How to Beat Turnitin. 5 Ways That Don’t Actually Work

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Often, students who work independently on their papers, using the Internet only as a reference source, are surprised that plagiarism is positioned as a kind of very substantial problem. But the trouble with the anti-plagiarism program is that it checks the text absolutely mechanically. As a result, it will consider plagiarism all that would not be considered as cheating with a normal approach to text verification.

Text verification programs for the absence of plagiarism will undoubtedly highlight:

  • content and references (of course, the same headlines and titles can be found in hundreds of works all over the Internet);
  • quotations from articles, textbooks, other reference materials (if the text is cited, then from a reasonable point of view, this is not plagiarism at all, but for an anti-plagiarism program sometimes this is not an excuse);
  • common phrases that can often be found in articles, term papers, textbooks, and other materials are very likely to be considered by the program as plagiarism.

Even working on an essay yourself, there is a chance of getting the text with unintended plagiarism as a result. And if we talk about works that are a kind of patchwork of everything that will be found on the network, then there is almost one hundred percent guarantee that the program will detect plagiarized elements. Therefore, there is a reasonable question - how to change a plagiarized essay and is it possible to fool antiplagiarism tool?

How Does Turnitin Detect Plagiarism?

To date, Turnitin is the most advanced system of checking academic essays for dishonesty. The creators say that the purpose of their approach is to maintain an academic culture among students around the world, so plagiarism of student work is unacceptable.

Turnitin has earned its reputation as the most sophisticated system for inspecting the originality of scholarly essays to date. Its founders advocate that the system's core purpose is to foster a culture of academic honesty among learners worldwide, thereby rendering plagiarism in student work unacceptable. The question often arises regarding how Turnitin accomplishes this monumental task, detecting plagiarism and how to cheat Turnitin.

Firstly, understanding the workings of the Turnitin system is fundamental. The mechanism it employs is pretty standard. It scrutinizes your submitted essay against many other sources found throughout the web. The system detects any matching segments by comparing your text with these online materials. These matches are then presented as a percentage to the user, giving a comprehensive overview of the content's originality.

The next question that might arise is what is considered a good score on Turnitin. If your goal is to avoid being accused of plagiarism, it's important to aim for a score below 15%. Any score less than this figure is even better. Students are striving for the lowest indicators and often ask how to check for plagiarism before Turnitin. It leads many to inquire about how to check for plagiarism before using Turnitin or how to avoid Turnitin plagiarism claims. The answer is also obvious:

  • Make sure that you have cited all the sources.
  • Use several alternative plagiarism detection programs (there are a lot of free trials you may find).

It's important to ensure all sources have been appropriately cited in your work. It will undoubtedly reduce the likelihood of your work being flagged as plagiarized. Another strategy is utilizing various alternative plagiarism detection programs, many offering free trials. These can provide additional certainty before submitting your work to Turnitin.

However, if your score remains above 15% after following these steps, you may wonder how to beat Turn It In. It's worth mentioning that the key lies in understanding and following the guidelines on how to resubmit on Turnitin effectively. No magic trick guarantees a flawless result. Many students have searched for 'how to beat Turnitin Reddit' for shortcuts and tricks. But in reality, academic integrity and original content are irreplaceable strategies for getting a low Turnitin score.

How to Beat Turnitin

Want to know how to cheat Turnitin? The quest on how to beat this platform is one that many students find themselves embarking upon. We have conducted research and found that there are five basic ways how to trick Turnitin. Through extensive research, we've uncovered five fundamental strategies often employed to trick Turnitin. While it's good news to learn that such methods exist, the reality is somewhat disappointing – these strategies are largely ineffective when attempting to cheat Turnitin. Wanna know how to cheat Turnitin Reddit? Let's delve into a detailed exploration of each method and explain why they prove unsuitable when trying to cheat Turnitin or any other platform.


One prominent method employed is paraphrasing. This technique demands activating your internal lexical reserves and calls for a creative reformation of the text. You'll need to rewrite each sentence in the text, barring any citations, definitions, and appropriately linked references. The remaining content must undergo a process of rephrasing. You must recast sentences, express others' thoughts in your unique language, and shuffle the sentence sequence. It might raise questions about how to fool Turnitin.

Upon close examination, you might find it hard to discern how this method differs significantly from creating an original piece from scratch. The only distinguishing aspect appears to be that when paraphrasing, you commence with some form of core work or idea and then add your distinctive approach.

