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Work and Studying. How to Do Both?

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by John Milovich

Do you want to be independent of your parents? Are you on a mission to save money for a trip? It does not matter why you have taken the decision to combine work and study. What is more important is how to do it wisely. ScamFighter will try to help you on your way.

Advantages of Combining Work and Study

You train new skills. Implementing knowledge gained in college will create a positive impact on your personal growth. Besides, there is no way around improving your time management skills, setting and achieving goals.

You cover school fees. Depending on your salary, you may pay all tuition fees or cover it partly. Focus on long-term plans without thinking about how you will return a student loan.

You get practical work experience. It often happens that an employer wants to see “a 25-years old candidate with 10 years of employment”. But if you are a student that has never tried to work, you will likely get a low-paid uninteresting job. The extra working experience may bring you better employment opportunities.

What Pitfalls Lie in Wait for You while Working and Studying at the Same Time

An employment process takes time. Before you find a job, you need to create a CV, write a catchy cover letter, go to interviews. Be ready to include these items in your schedule.

You will have less time for yourself. If you are used to party, go out with friends, and spend a lot of time on your hobby, you will face difficulties. You will have minimum possibilities for your social life while studying and working.

It is stressful. Midterms, assignment deadlines, and demanding professors may cause additional pressure. Look for a job with an opportunity to take a day off if you need to save your grades.

You may fail to get financial aid. If you get a study loan or plan to apply for a scholarship, find out if an employed student can be provided with financial aid. Take into account that you might lose your scholarship because of unsatisfactory academic performance.

How to Manage College and Work

Before you start to panic, remember that you are not alone. Thousands of students work around the world. If they can, you can too. Here are some important tips they have been using:

  • Inform your boss and teachers that you are a working student. Explain your motives with a hope for more flexibility on their part.
  • Plan your day, week, month, etc. and keep the schedule.
  • Give yourself some time to have a rest.
  • Stay in touch with your classmates to get fresh school news.
  • If you see you bite off more than you can chew, look for alternative options like part-time study.
  • Use travel time for studying: listen to audiobooks or review your notes.
  • Cut down work at exam time.

A Working Student Don’ts

If you work to the detriment of the education, you do something wrong. Do not miss classes because of work - you will not have time to catch up. Talk to your employer and ask to change your schedule. If they appreciate their workers, you will come to an agreement. If they refuse, change the working place. Remember, now studying is your first goal.

Young employees are sometimes overloaded. Do not be afraid to say “no” to the boss or to colleagues who want to shift their duties on you. But be responsible and honest for your part. Do not forget to tell your employer in advance that you cannot work because of illness or an unexpected assignment deadline.

Part-time Job Ideas for College Students

Combining college studies and work is rather stressful, but you may find some options to increase your chances of passing this life stage smoothly. Here are some ways how you can keep your study-work experience balanced:

  • Apply for a work-study program. Some colleges provide students with this kind of financial aid by employing them on campus.
  • Work or study part-time. You will not earn all the money of the world, but the pressure also will be not so hard.
  • Find a freelance job. You will manage your workload and timetable by yourself. There are no bosses, no rules, no restrictions.
  • Study online. Get a credible degree with a distance-learning program and study when you want.

We hope we have inspired you to work, study, and live a bright life at the same time. And here is a bonus for those who have read the article to the end - special tips from a popular student vlogger: