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123HelpMe is rated 1.5/5
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123HelpMe is rated 1.5/5
by ScamFighter and is not
on our TOP essay Writing services
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123HelpMe Review

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Executive Summary

I came to 123helpme service searching for information on kibin.com and coursehero.com. From the first sight, they seem to be very similar service except for one crucial thing. Is 123helpme safe? They don't have any contacts. Some people like them for their grading tool which is similar to Grammarly online checker, the others for the huge essay sample database. They claim to have more than 400,000 samples for all kind of essays, term papers, course works, etc. If I were a student, I would definitely use them at least once. However, the major part of the essay examples are not free, and you have to but a prescription for them. Moreover, those papers are for paraphrasing only, and it is not easy to cancel the prescription if you signed up for it. Another question, is 123helpme plagiarism? Yes, it is. Turnitin checks online sources and if you copy from there, you will get zero. See the full review to decide if 123helpme is a scam or a decent service. 

 1.123HelpMe Review

123 helpme is a pretty big company that collects samples for academic purposes. Actually, they have two options on their website: an online grader of your own paper and an academic papers example database. The grader works like Grammarly for grammar and gives some random recommendations. I tried to turn in a math assignment, and it said that it had a strong introduction, but I had to work on the conclusion. Oh, well! Did they find some error in my last two formulas or the first couple were too strong for my weak answer?
They usually claim that all of those papers were donated through the small hidden submission form at the end of their webpage. To me, it seems very unlikely that 400,000 students donated their papers to 123help good guys. Would you find that tiny sign on their website?
Where 123helpme gets samples?
Furthermore, a quick check of their papers gives me a drill that all the samples are done in some specific format like APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, etc. So the complicated features like margins, spaces, separate pages should be well saved, right? Then it is absolutely not possible with this copy-paste window they have.
123helpme paper donations?
No, never in all my life, would I believe in that. Don't forget that almost for every sample you have to pay and no one guarantees that the full essay will not be written by a non-native high schooler. 123helpme reviews are not good though.
Considering the fact that they don't have a valid email or phone number it seems to me too risky to work with them without any guarantees. 

2.Pros and Cons


  • Large sample essay database
  • Good prices. Monthly subscription
  • Online grammar check 


  • Almost all papers are prepaid
  • Hard to cancel subscription
  • No actual quality guarantees
  • No contacts

3.Online reputation

123HelpMe reputation is not good. There are a lot of complaints regarding their paper quality and payment issues. You will never see 123helpme Trustpilot or 123helpme Glassdoor accounts neither 123helpme reviews. Even Sitejabber did not create an automatic account for them. See their usual feedback at complaints board:

123helpme complaints

See another one below. They never replied to them. How come such a reputable company doesn't care about their reputation?

123helpme scam company
See more reviews at 123helpme reddit channel. I found a lot of interesting things there. For example, 
123helpme reddit


All I found were Terms of Use as 123helpme Money Back Guarantee. You can stop the subscription, but it will be very hard. Moreover, they will never return your money back.
123helpme Money Back Guarantee

5.Types of Services

There are only two types of help the 123helpme.com can provide you with. These are the online proofreader and the sample base.  
123helpme types of services
You click "Get Started" if you want to check your own paper and write something in "Search our database" if you are looking for a sample. 
See the most popular topics there:
  • Argumentative Essay
  • Persuasive Essay
  • Description Essay
  • Informative Essay
  • Personal Narrative Essay
  • Classification Essay
  • Gun Control Marijuana
  • Gay Marriage
  • Death Penalty
  • Ethics
  • Global Warming Essay
  • Abortion Essay
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Stem Cell Research
  • Nursing
  • ADHD
  • Religion
  • Philosophy of Education
  • American History
  • Terrorism
  • Hamlet
  • Frankenstein

6.Ordering Process

The process is very simple. You jot something into the search field and see tons of samples. They are sorted in some kind of color scheme. 
123helpme essay colors
  • Pale gray ones are free essays
  • The orange "good" essays are acceptable for high schools
  • The yellow "better" essays work both for colleges and high schools
  • The purple stands for solid undergraduate papers
  • The blue papers could be used for your Master degree studies and also checked by their editors
  • The turquoise are term papers that were checked by 123helpme editors
  • The green ones are the research papers, the best papers on 123helpme.com
The pale gray free essay samples are very rare, and you might never see them even with a very simple topic. You can see some lines of it on the webpage, but the only way to get the full sample is to upgrade your account to a paid one. 
123helpme prescription plans
To get started, just click on one of those options and see the payment form. 
Be attentive as there is a small checkbox for accepting their Terms of Use. As I said before, you will not be able to get your money back according to their Terms. 

7.Prices and Fees

The monthly access will cost $14.95 per month for a year prescription as everywhere. You can also get a short-term 2-day access for $2. The banking fees are not included! The alternative could be $29.95 per month payment for 3-month access. However, the online grader workes absolutely for free. 

8.Paper Quality

There are a lot of complaints about their paper quality online. Some of their papers could be okay for you, but the things can go dire straits if you find only a couple of papers on your topic. Make sure that there are more than ten samples available before you paid for them.

9.Customer Support

There are no customer experience representatives there. The whole site is administrating through one small contact window and email notifications. There are a couple of managers that work at some particular time. Get ready to wait a couple of days to get a simple answer. 

10.Offers and Extra Services

123helpme does not have any special features. 

123HelpMe FAQ

1. Is 123helpme reliable?From one point, 123helpme is reliable as you can find there some good essay samples. But many students complain a lot about their subscription which is quite tricky.
2. Is 123helpme legit?According to their Terms of Use 123helpme is a legit company. However, I do strongly advise to read their policy very, very carefully not to fall prey to their loopholes.
3. Is 123helpme plagiarism?123helpme is not plagiarism if you use samples for reference only. Turning essays from 123helpme in is plagiarism and I strongly advise against doing so otherwise you risk having huge problems with your professor and university.
4. How to get free essays from 123helpme?There is a tiny bit of free essays on 123helpe which are marked with grey color. But you do need to buy a subscription if you want full access to all papers given on their website.
5. How to cancel 123helpme?To cancel 123helpme write to them and ask to terminate your subscription. Another way is to head to your PayPal account and follow these instructions
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0.5 Bad
Posted by Moolan Joby, 2018-10-20 08:15 about 123HelpMe
123helpme.com is a scam. Impossible to cancel trial. They will gouge money from even after request for cancelling the trial.

CA, British Columbia
1 reviews, registered 20 Oct 2018



Not helpful

1.5 Poor
Posted by ib_nihaar, 2017-08-22 22:52 about 123HelpMe
You buy access to a base of plagiarized papers. What's the purpose? For this amount, you can buy a custom written paper.

US, California
1 reviews, registered 22 Aug 2017



You can sell your paper there! Useful for writers or cancelled assignments that are already written!
2017-08-22 23:03

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Chicago, Illinois United States

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