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2018-03-02 00:56

Working at The Office

Choosing a career is a significant process and is one of the most meaningful decisions you will ever make in your life. Putting enough effort into choosing your future occupation will help you to pursue the career of your dre...



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2018-02-26 04:04

Student club meeting

Have you ever felt like nobody on earth understands you, shares your passion, considers important what is valuable to you? What if we tell you that there is a place where you can find like-minded people who will not think you...



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2018-02-16 12:25

Can I pay someone to take my online class

If you want to pay someone to take your online class, you are probably a busy person who understands what he wants from life. Instead of wasting your time on listening to what you already know and completing boring assignment...



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2018-02-09 01:19

A man is reading a book on personal development

While the “10% of the brain” myth is debunked, one fact remains unchangeable: our mind can do more than we think. Regular training is required not only for our body but for our brain too. Reading books is a good w...



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2018-02-02 21:54

People eating junk food

Had you failed the exam because you played video-games last night and did not get ready for it?

Did you buy last week the fifteenth crop top because it was on sale?




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2018-01-26 02:21

A woman is seeking a job

When you apply for a job, a graduate school, or an internship, you will be probably asked to send your CV or a resume. In simple words, it is a document where you describe your education and work experience backward (starting from the most recent place), sh...



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