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The Craziest College Parties on Campus

Crazy college party
John Milovich
John Milovich
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Why People are so Odd When They are not at Home

What do 99.9% of college applicants look forward to? Getting knowledge? Becoming a prominent scientist? I bet they do not. The answer is PARTIES. When there are no parents and restrictions, even angels reveal their wild nature.

TOP Party Schools in the USA

While some schools earn the reputation of the oldest, the most beautiful, or having the most famous alumni, the others attract outgoing students with the craziest nightlife. Here are our TOP party colleges that will show you how to have fun.

1. University of Wisconsin-Madison

If you do not drink at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, you are in the minority. Parties are literally every day here. Freakfest and the Mifflin annual block party are the most beloved events. What are they like? Watch the video below.

2. Tulane University

Being a magnet for hurricanes, New Orleans lives every night like it is the last. There is no wonder that it is a huge party city now. The Tulane University does not stand by. But students of this school said they did not just get drunk. They party with a purpose. Every festival (and there are lots) is gonna be crazier than every previous one. Jazz Fest, Halloween, and the Mardi Gras festivals are among favorite.

3. West Virginia University

A home football game means an excuse for starting drinking at 9 am and finish only when you cannot do it anymore at the West Virginia University. Basically, every event is an excuse for an endless party, though the most popular holidays are the Fall Fest and St. Patty’s day. Students know here that you go to college once and must feel Greek life to the full.

College Theme Parties Ideas

You will agree that just getting drunk is dull. College-themed parties will bring more fun to your academic life. Have you run out of ideas? These three types of parties will have 100% success.

Rubik's Cube College Theme Party Idea

Everyone comes wearing one piece of clothing for each color of the Rubik's cube (yellow, red, orange, blue, green, and white). Then you swap clothing articles with other guests until your outfit is of one color. We advise wearing some accessories like caps and gloves to make the process much easier.

ABC Party College Theme Party Idea

No, it is not about the alphabet. The abbreviation actually stands for Anything But Clothes. There is only one rule to enter the party - you wear no shirts, no skirts, no pants, no dresses, nothing that can be identified as clothes. You have to create an outfit out of materials other than clothing. Do not restrict your imagination. Use money, fruit, cards, balloons, boxes to make cool costumes. Fun Facebook photos are guaranteed. The “Best Outfit” contest can add some extra incentive to show one’s creativity.

High School Stereotype College Theme Party Idea

What label did you have in high school? Were you a cheerleader? A geek? A jock? Find your old uniform, dress up, and show up as a school stereotype of yourself at the party. If you did not fit any “character”, you could just dig out some embarrassing items of clothing you used to think were cool.

How to Party Safe

I bet you want to have a night your college mates will remember for the rest of their lives. But! I suppose being expelled because of having too good time is not an option for you, right? So read our tips how to make your party safe for your health and academic reputation:

Relaxation as a Reason to Get to College

Your best years are at college. What would you remember: how you spent hours to get ready for the History test or how you drank beer all night long and ate a salted lemon on a dare? It is silly to bury yourself under the textbooks alive. Youth is given to have fun. Use your chance wisely.