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Overal Rating - 3 The Lowest Price - $ 13.40 Minimum Deadline - 4.0 Hours

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EssayShark is rated 3 by ScamFighter and is not on our TOP Writing Services

EssayShark company is a completely new kind of writing services. They allow their customers to chat with their writers directly, which is far more convenient than client-support-writer communication. Nevertheless, this site has terrible online reviews due to the quality of the essays written. Perhaps sometimes the clients simply don’t know how to guide writers, and the results are awful. At this point, the quality of Essay Shark papers is substandard. You can negotiate the price with the writer directly, but the lowest price I have got is $13.40 for a 1-page essay due in 2 months. Support agents are not responsive via email, and I guess they have only a couple of them. Nevertheless, I would recommend this company to those people who not only want to get the paper done but to work with the writer directly. Is essayshark legit? Is essayshark safe? Yes, they are. At least, some EssayShark reviews claim so.

1. Service Review

EssayShark is an old service with a lot of writers to work on your assignments. The website seems to be a part of UvoCorp corporation. To get more information, please take a look at these screenshots from their LinkedIn information at So the major part of their writers is UvoCorp employees.

EssayShark is a part of UvoCorp

Having checked their statistics, I also found the reasons of their online ratings. Who will write your essay? Give your best guess!

EssayShark Kenyan writers

Would you trust your English essay to a Kenyan writer? No one will tell you about this. The ultimate plus for this service is the payments. You will pay for the order only after the paper is done and you like it. Almost every review agrees that this option is very convenient.

 These were their words, but for real you get a lousy preview of some part from your paper that is not readable. As you can guess to get a full paper you still have to pay. Once the payment is made, you cannot do anything because they consider your order as approved.

Is EssayShark a scam?

This email you will most probably receive if you want to cancel the order due to its poor quality.

2. Pros and Cons


  • You can choose your writer
  • Payment after the paper is done, you will pay only after you are satisfied
  • Direct communication with the writer


  • Poor quality. Cheap foreign writers
  • They don’t have a chat with support agents. If you don’t agree with the writer, you have to write emails to
  • Tricky Refund Policy

3. Online reputation reviews are awful. Due to the cheap foreign writers, they reduced the prices, so did  the quality of the papers. Sometimes they use native speakers, but they are only a few in such a huge company. Such reviews as:

EssayShark poor quality


EssayShark writers

make me think that they are not a good service to go. Trustpilot was no better - tons of negative feedback from angry users. Almost every review finds something disappointing there. This made me ask myself is essayshark legit? Well, all these bad reviews made me think that EssayShark is scam. But is it so? To get the whole picture I search for essayshark reddit reviews. Unfornutally, the only thing I found was promotional comments trying to sell the company's services.


SharkEssay Refund Policy is perfect. You have to put your money to your account at their site and pay the writer only when you are satisfied with the paper. After you clicked Release button, they will not issue a refund. It is almost impossible to get your money back then, but a couple of emails with the manager may help you.

EssayShark Money Back Guarantees

I suggest you shouldn't dash to approve the order untill you feel fully satisfied with the order. 

5. Types of Services

Well, offers a wide range of services and solutions. Shark Essays can do these kinds of assignments:

  • Annotated bibliography
  • Argumentative essay
  • Article review
  • Book/movie review
  • Business plan
  • Case study
  • Coursework
  • Creative writing
  • Critical thinking
  • Presentation or speech
  • Research paper
  • Research proposal
  • Term paper
  • Thesis/Dissertation chapter

6. Ordering Process

To get an order with this company you have to go over a couple of steps. A short guide on how to place sharkessay order is attached.

First, you go to and enter your email and click Continue.

SharkEssays order

Then you have to put some information about your assignment. Everything you write there will be shown to the writers to review.

Placing an order with EssayShark

After clicking Save&Publish, for writers you will have a new page Select writer.

Choosing the writer at Shark Essays

You can negotiate the price, but the essayshark writers will be really annoying! Be careful, they will say whatever you want them to. Some EssayShark reviews point out that annoyance can be extremely overwhelming.

Assign your writer at EssayShark

Then you click Assign writer and see this page:

EssayShark payments

Please note that you only put your money in the account, but once you click Release payment to get the paper, you will never see them again.

Finally, you will see your list of orders and will be able to track them.

EssayShark orders

If you decided to order your essay there, please take your time and have a good conversation with the writer. Ask him questions regarding your assignment, make sure he understands a thing in your subject, not just wants to get an order and write some incomprehensible stuff.  

7. Prices and Fees

All prices are negotiable here but do not expect something less than $13 a page, and it should be a very easy assignment and a huge time frame. However, I have seen one review where the price was lower than $13 a page.

All payments are provided by PayPal. I have to disappoint you if you're looking for essay shark coupons or discounts. There are none. They simply don't offer any.

8. Paper Quality

As it was said before, the quality of their papers is awful. Most of the writers are Kenyans or Ukrainians without a strong command of English. Do not torture them with your English classes.

9. Customer Support

There is no Customer Support there. You can send queries, but it will take days to get the answer. The writers will not be so helpful.

You can see the Support page in your profile:

EssayShark support agents

10. Offers and Extra Services

They have a couple of good features that may help you to avoid confusions in the future.The first one is the Auto-assign of the writer. If you have an easy assignment, this option will help you to skip the annoying writers’ requests to assign themselves.

Shark Essays auto-assign option

You can also make your order featured, but it will not give you any advantages.

Shark Essays auto-assign option


Is EssayShark legit? Yes, because you pay for the paper if you are completely satisfied with it. However, having approved an order, it is almost impossible to get your money back.
Is EssayShark safe? There are secure money transactions, and customers' confidentiality is fully guaranteed. I find EssayShark to be a safe company and see no reason to worry about it.
Is EssayShark reliable? Considering the cheap prices, I didn't expect good paper quality, but it was horrible! Even good editing wouldn't have saved the situation, so I just wasted my time.
Is EssayShark scam? No, EssayShark is a real service that provides academic help, but the quality is poor. There are Kenyan and Ukrainian writers, so don't expect quality assistance from them and choose another writing service.
Is EssayShark trustworthy? There are dozens of negative reviews from mad customers on Trustpilot, and it isn't surprising. Considering their staff, it isn't a good idea to put trust in them.
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