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High School & College Clubs: What to Join and Why You Need It

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John Milovich
John Milovich
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Have you ever felt like nobody on earth understands you, shares your passion, considers important what is valuable to you? What if we tell you that there is a place where you can find like-minded people who will not think you are crazy? Join a school or a college club, and you will find out you are not alone.

Joining a Club in High School

Why are School Clubs Important

Joining a school club has lots of benefits for you. It is a perfect place to:

  • Make friends. You will always know what to talk about and where to go with people you meet at the club of your interest. Yes, childhood friendship is the strongest, but your preferences change with time and your old friend may not like what you find awesome.
  • Learn how to work in a team. A club can be called so only if it includes two or more people. Want you or not, you have to communicate and cooperate if you join a club. Teamwork is a valuable skill that will help you fit in different social circles.
  • Gain self-confidence. All people are special, and things we are good at are also different. By participating in a club, you can compensate lack of knowledge or skills your classmates may have.
  • Reduce stress. The school puts a lot of pressure on students. The best way to cope with stress and unwind is to spend time in a relaxed environment with people you like doing things you enjoy.
  • Learn skills you will need in a real world. You cannot be sure that formulas, rules, and dates of ancient events will come in handy. But the persuasion skill gained during the debate club is 100% useful.
  • Improve time management skills. In order to catch up with homework, extracurricular activities, and hanging out with friends, you will have to learn how to prioritize and plan your time.

What Clubs Should I Join in High School

Schools try to meet the needs of all children by providing different ways to express yourself. Here are the types of clubs in high school you may enjoy:

  • Academic clubs suit those who like one school subject most of all and want to deepen their knowledge
  • Student government is a perfect place for future leaders where they can unleash their potential. If you like to be in the loop of what is going on in high school, can take responsibility, and want to promote changes, it is your way.
  • If you are an art person, Dance, Band, or Drama clubs will help you express yourself.
  • Charity clubs teach you to be sympathetic, helpful, grateful for what you have. Join such a club if helping people, taking care of animals, or preserving environment make you happy.

Have not decided what club to join? Try attending meetings of every club, talk to participants, and then choose one or a few.

If your situation is different and you know what you want to do, but your school does not provide such an option, start a club by yourself! Gather like-minded students, make a plan, and talk to your teacher or headmaster to get their support. It will look good on college applications.

Joining a Club in College

College vs School Clubs

The clubs and organizations in college are very similar to the high school ones. But in college, there are more student-run organizations than faculty-run. College students are more independent and responsible in comparison to teenagers.

A more flexible schedule also differs in college clubs. Meetings and activities can be arranged when it is convenient for most participants, from early morning to late evening.

In addition, college clubs have a bigger budget that means your group can afford better equipment, events organized on a higher level, wider advertising campaigns, etc.

How to Join a Club in College

The easiest way to become a member of a college club or an organization is to visit an involvement fair where every group is presented. You can speak to its members, take fliers to review offers later, and pick up ones you like.

If you do not want to wait for an involvement fair, come to the Student Government of your school and ask about opportunities for you. There you can get information about representatives of the clubs you are interested in. Then talk to them and decide if you are comfortable in their company, if you like what they do, if they inspire you.

Besides, every college has a website where you can find a list of clubs to join. There you may be asked to fill in the e-form of a new member to let others know you.

Craziest Clubs to Join in College

Some clubs may seem boring (however, if they exist, there are people who like them). But the ones below prove that if you have enough creativity, leadership skills, and desire, you can start any club you wish:

Get involved, do what brings you joy, and enrich your resume with participation in student clubs & organizations. ScamFighter would love to know what clubs you attend. Share your experience on our Facebook page.