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2018-01-26 02:21

A woman is seeking a job

When you apply for a job, a graduate school, or an internship, you will be probably asked to send your CV or a resume. In simple words, it is a document where you describe your education and work experience backward (starting from the most recent place), sh...



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2018-01-19 05:40

Working student

Do you want to be independent from parents? Are you on a mission to save money for a trip? It does not matter why you have taken the decision to combine work and study. What is more important is how to do it wisely. ScamFighter will try to help you on your ...



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2018-01-12 08:12

Friends are talking in college

When you are a freshman in college, you feel like Will Smith in I am Legend - totally alone in the whole world. But fortunately, there are lots of alike Smiths who want to socialize as much as you. Let us give you several rec...



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2018-01-05 04:03

College American football players

If you are good at basketball, baseball, or another sport, it is not a guarantee of getting a scholarship. We are sorry to disappoint you from the very beginning, but it is real life. Your successful college athletic career m...



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2017-12-29 13:27

A student is working on her essay topic

Students like nothing better than complaining. When they get a topic for an essay, it seems difficult and boring for them. When a professor gives them a choice, they are lost in options. Does it sound like it could be you? Do...



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2017-12-22 13:11

Christmas tree decoration

The winter holidays are such an awaited, promising, and really necessary break for students. And it is sound that you do not want to waste this time. Plan it ahead in order to include rest, learning, and self-development to y...



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