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GradeMiners is rated 3.25/5
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TOP essay services
GradeMiners is rated 3.25/5
by ScamFighter and is not
on our TOP essay Writing services
We recommend checking out one of our
best rated services

GradeMiners Review

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Executive Summary

My experience with GradeMiners.com was not a pleasant one. Thus, this is my grade miners review for you, my readers. They seem to be located in India, so GradeMiners quality is good only for non-native speakers of English. Support agents are rude and constantly forwarding clients to each other. A Refund Policy does not exist for them, and there is only a paragraph in their Terms of Use that the Quality Assurance Department usually decides whether you deserve the refund or not. The only thing that appears reliable is on-time delivery and plagiarism free paper guarantee. Long story short, I would not recommend this site.

1.Service Review

Grade Miners is not very popular service. They have a lot of bad reviews online, and if you talk to their support agents, you may find them rude. A simple paper can be a big issue for them, and you will not be able to prove that there is something wrong with it. Refunds can be offered randomly. For a bad grade, they will offer you nothing, but a threat to turn you into your school for using them. The most unpleasant thing about this service is their verification process. They can put your order on hold till you send them the details of your card or PayPal without notification. If you miss it, the paper will not be sent on time. In my opinion, this company is not the right one to use. Finally, is Grademiners safe? Yes, they are but the quality might not be that good as you wanted. 

2.Pros and Cons


  • On-time delivery guarantee.


  • No Money-Back Guarantee or Refund Policy. You may be refused to be given a refund without reason.
  • Rude support agents. They become passive aggressive when it comes to their policies or issues with the quality.
  • They are located in India. They will not tell you this, but you can call them to hear that.
  • Random verifications without notification.
  • Grademiners reviews are awful.

3.Online reputation

GradeMiners.com doesn’t care about their reputation. That is why you can often see GradeMiners is a scam in Google search. Independent review platforms are full of 1-star ratings from the actual customers. The rest are 5-star ones that are suspicious to me. Seem like they are trying to minimize the damage of bad feedback, but they don’t have enough capabilities for it. Grademiners reddit channel is full of advertising. For now, they are scammers all over the Internet; Grademiners reviews are terrible.


GradeMiners Refund Policy does not exist. You may find some lines in their Terms & Conditions, but their Quality Assurance Department decides how much you deserve anyway.

GradeMiners Money-Back Guarantee

Nevertheless, you can easily get a full refund if the paper is not delivered to you on time. If they plagiarize the paper, you have to prove it with a report only. Their writers can copy papers posted online so be careful. This is what my friend sent to me when I was writing this review.

GradeMiners Plagiarism scammers

All these things make me think that Grade Miners is not a reliable service. Still, is grademiners legit? I guess so as they at least don't hide if something goes wrong. 

5.Types of Services

GradeMiners usually can write these kinds of papers:
  • Admission Essay
  • Argumentative Essay
  • Article Writing Services
  • College Application Essay
  • Writing a Book Report
  • Admission Essay
  • Argumentative Essay
  • Article Writing Services
  • College Application Essay
  • Writing a Book Report
  • Writing a Book Review
  • Writing an Annotated Bibliography
  • Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation
  • Essay Proofreading
  • Math Problems
  • Paraphrasing Service
  • Personal Statement Help
  • Writing a Movie Review
  • Essay Presentation
  • PowerPoint Presentation Notes
  • Essay Format
  • Dissertation Conclusion
  • Dissertation Chapter Hypothesis
  • Dissertation Chapter Discussion
  • Dissertation Methodology
  • Thesis Paper
  • Statistic Project
  • Speech Writing
  • Scholarship Essay
  • Research Proposal
  • Literature Dissertation
  • Dissertation Results
  • Dissertation Introduction
  • Dissertation Abstract

6.Ordering Process

The GradeMiner’s order form starts at https://grademiners.com/order where you can place your assignment to be done by their writers. You don’t need to sign up, so simply fill the form, and it’s ready.