So, how does this feed into the question of 'how to get around Turn It In'? Though paraphrasing can create some distance from the source, this method alone isn't foolproof. Turnitin employs advanced algorithms that can recognize identical phrases and similar structures and ideas. So, while these methods might provide a degree of evasion, academic integrity and genuine work remain the surest ways to steer clear of plagiarism.

The method is suitable for those who have not yet developed enough academic writing skills, but it is already becoming possible to learn to write on your own after the twentieth rephrased paper.

Use PDF or Images

Another method that has been contemplated in the journey to outsmart Turnitin involves the use of PDFs or images. If you're wondering whether Turnitin can detect a PDF, the answer is a resounding yes. Turnitin's algorithms are advanced enough to handle a wide array of formats, making it far from foolish when detecting copied content in your submissions. If you attempt to upload your paper in a non-text format such as PDF, JPEG, or PNG, the system will immediately flag it, declaring the format of your paper unacceptable.

Wanna know how to get around Turnitin? Given the system's sophistication, the attempt to do that by using image or PDF files seems futile. The system's advanced capabilities ensure these common bypass tactics are ineffective. Therefore, it is imprudent to invest time and energy into this flawed method to figure out how to pass Turnitin.

This misguided method has been discussed on various online platforms, including Reddit. Despite some claims on how to trick Turnitin Reddit, it is essential to remember that no image or document format can obscure plagiarized content from Turnitin's vigilant algorithms. Instead, focusing on creating original work, properly citing sources, and cultivating academic honesty is the surest path to successful submission, rather than devising ways to deceive the system.

Use Another Language Alphabet

Using an alternate language alphabet was once considered a possible method for cheating detection systems like Turnitin. It was considered a potential Turnitin bypass by changing the keyboard layout or utilizing non-Latin alphabets to prevent the software's plagiarism detection. This technique might have been marginally successful a handful of years ago, but with today's advanced technology, it no longer holds water.

Turnitin's software has been developed to be acutely sensitive to language consistency within a text. The system ensures the entire text is written in one uniform language, employing a single keyboard layout. Any attempts to incorporate text from another language or alphabet will simply not be permitted for review. Consequently, this approach isn't viable 'Turnitin hack.'

In the face of such sophisticated technology, even the cleverest Turnitin tricks involving alternative language alphabets prove ineffective. The evolution of these software products has made it virtually impossible to cheat the system in this manner. The best strategy remains to focus on creating original content and properly citing any external references, thereby adhering to the principles of academic integrity.

Use Synonyms

It differs from the first recommendation in that here it’s necessary to use mainly synonyms and use the intellect to a lesser extent. If in the complete processing of the text one has to use one's own thoughts and knowledge in the subject of the work, then it is common for surface rewriting to use the substitution by synonyms. However, this is not the best way on how to plagiarize without getting caught by Turnitin. Programs are getting smarter every year and they calculate rewriting quite well.
There are also special programs - synonymizers. This method is strongly advised against to use because some gobbledegook will be the result. Maybe the percentage of plagiarism will decrease, but the percentage of common sense in the work and the percentage of the teacher's good opinion of you will plummet.

Change the Order of Words in a Sentence

You can't fool the program this way: the developers have long since set up tools to search for rearranged words. The same works with respect to changing places of sentences and paragraphs. The program does not evaluate the sequence of sentences, but their content. Some students try to artificially combine individual sentences or break a complex sentence into simple ones. We say right away: it will not work! See the reason above.

What Can I Do?

The only thing you can do is turn on your own brain and write the work yourself. If we start talking about all the difficulties of this process, it will take a lot of time. Moreover, your professor has probably loaded you with a dozen of his personal work requirements. Of course, you can always try to outwit the teacher and the anti-plagiarism system. But usually, small tricks take no less time than high-quality intellectual work.


Summarizing we should tell you about the most reasonable way to solve your problem with plagiarised essays. Stop looking for best plagiarism checker reddit. The only thing you should look for is reliable guys who can write your paper instead of you, follow all the requirements of your professor and please Turning with the necessary score. If you have problems rephrasing your work or need professional editing/proofreading, read this article about top editing services.


Many students believe that they can beat Turnitin by changing a few words or paraphrasing content from online sources, but these methods are often ineffective as Turnitin is designed to detect such manipulations. Other misconceptions include submitting their work late or copying and pasting from obscure sources, which also do not work effectively.

Attempting to trick Turnitin is risky for students because it undermines academic integrity and can lead to serious consequences, such as academic penalties or even expulsion from educational institutions. Moreover, Turnitin continually updates its algorithms to detect new strategies, making it increasingly challenging to evade detection.