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Best Research Paper Writing Services 2024

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John Milovich
John Milovich
ScamFighter Expert
Former college customer turned freelance writer, shares insider insights on the essay industry.
  1. 1. SpeedyPaper Review

    Rating 4.9/5
    star star star star star

    Main highlights

    • Deadline: 6 hours
    • Price: $9
    • Free revisions
    • Money back guarantee
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  2. 2. Essaypro Review

    Rating 4.7/5
    star star star star star

    Main highlights

    • Deadline: 6 hours
    • Price: $9
    • Free revisions
    • Money back guarantee
    Visa Master Discover Amex
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  3. 3. Writepaperforme Review

    Rating 4.6/5
    star star star star star

    Main highlights

    • Deadline: 6 hours
    • Price: $6.99
    • Free revisions
    • Money back guarantee
    Visa Master Discover Amex Bitcoin-light Union Jcb
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Instead of relying on Google’s help, come to ScamFighter. We have been collecting research paper writing services reviews for years. Here you can learn what writing companies don’t want you to know, including their ruined reputations, ridiculous refund policies, and incompetent writers.

ScamFighter is where students come to vent their frustrations and rant, so don’t be discouraged by all the negativity. There are legit research paper writing services out there, and you’ll find them in our top list. They reach the top because of their affordable prices, quality writing, and excellent customer support. Our list is generated based on customer reviews and ratings, so you can be sure it’s not rigged.

Select any professional research paper writing service from our top picks, enjoy, and come back to leave a review!

Why Using Research Writing Help Can Be a Good Idea

Writing a good research paper takes time, effort, and lots of patience. It is not a standard 5-paragraph essay or even a case study you can cobble together in one sitting. Research is a painstaking process that usually takes weeks or months to achieve significant results. That’s why professors explain how to write research essay and assign them at the very beginning of the term.

And like most students, you write down the requirements, download the evaluation rubric and… forget all about the research paper until a week before it’s due. That’s the best-case scenario that still leaves you with a fighting chance to convince the professor to give you an extension and not lose the points entirely.

In a worst-case scenario, procrastination and forgetfulness are the least of your troubles. As Murphy’s law would have it, the moment you remember about your unfinished (or unstarted) research paper, you:

  • Get into a screaming match with your significant other and drown your sorrows in a pint-sized Ben & Jerry’s two weeks in a row.
  • Catch what feels like the plague, but is a nasty flu that has been cutting down the ranks of your fellow students for the last month.
  • Pick up an extra shift or ten at your part-time job to make up for a hole in your budget caused by tuition and textbooks.

Professors are rarely understanding of the small everyday troubles you run into, as they are accustomed to students lying to their faces about the homework-eating dogs and glitchy computers. With the deadline looming on the horizon, you are pressed into a corner with no way to make things better, until you hear a whisper of an online research paper company that can help you solve your problems. Before you dive in head first, take two minutes to learn more about what awaits you behind door number two.

What To Expect From Such Services?

Once you find the website that writes research papers for you, it’s critical to stay realistic about their services. Over the years, we’ve analyzed students’ complaints and created a list of recommendations that will protect you from dashed hopes and unmet expectations:

  • The writer can’t read your thoughts. This means they only have your instructions to go on when researching and writing. Don’t expect the writer to understand what you imply without stating it outright. Provide as much information as possible to ensure the complete assignment is close to what you expect. This will also help you get your money back in case the writer drops the ball and doesn’t follow your instructions.
  • The finished paper will be nothing like what you write. The writing style is something you develop over the years of reading, learning, and writing. Therefore, there’s no way the writer can replicate your style to a T; as a result, your professor might get suspicious. However, you can provide the writer with your past essays to mimic your favorite metaphors, transitions, and idioms.
  • Not every paper you buy will get an A. If you look carefully through their Terms of Use, none of the writing companies guarantees a good or even a passable grade. They usually say something along the lines of “80 percent of our clients get grades of B and above”. You won’t get a refund even if you only get a C. Still, to increase the chances of a good grade, upload your professor’s rubric when placing the order. If the writer knows what your teachers expect, they will be more likely to check all the boxes.
  • Writers don’t work for pennies. Can you imagine an MBA holder who agrees to write your papers for $2 per page? Would you agree to this rate even now? Low prices are usually a sure sign of a scam, while overpriced services are a sign of a marketing budget blown out of proportion.
  • The number of professional writers is limited. You are not the only one to leave homework until the last possible moment, and there is no way for a good writer to work 40 hours in a day. Don’t leave your research paper till the midterms or finals, or you might be left empty-handed because writing companies won’t have free writers to accommodate your needs. This is especially true for research papers in Science or Business tracks that require a certain level of experience with the subject.

How We Choose and Test Research Paper Services

When ScamFighter was just an idea and not a striving community it is now, we wrote about the research paper writer services we stumbled upon and used. It was a way to vent our frustrations and warn fellow students about the websites that took our money and never delivered on their promises. Those were the good old days.

Now we don’t have to look for research writing services, as ScamFighters do the job for us. Every day we receive a handful of suggestions for reviews and add them to our mile-long list of websites to test. The most popular suggestions go to the top of our to-do list, and we try to add one or more reviews every week.

