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CoolEssay is rated 1.82 by ScamFighter and is not on our TOP Writing Services

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Executive Summary

The Key Features of CoolEssay
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My Coolessay review reveals a mixture of initial impressions and deeper concerns. At first glance, Coolessay is a reliable writing service boasting affordable prices and a user-friendly website. However, the facade begins to crumble upon closer interaction, particularly with their customer support. I encountered evasive responses and a lack of transparency in their communication. And now, let's start this review!

Info Service Overview positions itself as an online essay writing service offering various services, including writing, editing, rewriting, business writing, and proofreading. The company's head office is reportedly located in London, which might lend it some credibility. However, their support team, as is often the case in such businesses, is based in Eastern Europe. Coolessay claims to hire writers from the United States, the UK, and Canada.

Info User Experience

The user experience with can be broken down into two main stages. Initially, the process is standard and straightforward, requiring selecting service type, academic level, paper type, topic, and other instructions. This stage is comparable to what many other writing services offer. The second stage involves specifying details like the paper’s deadline and number of pages and selecting additional services.

Info Pros and Cons


  • 10 days of free revisions
  • Affordable prices
  • A discount up to 10%, but only upon request


  • Mainly non-native English speaking writers
  • Awful customer support, although fast
  • Quality of paper is not perfect

Info Types of Services

Coolessay offers five services: writing from scratch, business writing, rewriting, editing, and proofreading. The most expensive ones are writing from scratch and business writing. When you select the first type of service, you provide the instructions, and a writer completes an essay, a research paper, or a dissertation following your requirements. Business writing means a writer will write a resume, a CV, a cover letter, or business content.

If you choose to rewrite, you must provide your draft, and a writer will change up to 70% of your content. Editing means almost the same, but a writer may change only up to 30% of your paper. Proofreading predetermines that a writer will not change anything and only correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

Info Offers and Extra Services

Coolessay offers three categories of writers: Best Available, Top Writer, and Professional.

The Best Available category of writer costs the standard price. The company assures you that your paper will be of good quality performed by one of the writers available at the moment.

For a Top writer, you have to pay 25% additionally. In this case, they promise to assign a writer with a 5-year of experience in your field. Besides, they also guarantee that it will be an English native speaker.

Info Paper Quality

My experience with regarding paper quality was highly disappointing. I ordered a 4-page college article review and opted for the 'Best Available' feature, a standard-priced option, expecting at least a competent level of writing. Unfortunately, the paper I received was far below expectations. Evidently, the writer, a non-native English speaker, struggled with the language.

This led to many issues, including poor grammar and a lack of coherent analysis, which significantly detracted from the overall quality of the work. The lack of attention to such a crucial aspect of writing services was a significant letdown. Finding Coolessay discount codes and seemingly attractive offers is disheartening, only to be met with subpar quality in the service rendered.

Info Cost Overview

Price to Quality Ratio

The lowest price here is $10 for a 1-page high school essay. It is not the highest rate that you can find on the Internet, but not the lowest one. Let’s say that this price is an average one for this type of service. You can also receive a 5% discount, but you have to contact a support manager. There are no banners or offers that inform you about this opportunity.

I also found that the company promises to provide you with a great discount if you find prices lower than they offer. It was a very harebrained promise since you can easily find a couple of services which offer less than $10 for a page.

Discounts offers a discount scheme that might initially seem appealing. New customers can avail up to 15% off on their first order. The existence of such discounts, promoted under tags like Coolessay discount code options, is a common tactic in the industry to attract new clients. While the prospect of a discounted rate might be enticing, especially for students on a budget, it's important to weigh this benefit against the overall quality of service and product you are likely to receive, as discounts don't compensate for poor quality work. But even a Coolessay promo code is not a win-win offer.

Info Ordering Process

An ordering process consists of two main steps. During the first stage, you have to select the type of service, academic level, type of paper, topic, instructions, and so on. It is a standard procedure that you can find on many writing services.

The second part includes information about the paper’s deadline, number of pages, and some additional services like a category of writer, a Turnitin report, a summary, an editor’s service, or a writer’s sample.

Info Online Reputation and Overall User Experience

In conducting a thorough analysis of Coolessay Net, I explored various platforms, including Reddit, Quora, Sitejabber, and TrustPilot, among other review aggregators. The overarching sentiment from these sources is predominantly negative. Users frequently complain about the poor quality of papers, highlighting issues such as low-quality solutions, inadequate knowledge of citations, and a general lack of adherence to instructions.

Info Is Reliable?

Based on my analysis and personal experience, I find it difficult to regard as a reliable service. Therefore, in my opinion, Coolessay discussions often reveal a service that struggles with consistency and reliability, and the promises of a discount for Coolessay do little to offset these fundamental issues.

Info Guarantees

Coolessay Net offers guarantees that include money-back options. They also promise on-time delivery and fair pricing. However, based on user reviews and personal experience, these guarantees often fall short. Issues with paper quality, delivery times, and unfulfilled refund requests cast doubt on the effectiveness of these guarantees. Therefore, while the discount code for Coolessay Net may seem attractive, it's important to consider these factors when evaluating the overall reliability of the service.

Info Verdict

Considering the overall analysis and user feedback, I conclude that Coolessay coupons and discounts, while tempting, do not compensate for the fundamental issues with service quality and reliability. The prevalent negative reviews and my experience of poor paper quality and customer service issues led me to advise caution when considering Coolessay for academic writing needs.

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