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How to Make Friends in College?

Friends are talking in college
John Milovich
John Milovich
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When you are a freshman in college, you feel like Will Smith in I am Legend - totally alone in the whole world. But fortunately, there are lots of alike Smiths who want to socialize as much as you. Let us give you several recommendations where you can find friends, how to become the person everyone wants to hang out with, and how to break the ice in making friends.

Where to Find Friends

Your college offers plenty of ideas where students can meet, chat, and have fun. The first place that comes to mind is social media. Every uni has its group or a public page on FaceBook. Find people who are on the same course as you, who live on your campus, etc. Join the discussions and comment college news.

Various clubs and societies can help you not just follow your interests but also find like-minded people. Sports, theater, music are great excuses to strike up a conversation. It is not a surprise that common hobbies unite.

Also, keep an eye out for freshers’ events organized in your college. Do not worry if you are not a party person. Not every activity in college is based on staying out until morning and drinking gallons of alcohol. Do not try to become somebody else, be yourself, and do what makes you happy.

Tips for Making Friends in College

As we have already said, you are not alone in your desire to make new friends in school. It is so easy to become a guy people would like to spend time with. You just need to be confident and follow our advice what to do and what to avoid.


  • Be nice - nobody wants to communicate with a rude one who never smiles.
  • Keep your door open - show people they are welcome at your place.
  • Pay some compliments - be sincere, flattery will not help you score points.
  • Say yes - if somebody asks you a favor or invites you somewhere, agree. If you refuse many times, your mates will stop trying once.


  • Be a messy roommate - wash up, clean your living space, do not throw your stuff everywhere. This relates to you anyway, whether you live alone or share the room with somebody.
  • Steal housemate's food - if you are starving, ask a roomie to take their food and cook something for both of you next time.
  • Study all the time - it is unhealthy to be focused on education 24/7 and do not let yourself relax.
  • Put all eggs in one friendship basket - try to make friends of different circles. You cannot always learn people from the first sight, the more you know them, the clearer you understand who you are comfortable with.

How to Start a Conversation with a Stranger

Making the first step in communication may seem the hardest thing on earth for somebody. But if you really want to make new friends in college, take an effort, do not be shy!

Some small talk is always a sound excuse to start a chat. Comment on simple things like weather or plans for the weekends. Then ask more specific questions, for example, about teachers, events on campus, subjects your talk partner studies, etc. Ask open-ended questions like: “What do you think about Mr. Black?”, “How do you like food in our canteen?” It is hard to hold a conversation if you ask only yes/no questions.

Another strategy is to disclose a little about yourself. If you give some personal information about yourself at first, a person you talk to will feel more comfortable to be open. But do not overplay your hand - do not tell a long story about your unrequited love from the very beginning.

And here is the last advice from us for today. If you want to make friends...go and make friends! You may think: “It’s easy to say!”, but a guy in the video below shows that it is easy to do too. Just start a conversation! People are often ready to help you feel better on campus if you tell that you are new here and want to make friends.