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How to Choose an Academic Essay Topic?

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John Milovich
John Milovich
ScamFighter Expert
Former college customer turned freelance writer, shares insider insights on the essay industry.

Students like nothing better than complaining. When they get a topic for an essay, it seems difficult and boring for them. When a professor gives them a choice, they are lost in options. Does it sound like it could be you? Do you also ask yourself questions like, “What to write about? How to be creative? What topics are appropriate?” Believe us, choosing topics for essay writing is easier than you might think. We have even prepared a guideline to prove it.

Why the Topic is so Crucial for Your Assignment

A proper topic guarantees a successful completion of your assignment. If you choose a right one, it will be much easier and faster for you to write a paper, and you will meet the requirement of length before you know it. A natural and engaging word flow deserves time spent on choosing a topic, doesn’t it?

General Tips to Choose a Good Essay Topic

When you get down to your assignment, clarify a few things before thinking what to write about: what subject you need to complete this task for, and which kind of essay you are supposed to submit (argumentative, common app, compare and contrast essay, etc.). Answers to these questions will give you the first hint about the possible topic. Do not try to look smarter picking a fancy one. Remember, you are required to support your thoughts with evidence. It will be pretty difficult if your topic is rare. And the last parting words concern boring topics. Do not walk the beaten track because it is easy to fulfill, otherwise, you will get a boring essay too. Therefore, it is a wrong strategy to choose.

How to Come up with Ideas for College Essays

First of all, pick an interesting topic for your work. Discuss something you really enjoy talking about. If you speak with passion, your reader will feel this. If you yawn just of a single thought about the topic, why should the teacher give your essay an A?

Write about a thing you are expert in or know a lot about it, at least. It will be much easier to conduct some research if you have a great amount of information in your head.

Take a look around. What do you do day-by-day? What is often in your thoughts? Tell about it!

Reuse a topic you have already covered. Maybe your point of view has changed, and you would like to present the topic you have written about in a different light. You may add something valuable to that topic or highlight its other aspects.

Ask somebody. Your teacher’s, parent’s, or friend’s random idea can turn out to be a great topic for an essay.

Surf the net. There is a high probability that somebody on earth has already had such a problem and asked for help online. It is not shameful to borrow an idea. Besides, we have a bonus for you if you choose this way of picking a topic. Here is a brilliant essay topics list by Scamfighter!

The Topic is Chosen. What is Next?

When you think you finally have a brilliant topic that will bring you  an A+, hold on. Look at your idea critically. Make sure you can find enough sources on the topic. If there are few or no materials, choose another one.

An essay topic should be narrow and concise. If it is broad like “Popular culture,” it is unclear what you will write about: music, movies, clothes, etc. A good essay will not come out. Your task now is to show your reader what they will find in your paper. For example, “SpongeBob’s effect on kids’ minds” is a much accurate topic and everybody understands what it is about.

Do not hesitate to change the topic, even if you have already written a couple of lines. If a fantastic idea has dawned you, it is exactly what you need!

We hope we have inspired you with our tips and ideas. It is up to you now. Good luck!