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Quetext Plagiarism Checker

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John Milovich
John Milovich
ScamFighter Expert
Former college customer turned freelance writer, shares insider insights on the essay industry.

What is Quetext Plagiarism Checker?

Quetext is a program which detects unoriginal pieces of text to prevent plagiarism and help writers, students, bloggers, teachers, and other people to create unique content. So, basically, Quetext plagiarism checker is yet another tool which allows you to check your text and eliminate plagiarism. However, if all plagiarism detection programs perform the same function, why is Quetext so special? 

According to the Quetext developers, they have implemented an advanced technology DeepSearch. It is a unique algorithm that was written for Quetext and is not used by any other plagiarism checker. The biggest advantage of Quetext comparing to other similar tools is the application of contextual analysis instead of searching for separate words and phrases which have matches in other texts. So, does Quetext work differently? - Yes. At last, you will be shown not just copy-pasted words or phrases, but borrowed ideas which are considered to be plagiarism. 

Another important thing is the huge database, which Quetext uses to find similarities. So, every time the program scans your text, it searches for similarities in more than 20 million books, billions of web pages, and more than 1 million academic journals.  

What’s the Difference Between Quetext and TurnItIn?

One of the most famous and trustworthy plagiarism checkers that every student is aware of is Turnitin. So, no wonder, every time an alternative plagiarism checker appears, everyone wants to know whether it is better than Turnitin, and this time has not become an exception. So, here is my brief comparison. 

Quetext vs Turnitin

  • Quetext has a less bureaucratic registration process. You cannot use TurnItIn until you create an account, and there are too many required fields with personal information that you need to provide about yourself. 
  • Turnitin was primarily developed for academic plagiarism detection. So, if you are not a student, Turnitin is not your best option. 
  • Quetext has a clear price list, while Turnitin doesn’t. You first need to pass registration, and only after that you will find the cost of the service which may also vary depending on a type of user you select - student, teaching assistant, or instructor. 
  • Turnitin saves students’ papers in a repository, unlike Quetext which doesn’t have a database with texts that you check with this tool.  

Is it Safe to Use Quetext for Plagiarism Checks? 

Is Quetext safe? That’s the question potential clients want to know an answer to before using this tool since providing your unique text is always a bit risky. You never know whether it is safe to share your content because it may turn out that somebody else may get access to it and use it for personal needs. 

Nevertheless, these concerns are groundless if you use Quetext. I’ve read terms of use very carefully and found out that Quetext doesn’t store submitted content. So, after you provide your content and the program scans it to detect plagiarism, your text is not saved to the database. Hence, even if some third parties could get access to Quetext, for example, hackers who decided to steal the original content of users, they would find nothing because such a thing as Quetext database doesn’t exist.

Quetext Reputation 

Is Quetext legit? I was searching for Quetext online reviews but didn’t manage to find any negative feedback. That’s no wonder because the issue of credibility is relevant only to those programs which are absolutely free. In case of Quetext, you are offered a Free and a Pro subscription for $9 per month. Frankly speaking, the free access can offer very little to users. For instance, if you decide not to pay for this service, the best that you can expect is the maximum of 500 words for scanning and only 3 Search and Report limit. Besides, the Deep Search technology, which actually makes Quetext so good, is not available too.  

However, if you decide to spend 9 dollars per month, you will receive a lot:

  • unlimited usage of the Deep Search technology; 
  • no Search and Report limitations;
  • 25,000 words limit per one search;
  • premium support;
  • an ability to exclude sources manually.

How to Use It 

  1. Visit the official site. If you have an account, you need to log in to have a better experience and more accurate results. 
  2. Copy your text and paste it in the square box with the title “Enter Your Text Here.”
  3. Click the green button below.
  4. Wait until the program scans your text and shows the result. It may take from 30 seconds to a couple of minutes, depending on the text size. 
  5. If your text is 100% original, the score that you see on the right will be equal 0. That means that your text contains 0% of unoriginal content. However, if your document includes some plagiarized parts, they will be highlighted with red color. You can click on these parts, and you will be shown where a similar text had been found. On the right side, you will see the score of unoriginal text, for example, let it be 10%. Below, you can also see the list of sources which contain the same content as yours. So, you can click on them and check the matches by yourself.   

Summing Up 

Drawing the bottom line under this Quetext review, I want to say that this plagiarism checker seems like the right solution for students and writers alike. I like its simple and clear policies and the fact that you can use it for free, even though there are a lot of limitations. Nevertheless, it is a significant advantage compared to Turnitin, for example. 
Is Quetext reliable? I didn’t find any controversial or confusing information in terms of use. I also see the absence of a database as a good sign and a proof that the text I scanned via this plagiarism checker will not be stored anywhere on the web without my permission or awareness. So, the way I see it, Quetext provides an excellent plagiarism checking service for a reasonable price without the too complicated and unnecessary for a common user red tape.