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PayForEssay is rated 2.5 by ScamFighter and is not on our TOP Writing Services

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Overall Rating - 2.5 The Lowest Price - $ 8.24 Minimum Deadline - 1.0 Hours

In this review, I am going to analyze an essay writing company which is not new in this business. They claim to have only ENL writers and offer suspiciously low payment for such type of service. Their reputation on the web is controversial and ranges from “excellent service” to “incredibly unprofessional.” There is plenty of reviews, and they all contain different opinions which may confuse a reader who has never used this website before. Hence, if you want to know an opinion based on facts but not suggestions, read this review and discover what PayForEssay can offer you.

Info Service Review

According to information that PayForEssay has placed on its About Us page, the company has been active for 12 years. In the beginning, they provided only dissertation writing help but later started extending their range of services and hiring writers for doing essays, research papers, and other types of works.

Their team numbers around 3,000 writers. And the company states they have PhD experts for dissertations and writers with a Master’s degree for other tasks. If it is true, your high school essay will be written by a pro. PayForEssay also assures that all their writers are native English speakers.

I looked through the samples that I found on PayForEssay, and they were of good quality. However, when I paid my attention to a list of references, I was disappointed. About 95% of the sources that they used in samples were outdated.

When you write an academic paper, you cannot use references which are older than five years. Hence, if it is 2018, the oldest source in your list of references has to be of 2013. Otherwise, the citations will not be viewed as credible by your professor. If you submit a paper with such a list of references, be sure you will never get an A even if the work is brilliant.

Take into account that samples the companies provide are usually better than the papers they write. So, if they make such mistakes in the samples, the company is not as perfect as it seemed to be in the beginning.

Info Pros and Cons


  • Good prices
  • Claim to hire only ENL writers
  • 15% first order discount


  • Outdated samples
  • Controversial online reputation
  • Annoying extra features

InfoOnline reputation

The company’s online reputation is doubtful. On the one hand, I found many good words about it, on the other hand, some customers are really mad about the quality of papers they got. Just compare positive reviews like these and some negative reviews that I found on another website. There is one thing that unites all negative comments.

People complain about the quality of the paper they received as if it was written by somebody who doesn’t know English well. Since all negative reviews have the same central problem, I have doubts about this company. And now I want to find an answer to a question which bothers all those interested in this writing company, ”Is safe?” Well, let's check what else they offer.

Info Guarantees

Is legit? To get an answer to this question, let’s see what guarantees PayForEssay provides to its customers. They promise that a paper will be completed only by a native English speaker. They also offer free revisions within 14 days after you receive the paper.

Unlike other writing companies, PayForEssay doesn’t guarantee 100% unique assignment. The service allows for a customer order to contain up to 5% of the unoriginal text. They state that it is an acceptable margin, but it may not be so for all professors and assignments that you may have.

The company also does not have a 100% guarantee of on-time delivery. They directly say that sometimes the deadline can be missed. Even though it happens only in 3% of cases, I believe nobody wants to be among those unlucky students who will get their papers late because of… I don’t know, probably a very important issue.

Info Types of Services

PayForEssay provides a very standard type of service. I didn’t find any specific offers that you cannot find at other essay writing services. I would even say that here you can find the same type of works that are offered by every writing company.

Info Ordering Process

I was not satisfied with the ordering process. You know, I have seen a lot of various order forms. Some of them were simple and comprehensive, others were too complicated and had too many obligatory fields. The PayForEssay order form looks very cheap and embarrassing.

In addition, some of the features such as a TOP writer and the updates via SMS are already chosen, though I didn’t ask for them. In general, these two options increase the cost of your paper by 30-40%. As for me, I don’t like when somebody makes any changes in the order form without my consent. Is it an attempt to get more money from unattentive customers who will not notice that these options were selected? If it is, then PayForEssay has a very doubtful customer-oriented strategy.

Info Prices and Fees

What prices does PayForEssay offer to its customers? I would say the cost of their papers is affordable. Not the lowest that you can find on the Internet, but not too high as some companies require for such service. The price for a 1-page essay with a 14-day deadline will be $13.18.

If this price is still too high for you, the company has a 15% first order discount. That’s a huge payoff, especially if you take into account that they do not overcharge the customers with extremely high prices.

Info Paper Quality

I can say with no doubts that the paper I received was not written by an ENL writer. The level of English was good, but not perfect. Especially, if you take into account the company’s statement that PayForEssay initially worked only on dissertations. My order contained some minor errors, but I didn’t request a revision. For me, it was enough to understand that the company doesn’t hire only native English-speaking writers as they claim.

Info Customer Support

I didn’t like my communication with a customer support agent. I asked her about a refund policy, and she provided me information about the number of revisions. I tried to figure out in what cases I can get a full refund but didn’t get a clear explanation or a direct answer. The agent always answered me that all issues about a refund are evaluated by their QAD.

Finally, I gave up because I was wasting my time and not receiving the information which interested me the most. Besides, the customer support was not very fast as I am used to after other writing service websites. My verdict is that PayForEssay has to take some measures and make customer support team more helpful.

Info Offers and Extra Services

I want to sum up this PayForEssay review with a list of extra offers that a company has. You can request a top writer who will cost you an additional 30% of your order price. A plagiarism report is $14.99. For a 1-page summary, you will pay an extra $24.99.

There is also such feature as a high-priority order for $9.99. They promise that with this option your order will be the first taken by a writer. However, as for me, it is just a waste of money. Writers take those orders which they can do well. If your order seems simple to a writer, he or she will take it first anyway.  

There is one more feature which knocked me off kilter. The company offers extra QAD check. I have never understood why I should pay additionally to get somebody to proofread my paper. I am paying your service to get a well-written paper, and I have to pay again to make sure that you have done everything well? What?? The last word in this story is the price. This feature costs about 90% of the price that you pay for your order. Seriously, I have no idea why anyone should have to spend so much for proofreading.


Is PayForEssay legit? They give an impression of a legit writing service, but they don't promise much. There are no guarantees of timely delivery and paper uniqueness, so ordering is quite risque for students.
Is PayForEssay scam? No, this company is real and provides academic help to students. However, those promises of ENL writers are a complete lie, as I paid for this type of writer and got a paper with mistakes.
Is PayForEssay reliable? PayForEssay may be good for you if your professor isn't demanding because I found some errors in my paper. Also, don't forget that there is no timely delivery guarantee, so ordering urgent papers is risque.
Is PayForEssay safe? I cannot call a company safe that doesn't guarantee timely delivery and paper uniqueness! The endless number of free revisions is good, but it doesn't make any sense if the deadline is missed.
Is PayForEssay trustworthy?'s online reputation is doubtful. All reviews are divided into two categories, such as 5 stars and one-star feedback. But the main complaint is bad English! I wouldn't call this company trustworthy.
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