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Bid4Papers is rated 2.5/5
by ScamFighter and is not
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Bid4Papers Review

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Executive Summary

Bid4Papers is an online writing service with a bidding system. It means you can choose a writer who will complete a paper for you. There is also an automatically-assigned feature, letting you skip the choosing process and leaving it to the company to assign a writer to your order. They state that they have writers of all academic levels from Bachelor to PhD. The cost of a paper is above average and the company doesn’t provide any discounts. To be honest, it is quite high price for a paper, especially if you take into account that there is no a live chat and you have to wait for a long time to get an answer from a support manager.

1. Service Review

This service has a bidding system, meaning you can choose a writer who will complete a paper for you. There is also an automatically-assigned feature, letting you skip the choosing process and leaving it to the company to assign a writer to your order. They state that they have writers of all academic levels from Bachelor to PhD.

Besides, Bid4Papers.com employs English-speaking and non-English-speaking writers. In FAQ, it is said that you can ask writers about their location. I asked a couple of writers, but none of them agreed to answer, saying that it was against the rules. After I contacted a support manager, he explained to me that I can ask a writer about location, and the writer has a right to either tell me about it or not. As you understand, none of them was eager to disclose that information.

2. Pros and Cons


  • the unlimited amount of free revisions
  • on-time delivery


  • the bidding system is FAKE
  • high prices
  • awful support
  • an absence of live chat
  • fake writers
  • no discounts

3. Online reputation

On the website, you can find a lot of Bid4Papers reviews from the satisfied clients. All of them are, as a rule, no longer than one word or one sentence, saying nothing more than “Good”, “Excellent”, or “Great”. On this website, there is at least a hundred or more feedback posts, but I could not find at least one comment that would contain any specific customer’s opinion about the order.

That is why I decided to search on the Internet. I started by looking for Bid4Papers reviews on Reddit but found nothing. Then I decided to check for Bid4Papers review on Yahoo Answers, but again, I did not find a word about this company. I even visited YouTube to learn at least something about Bid4Papers. There, I found one review which lasted 20 seconds, where a young lady told that this service was great. A very informative review, thank you. It helped me so much.

I spent many hours till I managed to find at least something, and as I expected, Bid4Papers was not so perfect as it is said on the site. The majority of people complained about very high prices, writers who did not always follow the requirements, bad communication, and some features which did not work as it was expected. I had no solid reason to believe neither positive nor negative comments because I needed to use this service myself first.

However, there is one thing that I can say for sure, comments which only have one word like “Great” or one sentence like “Excellent job, quality paper” cannot be taken seriously since they do not contain any specific information. In general, the reputation of Bid4Papers is doubtful and controversial.

4. Guarantees

They promise an unlimited amount of free revisions as long as the order is in progress. It means that you can request revisions as many times as you need and they will do everything as long as it corresponds to the initial instructions. However, once you release the final payment to the writer and thus agree that you are satisfied with the quality of your paper, you cannot ask for free revisions anymore.

They also guarantee to refund your money in case the final payment to the writer is not released. However, if the order is considered completed, you will not get your money back.

5. Types of Services

The company provides two types of services: editing and writing. The first type of service is simple. You provide a paper that will be proofread by the company’s editor. The second type of service is writing and here I have some questions. On the site, it is said that your paper will be written either by a teacher who lost his or job or by students who want to earn some extra money. Emm… Why did the teachers, who work for this company lose their jobs? What did they do? And the second part of their team consists of students. You know, I have no idea why I should view students as professionals who can complete my paper maintaining high quality.

6.Ordering Process

So, let me start from the beginning and explain what I had in mind when gathering information for an extensive Bid4Papers review. I created a task to analyze a film 12 Years a Slave. I gave very detailed instructions, where I told exactly what was necessary to do in each section. I also had a book that I was going to upload for a writer to complete this analysis. In other words, I provided everything a writer needs to know and have in order to do this task well.

I completed the form. It was quite standard: the type of a paper, the number of pages, deadline, and so on. There is nothing interesting here to tell about. Since it is a service with a bidding system, I could not see the final price for my order. However, the expected price was indicated there. I had only 20 dollars and I indicated quite a long deadline, so the expected price for the order would be about 20 dollars. I could choose another option and the service would assign a writer to my order automatically, so I would not spend my time on selecting process. However, this option would increase the cost of my paper twice. Besides, I had a huge desire to communicate with a writer who would be writing my paper.

So, I clicked on the Save & Publish for Writers button. Within 30 seconds, I got about 40 bids on my order. The first thing that confused me was that all bids had almost the same price. For instance, among 40 bids, there was only one with a rate of 33.40 dollars, all others had a rate of 30 dollars. I decided to repeat the procedure, changed some order’s details, but every time I got the same picture. About 95% of bids had the same price and only a couple of them were noticeably more expensive. Actually, I expected to see the prices like 21 dollars, 18.99 dollars, 23.5 dollars, 16.7 dollars and so on. That’s how I used to see the bidding system. If I have the same price for all my bids, then it is not bidding at all. I decided to ask a writer if he could complete my paper not for 30 dollars, but for 20. He said that 30 dollars was the minimum possible bet for him and he could not set the price any lower. That is not the first time when I noticed the inconsistency between what was promised and what they really did. So, if you ask me “Is Bid4Papers scam?” I would answer “You have to think twice before placing an order on this website”.

