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Academic Help is rated 1.63 by ScamFighter and is not on our TOP Writing Services

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Executive Summary

Academic Help
The Key Features of Academic Help
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AcademicHelp, unlike many writing services, doesn’t write papers for you. It provides editing service, which means that you can check the quality of your paper before sending it to the professor. Besides, as they say, you will receive recommendations on how to improve your paper. The prices are low, but what about the quality of their service? Let’s look closer and see whether they can give you sensible advice about your paper.

Info Academic Help: Company Review

So, you have decided to use the service, which is new for you. What is the first thing you need to do? Right, you need to check whether the information they provide about the service is trustworthy.

I began with the About Us section. As always, this page says about the company’s benefits and why they are the best. However, one thing got my attention - their experts. First, there are only two experts that they have introduced here.

I must admit, that’s quite a small team for such a service. Ok, maybe others are just too shy to show their photos. However, I see no reason, why editors who work here would keep their identities secret. The service they provide seems to be quite legal.

Ok, let’s return to our two best experts, who are working at AcademicHelp. The first one is Nicholas Klacsanzky. He even has a profile on LinkedIn. I will not nibble at his education or job experience. At least he looks like a real person, with a real portfolio and experience in writing and editing.

AcademicHelp Experts

The second expert is more interesting to us because he doesn’t have a profile on Linkedin like his colleague Nicholas. So, how can I know for sure that this gentleman is a real professional like he states? I asked Google to help me, and it did. If you search the photo of Andrew Takada, you will find out that he also works as a model for a stock photo service.

Academic Help scam writers

Besides, he works in the healthcare industry. What a talented man! fake editors

All right, no more jokes. Academichelp just bought a photo of a “professor” and placed it on their website. One thing I cannot understand is what is the purpose of doing that? Did they want to increase the level of trustworthiness showing the photos of their experts? Well, in my opinion, they only did worse, and I started to doubt when I saw the fake photo of this “expert.”

Info Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Low prices
  • Some comments are good


  • Confusing refund policy
  • Fake photo of an expert
  • The analysis is too general
  • Bad customer support
  • The absence of reviews

Info Academic Help: People Talking

To learn more about this company, I have started searching some academichelp reviews. Having spent half an hour googling reviews, I was disappointed. I didn’t find any information about this service on Trustpilot, where you can find reviews about almost any essay writing company, even the smallest ones.

Other reviews websites were not helpful either, so I had no other choice but to analyze academic help myself.

Info Company Commitments

According to their refund policy, if you are not satisfied with the quality of your paper, you will never get your money back. The only option is to request another analysis for free.

At this point, I started asking myself such questions as “Is legal and is their service trustworthy? What if I use this service for the first time and I don’t receive the treatment I expected? Why can I not get my money back?” It does not seem to be fair.

There is another interesting fact about their refund policy. On the website, you can see that they promise to return your money if you are not satisfied with your paper.

AcademicHelp Refund Guarantees

However, as I have mentioned above, if you read the privacy policy, you will find that they don’t return the money once you make a payment.

AcademicHelp Money Back Guarantee

So, is safe? I am not sure anymore if it is a good idea to trust them.

Info Academichelp Review: Different Services

AcademicHelp provides proofreading and editing service. They even have some samples so that you can see the quality of the editing service. You can find a dozen of samples, but you can view only the first two. Others are not available.

Academic Help Samples

Those samples that are accessible are indeed edited quite well. Nicholas gives argumentative comments.

Info Order Procedure

To place an order, you need to click a New Order button. Then, you will see a standard procedure, when you choose a paper type, a deadline, and add the text for the analysis. The only disadvantage that I found here is that you need to copy and paste your paper and cannot just attach it as a file.

Info Academichelp: Pricing Secrets

On the one hand, prices are low, and you spend 5-6 dollars on one page. On the other hand, some academic writing services charge about 9-10 dollars per one page of a completed paper. If you select the second option you don't need to do anything, just place an order and wait till the writer does everything for you.

If you choose an editing service, you first need to spend time on writing, then pay more than half of the sum that you would pay for the writing service and after all that make corrections yourself in accordance with an editor’s comments. Anyway, it is up to you to decide whether 5 dollars for editing is a good price or not.

Info Assignment Quality

This review wouldn't be complete if I didn’t try their service. So, I ordered a five-page paper analysis. I got the revised paper in two days as promised.

Some of the tips were good and argumentative, but about half of the editor’s comments were too straight and general. Something like “your thesis statement is too weak, revise it.” I expected a bit more detailed analysis for such money.

Ok, I am quite a patient person; I believe that no one is perfect and we all make mistakes. That’s why I gave this service a second chance to prove that they can provide a great analysis and that, perhaps, the expert who checked my paper the first time just had a busy day.

I asked to revise my paper again. The next day, I got my paper, where I found a couple of new recommendations, but in general, my paper still lacked deep analysis. I could have asked for another revision, but I saw no purpose of doing that if they failed to make a good analysis twice.

So, what do we have in the end? I spent two days writing the essay myself. I paid 30 dollars and waited for three days to get a “professional analysis”. I spent four hours making the recommended corrections. Did it help me to get the perfect paper I expected? - No, I just wasted my money and time.

You know, I could have paid one of the writing companies about 30 more dollars to do my paper from scratch. I would have spent about 15 minutes to place an order. In five days, the company would have sent me the finished paper. And you know what the most pleasant part of it is? I wouldn’t have to make any corrections myself!

My verdict is that I expected a better service for the money I paid. I wasted too much time and all in vain because the paper I received still required corrections.

Info Support for Users

I decided to use their online chat to clarify some issues. Well, I was disappointed. They promised me that the agent would be available in 30 seconds and I received the same message every two minutes as you can see below. I waited for about twenty minutes, but the agent was still unavailable. As for me, I don’t like it when services promise me something and fail to do it. So, the support team is far from perfect.

Academic Help Customer Support

Info Special Offers

In this review, I also want to tell you their academic help grader tool. You need to paste your text and receive a free analysis of your paper. To be honest, I was not impressed with this tool. The comments were too general, something like “include more critical thinking” or “there are some serious flaws in this essay.” By the way, they even made a mistake in the word “serious.” Seriously? It is not professional!

Academic Help grammar issues

Moreover, if you use this tool several times, you will notice that it gives the same comments for different essays.

At some point, I even started thinking that their experts may be using this tool when they make the paper’s analysis. The tips they provide are very similar to those that you can receive from this free academic help grader tool. So, I don’t know whether it is a good idea to pay for analysis if you can get almost the same results using their free tool.

Also, keep in mind that it is an automatic tool, which as I believe provides some random comments. I wouldn’t rely on its recommendations anyway because only a human can make a good paper’s analysis.

At best, programs like these can point out some small mistakes; at worst, they may even confuse you, and as a result, you will make corrections when there was no need for them.

So, don’t take all the tips that you get with this tool too seriously. It is just a program that was developed to make an illusion that you can get a free analysis online.

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