We follow the same steps to test every college research paper writing service to make sure our reviews are consistent and let you know everything you need to know about each company. We pay close attention to:

  • Prices, discounts, special deals, freebies, and extras. With cutthroat competition, writing companies keep their rates low, offer promo codes, and include multiple free features to lure you in. We keep a close eye on all things that can influence your order total because we know how much every dollar means to a student.
  • Paper quality, mistakes, inconsistencies, references. Buying cheap should not lead to paying twice. We have high standards and break every paper we order into pieces to analyze the writer’s style, the number of errors, and typos. However, the logical and consistent structure is our main requirement, as you can correct small mistakes quickly, but convoluted argumentation will mean you have to rewrite the whole thing from scratch. We also don’t condone the use of Wikipedia and blog posts as references for quality research papers.
  • Writers and support managers. The company is only as good as its employees, and we devote much time to talking to the writers and support team managers to make sure they know what they are doing and can support their claims. Of course, you are unlikely to stumble upon the same people we deal with, but you can still use our experience to decide whether it’s worth taking a risk with a company that allows unhelpful and downright rude employees communicate with their customers.

If you want us to check out and test a website, send us a message with the link. It’ll go on our list if it’s not there already. It’s as easy as that! However, we can’t say for sure how soon you’ll see our feedback, as we follow the procedure religiously to avoid disruptions in the ScamFighter Force. If you are in a hurry, we suggest you pick one of the best research paper sites we’ve already tested for you and pay attention to our advice in the next section.

How To Avoid Scams

There are numerous scam research essay help websites online. ScamFighter was created to find them and warn students, saving their money and time. If you are still on the fence about our reviews, at least consider our advice when choosing the company to hire. We caution you against UNREALISTIC:

  • Prices. Professionals work hard to gain experience and skills to earn more, so the cheaper the prices, the worse writing quality you are likely to get. On the other side of the spectrum are overpriced services that charge hundreds of dollars, but only a fraction of that sum reaches the actual writer. Look for middle-range prices, as they are the most likely to produce passable results.
  • Deadlines. Experienced writers have access to online libraries and can get over the writer’s block to outline, write, and edit the paper much quicker than you do. However, there is no way they can produce in-depth research and write ten pages of comprehensive analysis in under four hours. You will either get a plagiarized piece that might get you expelled from school or a messy rant that has nothing to do with research and will just ruin your chance of passing the class.
  • Guarantees. When you talk to customer service, research paper companies will promise anything to get your money. They might guarantee a full refund, no questions asked, but if you read the money-back policy, you will notice how complicated the process is. Don’t believe anything they say before you read their Terms of Use and other legal documentation. If you can’t find it on the website, look for another company. You can also browse ScamFighter reviews and look for Guarantees section that includes the most questionable promises we find when testing the services.

Can I Trust Your Reviews?

Yes, you can!

There are two types of reviews on ScamFighter for most research paper services. Our team members write the long and detailed posts you see on the company page. We turn into ghost shoppers and test the services one by one. You’ll see an in-depth description of the company background, prices, support experience, and paper quality. If you don’t have the time to read the full review, pay attention to the short pros and cons section. You’ll get critical benefits and drawbacks at a glance.

However, we realize it may be difficult for you to trust our word, so we collect user reviews as well. Your fellow high school and college students write these to help others avoid scam, save money, and get good grades. You’ll notice there are both positive and negative reviews, as we don’t delete any testimonials beside those submitted by writing companies to promote their services.

If you are still in doubt, sign in and write a review about a professional research paper writing service you’ve used before. The more details you provide, the more helpful your feedback will be for other students. Wait a little for our moderators to check your submission, and it will soon join other testimonials on ScamFighter. Notice how the company rating changes depending on your score and how our ranking of the best research paper writers never stays static for long.

ScamFighter is a community where every voice counts. Even if you don’t want to share, you can make use of our ranking. There’s no registration wall to browse reviews and top lists. However, we value your experience and opinion because it can help others. We welcome any feedback and would love to see you join ScamFighters in our battle for high-quality, affordable writing services.

What If I Don’t Like My Paper?

That’s a pity, but not always cause for concern. First, you need to formulate what exactly is not up to your standards and provide examples. For instance, you might find a couple of missing commas or inappropriate use of specific terms. You will need this list when sending the paper for revision or make your case when asking for a refund.

Second, revisit your initial order instructions and make sure your new comments do not contradict them. This is a popular loophole among custom research paper services. To avoid trouble, we always encourage you to give as much information as possible and in great detail. Otherwise, the company may claim they follow your instructions to a T. For example, if you request credible sources, not blog posts or Wikipedia entries, published after 2015, the writer will have to work to find references that will make your paper look polished and persuasive.

Even the best research paper writing service will not refund your money without a revision. It is a common approach that helps companies protect their writers from unreasonable and irresponsible clients. You should always leave enough time for revisions and not set the deadline on the same day your paper is due. When requesting a correction, include your list of mistakes you want to be corrected with examples. Once again, the more detailed description you provide, the sooner you will receive the paper that suits your requirements.

Most companies will ask you to try several rounds of revisions and even offer you a new writer before they agree to open a dispute. Support managers will redirect your query to Quality Assurance specialists, and you will have to state your misgivings once again and include your problems with the revised versions.

Despite their claims, custom research paper writing services rarely refund your spendings in full. You can get 100% of your money back only if you don’t intend to use the paper because it was too late for the submission date or if you have evidence that it is plagiarized. In all other cases, company representatives will try to bargain with you, offering discounts and store credit instead of real money. Negotiate with them until you reach a mutually acceptable number and wait for the money to come back to your account.

However, some services can be stubborn and outright aggressive when dealing with unhappy customers. If you have run into a wall in your talks with the company, don’t give up just yet. Try our Dispute Resolution Center first! Our ScamFighters specialize in squeezing the money from writing services, and they have years of negotiation experience. Of course, we can’t guarantee you’ll get 100% of your spending, but we’ll save you from stress and wasting time, and we’ll increase your chance of getting even a fraction of the sum back.