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Before getting started. Smart plan how to be an A+ student

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by John Milovich

Even if you were a good pupil at the school, the hectic college schedule could be out of your league. But the good news is that you can learn how to manage it. I am on a mission to help you with this process.

Handling Multiple Tasks

The main trait of the majority of students is doing everything at the last minute. The main trait of an A+ student is planning. When you prioritize your tasks and list them according to their importance and urgency, they will not look so scary. Read our article on time management for students and find 9 tips to help you to manage multiple tasks. But anyway, you should remember that you are a human, not a robot. Plan your time considering relaxing and socializing.

Geek’s Advice

Here are 5 pieces of advice any real geek would give you to improve your grades and decrease the time for studying:

  • Pay better attention in class: come prepared to lessons and listen to your professor carefully
  • Take more effective notes: summarize ideas instead of writing down literally everything
  • Get more out of your textbooks: process only the information you need and has not been covered in class using active reading techniques
  • Build your optimal study environment: study at the most suitable location, turn on motivating music, limit distractions
  • Stay organized: build a system in which all your files on the laptop and desk will be easy to find and access.

Building a Good Relationship With Your Professor

Your college career can be much more successful if you have a good relationship with your professor. It is not a minute thing, but it is worth trying. First of all, the educator should remember you. If you want to stand out from hundreds or thousands of your professor’s students, you should show your enthusiasm. Put up your hand, share your ideas with the class, discuss questions connected with a lecture after it. In such a way,your teacher will understand that his/her subject really matters to you.

How to Find Free Time

It is virtually impossible to do all the assignment, read all the recommended resources, and participate in the college life. Do not overload the system (I mean your brain) or you will burn out one day. Set yourself free for something unnecessary in the educational context but interesting for you personally. Do not be afraid to use help. For example, you can find a trustworthy website that will write an essay for you.

Useful Resources

I have selected 5 useful apps and online resources that will help to make your college life easier and become an A+ student. Use and enjoy:

Extracurricular Activities

Getting knowledge for the degree is your main engagement in the next few years, but it is not a reason for spending 24/7 studying. Every college can offer various activities to distract you from the educational routine. Just choose what you are most interested in: sports, acting, volunteering, singing, etc.

How to Turn Education into Hobby

All your efforts to study better can fail owing to the lack of motivation. That’s why you should think how the subjects you study serve reaching your goal. Find out how knowledge you get in class can be implemented in real life. When you find an important reason why you should study, grades will improve very fast.

And the last recommendation from the ScamFighter team for today is to visit our blog every week and read useful articles for students.