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GrabMyEssay is rated 0.5/5
by ScamFighter and is not
on our TOP essay Writing services
We recommend checking out one of our
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GrabMyEssay Review

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Executive Summary

GrabMyEssay appears to be new service that started its history in 2015. Their prices are above the average but the quality is mediocre. GrabMyEssay reviews are okay, however, it is not a rare case when they get bad feedback due to poor quality. It seems that the website does not have solid writer database so they cannot guarantee instant quality. GrabMyEssay rents virtual office but it seems that they are not from the US as there is nothing in their stipulated location. Another interesting thing about Grab My Essay is that they don't give discounts for orders that are less than $25. The support agents are slow so you have to wait for them all the time. After all, this service is okay for college assignments. 

1.Service Review

GrabMyEssay review will include a lot of pictures as this site has something to hide. At first sight, this service is easily designed and has nothing really expensive. I searched for this company and found only one person there who is also a content writer at themuse.com. One single employee at such a company might seem suspicious. All in all, I went to Google to check the place where they live and found the postal service there. At least they don't have a sign. 
GrabMyEssay company location

I also tried to ask their support agents about this, but they simply did not answer back, so I had to wait. 
GrabMyEssay support agents

Finally, it is only your decision if GrabMyEssay is a scam. Is grabmyessay legit? Apparently somehow yes. I can merely add that their prices are okay but could have been lower as they don't have such a huge brand as UKEssays. Is grab my essay reliable? That's another question and we'll gonna find it out. 

2.Pros and Cons


  • Good reputation.
  • Fair prices


  • Weak Money Back Guarantee.
  • Slow support agents
  • No instant level of writing

3.Online reputation

Grab my essay reviews are good, but sometimes they have absolutely terrible feedback for the complex orders. For example, this one:

GrabMyEssay.com review

Such huge review platforms as TrustPilot give them mediocre ratings. Please be aware that all companies buy their positive reviews today so it might be a problem to say if grabmyessay is good based on reviews found online. 

GrabMyEssay.com feedback

The last but not the least is the fact that grab my essay channel doesn't exist. Some idle academic writers add it to their profile, but none has real experience with this company. Grabmyessay reddit reviews exists only in a way of advertising. "Is grab my essay reliable" is one of the most common google search keys.


The Guarantees of this company are presented in its MoneyBack Guarantee and the Terms of Use. Actually, they do not guarantee anything new. You can get a full refund if they don't have the writer, a 70% if the writer has not been assigned, but the half of the deadline has not passed yet. Also, you can get a 50% refund in case the writer has been assigned and more than 50% of the deadline has passed. Be aware that if you cancel the order, they will plagiarize the paper so that you cannot use it. It is very important for those who got a low-quality paper and decided to get the money back. Be aware of this grabmyessay plagiarism policy.
GrabMyEssay.com Refund Policy

Another issue is that they don't guarantee on-time delivery. As per GrabMyEssay's Money Back Guarantee, you will get the price recalculation only. So if you don't need the paper and did not claim that you want to cancel it before the deadline is up, well, you will get a recalculation only. 
If you say that the paper was not following the instructions, they will check it themselves and give you up to 70% refund according to their terms. To claim that the paper was not original, you must send them Turnitin report. If you don't have one or use SafeAssign, your request will not be considered. 
For all bad quality cases with editing/proofreading/formatting, no refunds will be provided. The same policy applies for the bad grades.

GrabMyEssay scam guarantees

So, they don't guarantee you something except the paper within some time, and if they are late, they don't guarantee the on-time delivery either.

5.Types of Services

GrabMyEssay doesn't offer many services. So there are only a few types of work that are written in their footer. Much more are on the order form!
  • Custom Writing Service
  • Custom Essay
  • Buy Essays Online
  • College Paper
  • Write My Essay
  • Research Papers
  • Dissertation Writing

6.Ordering Process

To get an order with GrabMyEssays, you go to their order form and fill the initial details. You will be asked for the type of the paper, some assignment details, number of pages, etc. For some reason, they charge +10% more for British writers. Are they smarter? 

GrabMyEssay.com order form
Then you go to the second step and choose the extra features. You can skip so that your price does not go sky-high. 
The last step before the payment will be the contact information. 

GrabMyEssay.com contact information

Draw your attention to the Night Calls Allowed check box. They do like to overuse it. Click that only if you are not going to sleep all night long. 
Then you can proceed with the payment, and once it's done, you will see the order page. 
Please note that there will not be direct communication with the writer, so it will be going back and forth with support agents. 

7. Prices and Fees

The prices at GrabMyEssays are fair. Some services have better prices, but perhaps this one has better value. Who knows?
See the screenshot from their site.

GrabMyEssay prices

More about those prices you can see on their official Price Page

8.Paper Quality

GrabMyEssay quality is okay. Usually, their customers are okay with their papers. They can revise the papers many times till you are satisfied. However, a lot of users fix their papers themselves and use GrabMyEssay as a kick-starter for paper ideas or writing tips. If you feel fine about fixing some small errors and mistakes, the site can be extremely useful for you. Is grab my essay safe for your assignments? We think so but I advise to look for better companies.

9.Customer Support

Although they are available 24/7, it is a rare case when you can reach them. Overall, the support agents are slow enough to leave the chat without the answers you had. I would give them only 2 points of 5. 

10.Offers and Extra Services

All their extra features are in step 2 in their order form.
GrabMyEssay.com extra features

  • Writers' categories are the most expensive, but they are almost the same. Some best available writers are better than the TOPs. That's strange, so you can skip playing with dice and leave the best available one. 
  • The originality report for $29.99 is quite expensive. They do guarantee originality of your papers though so you can skip it if you use Turnitin. 
  • Proofreading by an editor ridiculous. How come that a professional writer cannot proofread their own paper.
  • One page summary is okay with me. This can be useful for dissertations or term papers.
  • An urgent writer assign needs for the assignments where you want to get in touch with the writer prior to getting started. For example, when you need to discuss the topic first. 
  • Draft delivery will get you a part of the job when the writer is on the halfway to complete the paper.
  • The customer service upgrade doesn't change anything. Basically, you pay for nothing. 
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Ridiculous NEVER

0.5 Bad
Posted by flex.doni, 2019-03-26 13:19 about GrabMyEssay
Ridiculous NEVER, its a scam!

1 reviews, registered 26 Mar 2019




0.5 Bad
Posted by s.a4850, 2019-03-01 20:44 about GrabMyEssay
Very bad experience using "Grabmyessay" My essay was copied from another one and was just reworded, which i could have done myself for free. Also, the essay contained many errors, some sentences did not make any sense. They have a "money back guarantee", which is a lie. I was going back and forth wi ...more

US, Alabama
1 reviews, registered 01 Mar 2019




0.5 Bad
Posted by lapacheco84, 2018-12-14 12:07 about GrabMyEssay
PLAGIARISM! THE ENTIRE PAPER IS PLAGIARIZED! I sent an article to be used and it was not used at all. Just as bad as the paper iteself.Horrible. I thought I was helping myself because I did not have time to write this paper since I am a full time student, employed full time and a Mom.

1 reviews, registered 14 Dec 2018



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