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I had an unsatisfactory experience with GradeMiners.com, prompting me to share this grademiners review with my readers. It appears that the service operates from India, making it potentially suitable for those who aren't native English speakers.

However, I found their customer support uncooperative and dismissive, often passing clients back and forth. Their approach to refunds is virtually non-existent, only briefly mentioned in their terms, with the Quality Assurance Department having the final say. The only redeeming features seem to be their adherence to deadlines and guaranteeing plagiarism-free work. In summary, I cannot recommend using this website. So, let’s check the grade miners review!

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Info Service Assessment by ScamFighter

Grade Miners positions itself as an essay writing service with over a dozen years in the industry. However, their ability to maintain such longevity while seemingly lacking practical client communication skills is puzzling. The adage 'the customer is always right' appears to be an unfamiliar concept to them. It became clear after encountering numerous negative Grade Miners reviews and experiencing firsthand their support team's approach. Their customer service often comes across as unaccommodating and sometimes even impolite.

The tone of their responses was unexpectedly dismissive as if the discussion was about a casual food order rather than professional services. Although I didn't personally inquire about a refund, I came across a grademiners.com review mentioning the difficulty securing one, even when the work provided was subpar. Instead of accommodating dissatisfied clients, they reportedly respond with threats of reporting the client to their educational institution.

Another concerning aspect is their verification process for orders, involving a hold on the order until payment details are confirmed, often without prior notification, leading to delays. While Grade Miners is a legitimate service, the quality and customer experience might need to meet expectations.

Info My Personal Experience with GradeMiners.com

I approached GradeMiners.com with high hopes, given their long-standing presence in the industry. However, my experience was far from satisfactory. The customer service was a major letdown; dealing with their support team felt more like a game of hot potato, with no one willing to take responsibility or offer genuine assistance. The most frustrating part was the lack of a clear refund policy, which is buried in their terms and conditions and seems to be at the sole discretion of their Quality Assurance Department.

Info Pros and Cons of the GradeMiners Service


  • On-time delivery guarantee


  • No money-back guarantee or refund policy
  • Rude and unfriendly support agents
  • Local writers are not native speakers
  • Random verification procedure without notification
  • Fake GradeMiners reviews

Info Scope of Services

GradeMiners offers such types of services:

  • Academic Writing
    • Annotated Bibliography
    • Dissertations
    • Research papers
    • Book reports
    • Coursework
    • Theses
    • Case Studies
    • Essays
    • Cover letter
    • Critical analysis
    • Homework
    • Literature review
    • Etc.
  • Editing/Proofreading
    • All paper types
  • Problem-solving
    • Math problems
  • Other Services
    • Paraphrasing Service
    • Personal Statement Help
    • Essay Presentation
    • Speech Writing
    • Multiple-choice questions

Info Grade Miners Evaluation: Work Quality and Experience

Embarking on my Grade Miners adventure, I was buoyed by a plethora of positive feedback. However, the result was a disappointment. The college admission essay I requested fell short of the required quality. The problems were more than trivial errors like typos; more concerning issues such as misplaced commas and unnatural phrasing indicated that the writers might have needed to be proficient in English.

For a fair assessment, I ordered an introductory college admission essay detailing my research interests and desire to attend a particular college. I provided concise instructions, thinking it would simplify the writer's task. Regrettably, my directions were ignored. Not only did the essay omit crucial details I had highlighted, but it also contained elementary mistakes in grammar and punctuation.

This ordeal was a stark reminder to be cautious when engaging with Grade Miners. Claims of easy revisions or refunds, often cited in reviews on Grademiners.com, turned out to be overstated.

The process to secure a refund or correction was cumbersome and challenging. This ordeal has led me to question the reliability of Grade Miners, particularly for vital academic purposes like college or university admissions.

Info Cost Cost Structure

GradeMiners.com prices start at $11.30 for 1-page essay within 20 days, high school level. The actual price is shown on the order form, but you should know that if you pay with a credit card, their payment provider Gate2Shop may take some fees for transactions.

