that each paragraph should be adapted to a single AMA format citation style, but this is a requirement for the entire academic community. Moreover, such rules help maintain the research style and simplify the creation of studies. Using the AMA format for nursing papers, each student supports the academic community and learns the right approach to forming medical papers.

AMA Title Page

And here is one of the most important aspects that every first-year student should know. Your AMA title page should be centered in the upper half of the page. In addition, you should add a key idea so that the purpose of your assignment is clear. Such a task seems quite simple, but not everyone can summarize the ideas and key goals. You have to learn how to formulate your ideas correctly if you want to cope with the AMA format for nursing papers. Luckily, you will improve your title creation skills after crafting a few papers.

However, you always have an alternative. What if you don't have time to memorize the basic rules? Perhaps you should find the best nursing essay writing services and delegate your assignments. Such a strategy is logical for young people who want to get a good sample and later learn all the academic details.

General Rules of AMA Formatting

The basic rules are quite simple, and you will certainly not experience problems creating new paragraphs for your paper. First, you should use one-inch margins and say no to columns. You should also double-space the main text and stick with Times New Roman, 12-point serif typeface. However, these are not all AMA format paper requirements that you should adhere to. Use half-inch indents and add page numbers in the top right-hand corner. This rule is relevant for every page.

In-Text Citation

It's time to discuss another important nuance regarding the AMA citation format. Let's say you have some quote or important fact you want to add to your paper. Any superscript numbers for any outside text that should be in any paragraph. Here is an example to help you understand the importance of AMA style in text citation.

  • Bronson MK, Brown AC, Martinez A, Torres SD. Assessing RN-to-RN peer review on basic units. Nurs Manag. 2014;15(4):218-300. DOI: 22.2222/j.7397-0125.2013.09263.x.

But how to cite a website AMA? To get started, you should specify the author and website. But you can also start with the website's title if you don't have access to key information. Don't forget the publication date, the last update, and the date you accessed the site. Here is an example to help you understand where to start.

  • Bronson S. The Time Transitions. Web Archive.https://timearchive.org/data/. Published 2012. Accessed June 8, 2022.
  • Algebraic Calculator. Algcalc.net. https://www.algcalc.net/algebraic-calculator.html. Published 2017. Accessed April 14, 2022.

As you can see, the second example is relevant for websites without an author. Now you have a clear algorithm of actions in case the site you need does not contain complete information for citing.


The reference list is very similar to the AMA bibliography. You should follow the numerical order and add the sources you have cited according to their position in each paragraph. Here are examples to help you understand the general principle.

  • Granada TY, Brutus DM. Fractional bone damage and methods of emergency therapy. Fran Sports Med. 2021;28(3):103-274.

And you should add this list at the end of your paper after a space or a line. Don't start writing on a new page as it goes against key writing rules.


Now you know all the key rules for quickly crafting a top-notch AMA style paper. At the same time, you should talk to your professor and clarify all the details. Your college or university likely has some additional rules that you should follow. In any case, now you have a good springboard to start without academic mistakes.