So, what do we have? First, we got an expected price which is not even close to the price you should really expect. You have to place your order several times until you see the cost of the paper you are expected to pay.

Second, there are no “fixed prices” unless you select the “Assign writer automatically” option. Wrong! Almost all your bids will be of the same price - the minimum cost. Even the best writers with the highest rate set the lowest price. Why? Aren’t they confident enough in their experience and skills to require a higher payment than the newcomers? Hence, if you think that you will have plenty of choices, forget it! The price will be the lowest possible and for an essay with 14 days deadline you will pay at least 13-14 dollars using a bidding system, and about 23-24 dollars if you chose the automatically assigned writer feature.

Communication with writers seemed to me like I was chatting with a bot or a person who had hardly read my instructions. The majority of them said something like “I read your instructions” or “The order details are clear”. Wait, how is that possible. I created an order less than 30 seconds ago. You need to spend at least 5 minutes to read all my instructions. That was very suspicious, so I decided to make a little experiment.


I selected one of such writers and wrote to him. He answered immediately. Then I asked “Did you read my instructions well? Was everything clear?” He answered “Sure”. I was completely sure that he had not read my instructions. So, I decided to clarify whether the writer understood my instructions well and restated what he had to do, “Ok, you have to watch a film Django Unchained and analyze the role of bounty hunters in the United States” (If you remember, the film in the instructions was 12 Years a Slave and it has nothing to do with bounty hunters). I repeated this trick a couple of times with different writers and they all confirmed this task.

However, the real kicker began when I decided to bet the ranch and select an absolutely opposite topic to test a writer.

I asked the writers whether they understood my topic about global warming, immigrants, and something else that had not the slightest connection with my essay. I guess you have already understood that they all said YES. At this point, I gave up all my attempts to find a writer who had actually read my instructions.

So, I came to a conclusion that this bidding system is a fraud with a capital F. I suppose that they just assign your order to a random writer. So, if you think you have a right to select a writer you like - FORGET ABOUT IT. If you don’t believe me, you can do it yourself and you’ll see that I was right. Just start asking off-top questions and you will feel like you are talking with a robot.

7.Prices and Fees

Bid4Papers average cost is about 14 dollars for a 1-page essay and a 14-days deadline if you choose the bidding system. If you select an option to assign your order to a writer automatically, be ready to pay about 20 dollars or more. Taking into consideration my little experiment, I can say that whatever option you choose, your order will be completed by a random writer in any case. So, there is no reason to overpay for an automatically assigned writer.

In general, I can say that the prices are high. I asked a support manager about a Bid4Papers discount, but the company does not provide any for the newcomers.

8.Paper Quality

After my unsuccessful communication with writers, I gave up on trying to get quality service here. That’s why I was not surprised when I found out that the writer did not follow my detailed instructions. Maybe he could not find the required answers to the questions that I addressed. I requested revisions twice before they could finally provide a paper that complied with my instructions. The quality of my paper was not brilliant. Maybe, the professor would put a B or a B- for it, but definitely not an A. So, I guess it was true that some students who want to earn money work here. The quality of work that I got resembled the students’ style of writing. Fortunately, the Bid4Papers plagiarism report showed me there was nothing wrong and the work I received was original.

9.Customer Support

To my greatest disappointment, Bid4Papers doesn’t have a live chat. I was surprised and confused. How is that even possible? I am a new user and I have no an opportunity to clarify issues that I have came across right now without online communication. To contact an agent, I have first to register on the website and place an order. Only after that I can send a message and wait at least 5 minutes till I get an answer to a simple question. They even proudly inform on their website that the average response time is 7 min 38 sec.

Seriously? Is it a something to be proud of? Almost 8 minutes to wait!! On any other site, it takes me...emm...at worst 30 seconds till a manager answers me, and after that, we start chatting with no interruptions. Here, every time I have a question, even the smallest one, I have to wait. I’ve got no idea why they cannot hire a couple of agents for a live chat as all other writing companies do.

When I had questions, support managers were not helpful at all. They sent me some general answers instead of directly answering my question. Every time I had to address my issues at least two or three times to get a human response instead of copied and pasted information from their policy. So, my verdict - I was totally unsatisfied with customer support work.

10.Offers and Extra Services

After you place an order, you have an option to attract more writers to your assignment. You can pay $4.95 and your order will appear in the top orders. This way, you can attract more writers to your paper. I didn’t test this feature, but I did not see a purpose to attract more writers to my order since I got about 40 bids in 30 seconds and they all offered the same.


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I am quite disappointed.

2.3 Average
Posted by arcani.h.s, 2019-02-08 14:22 about Bid4Papers
Well I payed for a 12 hr service, and didn't get the paper done right until 17hr later. I am quite disappointed.

5 reviews, registered 07 Feb 2019



The paper received a C

1.8 Poor
Posted by snolasco320, 2019-01-14 10:11 about Bid4Papers
The paper received a C

1 reviews, registered 13 Jan 2019



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