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Best Thesis Writing Services 2021

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by John Milovich
  1. 1. SpeedyPaper Review

    Rating 4.9/5
    star star star star star

    Main highlights

    • Deadline: 6 hours
    • Price: $9
    • Free revisions
    • Money back guarantee
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  2. 2. Essaypro Review

    Rating 4.7/5
    star star star star star

    Main highlights

    • Deadline: 6 hours
    • Price: $9
    • Free revisions
    • Money back guarantee
    Visa Master Discover Amex
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  3. 3. Writepaperforme Review

    Rating 4.6/5
    star star star star star

    Main highlights

    • Deadline: 6 hours
    • Price: $6.99
    • Free revisions
    • Money back guarantee
    Visa Master Discover Amex Bitcoin-light Union Jcb
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  4. 4. JustDoMyEssay Review

    Rating 4.2/5
    star star star star star

    Main highlights

    • Deadline: 3 hours
    • Price: $17.55
    • Free revisions
    • Money back guarantee
    Visa Master PayPal Amex
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Why Thesis Is So Important

What is the purpose of a thesis, and why do so many students need help writing a thesis?  A thesis is a very important piece you write for your college/university degree. As a rule, it is a long piece of academic research which consists of many parts.

So, it is probably the most crucial part of your years spent studying for a college degree. You can be good at writing, searching information, and making analysis, but you still may find it complicated to write a good and what’s more important accurate thesis which will explain the whole purpose of your work using proper academic language and structure. Of course, writing a thesis, for example, for a Bachelor’s degree is not so tough, and your teacher will probably not be too picky about it. Nevertheless, when the level of your academic work is PhD or Master’s, the demands and criteria of evaluation are much higher. Your professor may return your paper many times with just one comment “You need to revise your thesis, it is not good enough and doesn’t correspond to the academic level of your paper.” And no matter how many times you have already reread a guide on how to write a masters thesis, this piece of your work will seem the most challenging to you. 

Where Can I Get Help With a Master’s or PhD Thesis? 

Even though the requirements of an ideal thesis may seem impossible to reach and you are already tired of yet one more revision from your professor, there is a kind of phd thesis writing assistance that you can find on the Internet. There are plenty of services that provide PhD or Master thesis help for those students who need a piece of advice with their assignments.

The academic writing companies provide the full range of services to students, and writing a thesis for your is not a big deal for them. You will save a lot of time and energy once you apply for assistance to these guys. It has become a very fast and reliable method of help that many students from different countries use today. The only thing you need to do is choose the best academic help provider and ask them about a thesis writing service.

Best Thesis Writing Services

The amount of companies which offer you academic help is so large that it is no wonder you’ll be confused about which one to choose. That’s why we have made a list of the best phd thesis writing services for you. The companies we put on this list are the most trustworthy services according to the customers’ reviews. A lot of students have already used the services from this list multiple times and confirmed their credibility.

How much does it cost to pay someone to write your master thesis? That depends on a service, and the price may vary significantly. Nevertheless, we have gathered information about prices for you as well. So, besides choosing the best masters thesis writing service, you can also compare and contrast their prices to find the best match for you. 

How To Choose a Good Company

The search and the choice of thesis writing services require patience and time, or you will lose money at best. You should try the role of an investigator, a detective if you like, whose goal is to understand whether a service is good or not. To find that out, you need to keep in mind five criteria which will help you to differentiate a decent company from a scam. 

Read Thesis Writing Service Reviews

A good company has a lot of reviews online. And we are not talking about those testimonials that you can find on a company’s site. Sometimes these “reviews” are fake. For example, you can see a few hundreds of comments on the site, but when you start googling, you cannot find at least a couple of them on Reddit, Quora, or anywhere else on the web. How is that possible? The answer is simple, they are fake.

So, pay more attention to those reviews that you can find on other sites. Visit forums, review platforms, and even specialized sites that have a thesis review service. On such sites, you can learn all the truth about the company you are interested in and find all the skeletons in their closet.

Prices Cannot Be Low  

Just imagine a company which hires professionals, who, being professionals, should earn good money, but for some reason sets quite a low price. Isn’t it a bit contradictory? Such a business cannot be profitable unless the people working for such a company are not professionals at all. A person who can do something really well will never work for pennies. If you expect to hire professional thesis writers, be ready to pay more than a few dollars. 

Find Guarantees

Before placing an order on a site, find the time and read those terms and conditions. Yes, they are boring, long, and after a couple of paragraphs you’d like to die instead of continuing reading them, but you should go on. If a company wants to hide something from you, it will not tell you about it openly. For example, the statement on the homepage “We guarantee a 100% refund” doesn’t yet mean that you will get it. Why? Because, if you read up to the refund policy, you may find that a 100% refund is available, indeed, but only if you place two orders by mistake or want to cancel an order immediately after placing it. In other cases, you can receive at best 70% of the initial sum that you’ve paid. 

Many customers get in this pitfall, believing everything that a company promises on the homepage. You should find the guarantees for everything the company is obliged to provide to you and not make the next step until you see clearly what a company has to deliver to its clients.