Service Price / Unit
Writing from scratch from $15 to $26.31 per page (275 words)
Editing/Proofreading from $7.28 to $12.84 per page
Problem-solving from $21.79 to $38.45 per problem
Paraphrasing/Rewriting from $11.01 to $19.42 per page
Multiple-choice questions from $1.40 to $1.9 per question (with at least one answer)
Questions and answers from $1.52 to $2.1 per answer (up to 55 words)


The discount for new customers on their first order at GradeMiners writing service is a grademiners discount of 30%. The company is known for offering a range of writing, research, and editing services, but it does not have a loyalty program and additional grademiners coupons for returning clients.

Info Grademiners: Checkout Experience

The GradeMiner’s order form starts at https://grademiners.com/order where you can place your assignment to be done by their writers. You don’t need to sign up, so simply fill the form, and it’s ready. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Fill Out Details
    • Pick the type of work, your subject, and your academic level.
    • Specify the number of pages, spacing, and urgency.
  2. Specify Some Extra Details
    • Write your requirements or attach a file with instructions.
  3. Pay For Your Paper
    • Pay for your assignment

Navigating the purchase process on Grademiners requires attention to detail, as the platform isn't user-friendly. Be aware that many options, especially those marked with checkboxes, could incur additional charges. The payment process is straightforward for PayPal users and takes place in a separate window. Credit card users, however, are redirected to Gate2Shop for payment processing.

It's important to note that your order might be placed on hold if the team requires more information or finds the assignment details insufficient. This hold can last a few days, necessitating regular checks on your account for updates.

Info Assessing GradeMiners.com's Online Reputation

The online reputation of the GradeMiner platform is quite mixed, with a significant tilt towards the negative. After scouring various platforms, including independent review sites and forums like Reddit, I found a common Grademiners review Reddit thread among users. Many customers echo concerns about the writing quality and customer service, similar to my experience. The abundance of 1-star grademiners reviews and negative feedback, especially regarding refunds and the quality of writing, is alarming.

The presence of numerous 5-star grademiners.com reviews seems dubious and potentially misleading. These appear as an effort to offset negative feedback, yet lack convincing authenticity. The Grademiners Reddit channel is more promotional than informative, aligning with widespread critical online opinions about their services.

Moreover, a promotional video on their site, initially mistaken for honest blogger reviews, was just another advertisement, lacking genuine customer input. It only amplifies doubts about their credibility.

GradeMiners.com doesn’t care about their reputation. That is why you can often see that GradeMiners is a scam in Google search. Independent essay writing services reviews are full of 1-star ratings from the actual customers.

Info Credibility Evaluation: User's Perspective on GradeMiners.com

So, is GradeMiners legit? Based on the provided, GradeMiners.com seems to have several reliability and trustworthiness issues, particularly regarding customer support, refund policy, plagiarism concerns, the quality of work delivered, and grademiners login. Users should carefully consider these factors before choosing to use the service for their academic needs, as the downsides highlighted in the text may outweigh the positives. Exploring more reliable alternatives is advisable to ensure a satisfactory experience.

Info Guarantees

GradeMiners' refund policy, as delineated in their Terms & Conditions, entrusts the determination of refund amounts to their Quality Assurance Department. Clients are entitled to a full refund should there be a delay in paper delivery. Instances of plagiarism, however, require substantiation through a formal report. Despite these provisions, GradeMiners demonstrates a degree of transparency in addressing service discrepancies.

Info My Verdict on GradeMiners.com

Based on my personal experience and the extensive research I conducted, I cannot recommend GradeMiners.com. While they may be suitable for non-native English speakers, the lack of effective customer support, questionable refund policy, and inconsistent writing quality make it a risky choice. The service does deliver on time and ensures plagiarism-free work, but these positives are overshadowed by the numerous downsides. It's better to look for more reliable alternatives in the market.

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