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Where to Write? Start Your Career as a Writer!

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John Milovich
John Milovich
ScamFighter Expert
Former college customer turned freelance writer, shares insider insights on the essay industry.

Freelancing is a dream job for many modern people. If you want to have independence, flextime and high income, writing as a freelancer can give you all of these advantages. In comparison to design and coding, text creation is a manageable path to begin with. Our article will help you to understand what your chances and prospects in the freelance writing career are.

How to Understand that You are a Cool Writer

Starting something new is challenging and fearful but so exciting. We would like to help you to dispel doubts whether freelance writing is a right choice for you. Set the records straight - decide if the following statements are true in your case:

  • Sometimes you attack people when they use the wrong form of "your/you're"
  • Paper writing is your favorite college assignment
  • You hate any so-called “real” jobs in office
  • Your cherished dream is to write someday in some New York loft style apartment with lots of sunshine
  • Reading is your hobby
  • Nobody wants to watch series with you because you are always predicting the endings
  • You enjoyed writing diaries
  • Children ask you to tell them a story made up by you rather than read a fairy tale from a book
  • Children ask you to tell them a story made up by you rather than read a fairy tale from a book
  • When you do not know what the word stands for, you need to find its meaning instead of just skipping it
  • You prefer scrabble and Trivia to cards and monopoly

If most of the statements are about you, then writing career is the best option you can make.

Start Your Career at University

Writing does not require lots of experience and an academic degree, so you can start making money when still at university. If you have free time and strong desire to get income without leaving your campus, do not waste an opportunity to become a freelance writer. We would like to share a little secret with you - you have already begun filling your portfolio. Your essays show your position towards specific subjects and demonstrate whether you have a way with words as well. Develop your skills and turn your academic writing into a job.

Where You Can Get Paid for Writing

The more options you have, the harder your choice becomes. Before you look for somebody to pay you for your texts, decide what you want to write and where to be published.

Web Content

The internet increases exponentially and websites, blogs, online magazines require engaging fresh content every day. If you are passionate about design, fashion, computers, whatever, you can share your experience and get money for it. Lots of job offers are presented at the UpWork and Freelancer hubs. You can also scan search results for the queries “write for us and get paid” or “become a contributor”. You will definitely come across a website with satisfactory terms.

Academic Papers

You are a student and it is your advantage. You can help fellows around the world with assignments related to your subject. Do what you are used to and get good money. In addition, you will widen your knowledge and touch aspects that may not be covered at your educational program. Unfortunately, the academic writing niche is full of scammers. That’s why we can recommend you Uvocorp, WriteDom, and WriterBay as decent companies that provide writers with the constant workload and high income.

Articles for Magazines & Newspapers

If revealing the truth and proving your point are what you enjoy doing, try to make a name for yourself as a journalist. Begin with writing reviews and articles for local periodicals.


Writing books is a tiresome and time-consuming thing. We do not advise this type of writing for a novice. But there are always exceptions. Try your luck!

How Much You Can Earn for Freelance Writing

It is impossible to predict how much you can earn because the pay rate for freelance writing depends on lots of factors:

  • the time you spend for working
  • your knowledge background in a topic you work on
  • a company that hires you
  • the length of an article/essay

But the good thing is that your earning potential is not limited. You can make as much money as you want and deserve. In conclusion, we would like to rephrase a famous proverb: A journey of thousand dollars begins with a single cent.