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How to Сooperate with Strict Teachers?

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by John Milovich

Every day students communicate with different types of teachers at schools and colleges. Most of them are responsible and kind people, but it is a well-known fact that during the whole education period at least one of them can become mean and unjust. If you are dealing with difficult teachers you should try to adjust your attitude and find a way to make your teacher feel more positive towards you. Here we have some tips for you.

How to Deal with a Strict Teacher? 10 Ways of Solving the Problem

Find the reason for the teacher’s behavior. Sometimes it is hard for them to have many classes a day and that is why they become tired, and as the result angry and dissatisfied. Unfortunately, you cannot beat that so try to be calm and understanding. These qualities can be useful in different life situations. Still, you can try to take classes in the morning when the instructor is less tired. 

Try to study better; listen to the teacher’s advice. Trying to fight fire with fire can only make communication worse. If you have a different opinion on the instructor's material, don't argue. Make the situation as comfortable as possible for everyone. Remember who checks your final exams and don't try to show your disapproval, they will grade you low.

Always control your emotions. Shouting ”I hate my teacher” is not the best way of solving the problem. Try to keep thoughts in check as you decide what to do next. Working out a strategy for your behavior is key to solving the problem.

Be positive, try not to complain. Be polite and avoid conflicts. Focus on those things which you like about the learning experience. Being excited about new material will make class more fun for you. No teacher will ever be mean to a student who enjoys studying.

Be respectful and show that the class is important to you. Listen to the teacher, take notes, and participate in discussions. Do not be late for classes.

Avoid gossips. They can make the situation worse. Teachers always know the gossips about them and get extremely strict to those who gossip.

Try to become your teacher’s favorite. Ask for extra credits and assignments. Search for some new interesting material on the topic and discuss it together during the lesson.

Give a small gift to your teacher on holiday. You can make something with your own hands; for example, a beautiful card or cookies. Make sure the gift is small and cheap as buying a Rolls-Roys either give you a good grade or bribery accusations. 

Speak openly to your teacher. If you feel the problem that needs to be raised, make an appointment with your teacher. Speak out trying to be diplomatic and using non-blaming language.

Give your feedback on the teacher’s rapport. A school is supposed to provide opportunities for students to report feedback on teachers in a safe and anonymous manner. Hopefully, such kinds of polls will help to change the mean teacher’s behavior.

Overall, believe in yourself and never give up! Learn to be better than them. Be humble. Kill rudeness with kindness. Be as nice as you can. With time, the situation will eventually get better and make you feel happier! Dealing with hard teachers will not be a problem for you anymore.