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Resume Professional Writers tries creating an image of a reliable and trustworthy resume writing service. Nevertheless, you can learn absolutely nothing about this company on its official site. Other sources make it evident that this service has a small team, only 20 employees, but for some unknown reason they managed to complete over 100,000 resumes over the last 10 year which is impossible. more


Resume-now is not another writing service. You cannot find professionals here who will create a resume for a certain sum of money. This website offers tools that can significantly simplify the process of writing a resume, CV, or a cover letter. However, you have to do it on your own. Taking this fact into consideration, I can answer the main question that most of the newcomers have “Is Resume-now safe?” Yes, it is safe as far as you carefully read the terms of subscription. Otherwise, you may lose money as many users already did. more



Today I am reviewing Employment Boost, a resume writing company which seems to have invested everything into creating a fancy website that would look trustworthy, if it were not for their shocking terms of service, offering no guarantees and refunds, and the absence of any reliable customer feedback despite the service supposedly being in business for almost two decades. more



There is not enough information that you can find online about Resumeprime. The few reviews that I was lucky to discover mostly contained resume prime complaints; people were saying that it is a waste of money. I conducted my own research to find out whether all these things are true or not. I discovered a lot of contradictory things which only enhanced my mistrust to this service. I covered them all in this review. Read it, and you will learn about types of services, prices, and the potholes that Resumeprime has prepared for its customers. more



The CV Centre promises to rewrite your CV as many times as needed to get you 100% satisfied. What that really means is that you will not know how long it will take for a writer to provide you with a satisfactory paper. It’s good that they have a money-back guarantee, but it seems that it’s better to avoid using the service at all than hope that you will be lucky and get a competent writer. more

Where to Pay Someone to Write My Resume?

Have you ever wondered why some people get dozens of replies to their resumes, while others may not receive a single one in a week? Sure, there are many factors, but the crucial one is not even the professional experience or skills that you have mentioned. The reason why some people do not receive invitations to a job interview is that their resumes do not stand out among the huge flow of other candidates’ resumes.

A company may receive from fifty to a couple of hundred resumes for an opening. Recruiters do not even consider many of such resumes since they do not satisfy the format expectations or contain little relevant information for a position. Other resumes are skipped because they are written in a poor manner and do not present a candidate as a valuable employee.

Besides, you have only one chance of sending a resume to a company. If you get a rejection, there will be not a second attempt. So, a resume should be written brilliantly and hook the attention of recruiters from the first lines. That’s probably the main reason why more and more people apply to professional resume writing services.

Job seekers require this type of assistance because people behind such resume services online are much more experienced in writing resumes than any person searching for a job. A simple comparison. On average, by the age of 30, a person may change up to 5 places of work. Each time he or she improves or partly rewrite the resume. Resume writing agencies create hundreds of resumes every month. They are aware of the latest tendencies and shifts in the recruiting principles, and thus, know how and what to write in a resume so that it looks like the best one.

When people apply to these agencies, they save time, but what is more important, they get the best possible summary of their professional skills and experience covered with an attractive wrapper which will not be left without attention by recruiters.

Best Affordable Resume Writing Services

Today, you may find a lot of companies which offer resume help. However, it does not mean that all of them cope with their obligations well and deliver the best quality assistance as they promise. To figure out which agency is the best and offers a good quality of service for the money they take, we created this resume review service page. It allows you to save a lot of time on analysis of a service that you should do yourself before deciding what service to select. Besides, you get an opportunity to choose a company which will fully satisfy your requirements since the list of provided services may vary.

On our site, you will find a list of the top rated resume writing services. Among them are Resume101, Career Booster, and ResumesPlanet. Each of such reviews contains a detailed overview starting from a company’s description, its online reputation, and including feedback from the customers to prices and guarantees of a quality result.

These best resume writing services are considered to be such because they are the oldest ones and have already helped thousands of people all over the world to get a job in the companies they have always wanted to work at. Their experts are former recruiters and HR managers, so that explains why they are so good at writing resumes. Finally, they have clear terms of use as well as the money back guarantee policy. So, once you pay money, your resume will be done on time and in accordance with your instructions.

Besides, you should not have a lot of money to get help from these agencies. They are considered to be the cheap resume writing services, though the resumes they provide are of high quality. People who need resumes are in search of a new job so, it is reasonable that they might not have much funding to pay for such type of assistance. That’s why a reasonable price is a sign that these companies really care about their customers and do not view them only as a source of income.

Why Should I Rely on Resume Reviews?

The reason why we write these resume writing reviews is our deep concerns about the huge amount of recently appeared scam resume writing companies. When you apply with a help request, you expect to get the best resume assistance, and each agency promises to do that. However, not all of them will keep their promise and provide you with the quality of resume you deserve. Besides, since we write such reviews regularly, we know well about some pitfalls that companies use to deceive their customers. These tricks may work well with inexperienced users, but they will hardly work with us.

The work we do is in free access, and any visitor of our site may leave a comment under an article. We welcome customers’ feedback on resume writing services. That helps us to dispel the lies that some resume writing companies use to make customers pay money to them and to support those companies which work honestly and really help people to find a job.

We know how difficult it is sometimes to find a good job and get an invitation to an interview. So, a little help that resume writing companies provide is what we all need from time to time. Together we can make resume writing help better and allow users to get the quality of the resumes they deserve.