GradeMiners order form

Be careful with all details as it doesn’t seem to be friendly. Most of the options with checkboxes will cost you more. These are the Initial draft, I want Professional Quality Check for my order, Make my order high priority!, Add 1-page summary to my paper, Assign a TOP writer in this subject to do my work, NEW! Add Plagiarism Report, VIP Support, and Updates via SMS. Once you're done, you will see the following window.

GradeMiners preview of the order

The PayPal payment is direct so that you can proceed with the payment in another window. As for the credit cards, it will redirect you to Gate2Shop payment provider service.
Note that once you place an order, it may be put on hold until further clarifications if they don’t find enough details in the assignment.It can be found even in a couple of days, so you have to check your account from time to time.

7.Prices and Fees

The best price at GradeMiners is $11.30 for 1-page essay within 20 days, high school level. The actual price is shown on the order form, but you should know that if you pay with credit card, their payment provider Gate2Shop may take some fees for transactions.

8.Paper Quality

GradeMiners paper quality fairly isn’t good. Almost all of their writers are Hindu so you cannot expect them to write in fluent English. Moreover, everyone knows Indian rebel spirit so to prove you’re right will be not an easy thing. Truth be told, this kind of quality can be accepted only at High School level, and we do not recommend you to use them for your college or university papers. 

9.Customer Support

Support agents are very straight and rude at this service. You cannot expect any courtesies from them even if you are a loyal customer. If you need to solve some issue, you may be forwarded through 5-7 support instances till some manager takes the case. Usually, they say that they are somewhere in New York and you cannot say else if you haven’t been there. The phone call from them is usually proved an ordeal for support agent and customer alike

10.Offers and Extra Services

This company has many useful options for their orders. The list of them may be found below:
  • Initial draft means that you will get an outline or a draft before the final paper GradeMiners Initial draft
  • I want Professional Quality Check for my order, means that GradeMiners Quality Assurance team will go over the paper before delivery. Please note that the same team has the authority to provide refunds. GradeMiners Quality Check
  • Make my order high priority! Your order will be assigned ASAP. GradeMiners High Priority
  • Add 1-page summary to my paper. They can send you an outline of the paper before getting to start. GradeMiners 1-page summary
  • Assign a TOP writer in this subject to do my work. This option will probably give you a better writer for your assignment. GradeMiners TOP writer
  • Add Plagiarism Report. They can send you an official originality report where you can see the plagiarism rate. Please note that it will not be Turnitin or SafeAssign because they do not work with writing services. GradeMiners Plagiarism Report
  • VIP Support. If you choose this option, their support agents will react a bit faster than usual. GradeMiners Plagiarism Report
  • Updates via SMS. An essential feature for this service. You will be informed about all issues or problems they may face with your assignment.GradeMiners SMS updates
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Didn't waste my money for sure. Very well structured and formatted work. The content was to the point too.

5 Excellent
Posted by xingbam, 2017-12-12 14:32 about GradeMiners
This service is not a scam for sure! Very trustworthy as for the deadlines they met three times I ordered with them and quality of papers. Now I can trust them bigger orders.

GB, England
1 reviews, registered 12 Dec 2017



Thank you

5 Excellent
Posted by reaymond.delay, 2017-11-12 20:31 about GradeMiners
I was extremely satisfied with these guys. Honestly, reading these reviews, I don't think they are genuine. I had more than 12 orders with them. Still am not caught by the teacher. After the 3rd order, i had a 15% discount code. So after the 10th one, I came in their LiveChat and asked for a bgger o ...more

AU, Western Australia
1 reviews, registered 12 Nov 2017




5 Excellent
Posted by Hazzy.match, 2017-10-26 21:55 about GradeMiners
Everything was done on time and without any corrections. Good service for use!

US, New Jersey
1 reviews, registered 26 Oct 2017



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