Customer Support is Always Online

Good writing services never let their clients be alone with their academic problems. They have friendly and helpful teams of customer support agents who are always online there and will reply to you in a couple of seconds, even at 2 a.m. Almost all companies have an online chat, that’s a must. If such an option is not available, and the only method of communication is via email, think twice whether you should use this service. If you cannot get an instant response and communication with the company, how can you expect the ultimate thesis writing help from such a service?

How To Avoid Scams

Many students are concerned about whether it is safe to use the services like this. Paying money to a company the first time and waiting till they send you a paper makes you feel a bit nervous. Won’t they deceive me? Aren’t they scammers? As we have mentioned above, you should carefully check a service before using it and not act hastily. However, if you really lack time, you can use this short guide to understand whether you are dealing with a decent service or a scammer. 

The first on the search is not yet the best 

For example, you decide to find a company on the web yourself. You open your browser and type something like “write my thesis for mein the search field, getting thousands of results in a fraction of a second. Most people give preference to the first five results, sometimes they go as far down as the tenth, but quite seldom check the next page with results.

The fact that a company takes the first position doesn’t mean yet that it is the best thesis writing service or that it is not a scammer. Do not blindly believe that all the companies which occupy the first positions are reliable. Some fraudsters may use this common stereotype against you.

Check reviews more carefully

Yes, we have already said that every good company should have reviews online. However, besides quantity and the existence of feedback itself, you should pay special attention to the balance between positive and negative reviews. What does it mean? Everyone expects to find some good words about the company he or she is going to order from. Nevertheless, if you see that there are about 90 reviews and only 5 of them are negative, while all others have a 5-star rating, that should alert you. 

You see, no matter how good a company is, there will always be around 30% of people who are not satisfied with its service. And we do not mean that only 70% of clients receive a good quality of service, while others don’t. No, it is natural for people to overreact and exaggerate sometimes. For instance, a client didn’t get a reply from a customer agent as fast as he expected (he received it a few minutes later), and that’s already a good reason to rate a company with 1 star and write lengthy feedback describing how irresponsible this company is. 

Do you still have doubts? Then go and check the famous brands’ reviews, and you will see that most of them have a rating of 3.8 - 4.2 out of 5 stars. Too high a rating online should warn you as much as when it’s too low because that’s another trick that scammers often use.

Poor site 

Just imagine that Apple Corporation headquarters is still located in the garage. Can that be possible? So, how can a company which states that it has over 10 years of experience, works only with native English speakers who have completed 100,000 orders have a poor quality website? A site which resembles more of a work of a student, who decided to earn some extra money, having the basic knowledge of site development and the deadline by next morning. Something is wrong here, isn’t it?

A company which claims to be a leader in the market cannot have a cheap site. A site is a company’s face, clients’ first acquaintance with a service. No company with a solid reputation and a serious approach will ever allow itself to have a site developed by amateurs.

That’s why if you see that a site doesn’t correspond to the high status that a company’s labeled itself with, then maybe they are not as good as they try to seem. A good site, besides its visual aspect, should be easy to navigate. If you cannot find some crucial information like a refund policy or terms of use, that’s not a coincidence. Probably, the company did it on purpose because it wants to hide something important from you.

Won’t Thesis Writing Companies F*ck Me Up?

So, you have found a service which seems quite reliable and trustworthy to you. It has clear guarantees, and most people give good feedback on it. Nevertheless, you are a bit nervous and not sure whether it is a good idea at all to use this custom thesis writing service. A question that drills your mind is “Won’t they deceive me?”, especially when it’s the first time you reach out to these services for help. 

We do not want to show writing companies in a better light than they really are, but the statistics are what can make you calm down and rely on these services. The oldest companies which are still in business have been providing academic help to students since 1990s. Almost 30 years later, students around the world still buy thesis paper, dissertations, essays, presentations, and many other types of assignments from these companies. 

If these companies were liars or had an intention to take your money, leaving you with nothing, they couldn’t have survived for so long. Sooner or later, scammers, despite tremendous efforts to hide their true face, lose all their clients. People who were deceived by such a service strive for revenge and justice, so, no wonder they write about their sad experience everywhere they can on the Internet. Hence, a really bad company can hardly survive for more than six months.

A really good thesis writing company is more interested in constant customers instead of getting money from you once delivering a shitty-quality paper to you. That means, their goal is to make you satisfied with the service you receive on their site so that you would come back again and place another order. They want to see you again on their site, and that’s impossible to achieve by lying to you or writing papers of poor quality.

What If I Don’t Like My Thesis?

The good thing about writing services is that you can always demand a revision if you don’t like the quality of the thesis you received. In case you get a paper that does not correspond to your initial instructions or is not as good as you expected, you have a right for a revision. 

The majority of companies provide free revisions, if not an unlimited number of them, then at least 3 for its customers. So, once you request a revision, a service is obliged to provide improvements because that’s what they promised to you and what is written in terms of use. You can also demand another writer to make the corrections, and the company cannot ignore this request as well. 

You are also free to request a refund, and your money will be returned. However, we want to warn you that the refund policy may significantly differ from company to company. Sometimes, there are specific conditions which allow or not allow getting a refund. For example, some companies do not provide a refund once you’ve requested a revision. So, we strongly recommend reading revision and refund policies carefully before asking a writing service for help. That will help you to keep your money safe and get the quality of service you deserve!