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Delving into my experience with PayForEssay.net, this piece thoroughly examines an essay writing service that's been around for a while. They boast a team of exclusively native English-speaking (ENL) writers and offer meager rates for this type of service. The online reputation of PayForEssay.net is a mixed bag, ranging from high praise to severe criticism. With numerous payforessay reviews floating around, it's hard to gauge the authenticity of this service for someone new to it. This payforessay.net review aims to shed light based on factual analysis rather than mere speculation.

Info PayForEssay.net Overview

PayForEssay has been active for over a decade, according to their "About Us" page. Initially focused on dissertation assistance, they've since broadened their scope to include essays, research papers, and other academic writing tasks. They claim a roster of about 3,000 writers, including PhD experts for dissertations and Master's degree holders for different tasks. It implies that a professional should handle even a simple high school essay. They further ensure that their writers are all native English speakers.

While exploring payforessay.net, the samples I reviewed were of decent quality. However, I was let down when I scrutinized their references – about 95% were outdated, a significant issue in academic writing. Current standards dictate that references should be no older than five years. The use of obsolete sources raises questions about their academic rigor.

Info My Personal Experience with PayForEssay.net

Engaging with Pay For Essay was, from a navigational standpoint, straightforward and user-friendly. Their website was well organized, and selecting the needed service was a breeze. The ordering process, which included filling out the form, choosing additional services, and completing the payment, was seamless. However, the quality of the paper I received didn't live up to their claim of employing only ENL writers. The language quality was mediocre, falling short of the high standards expected from native speakers, considering their promises and pricing structure.

Info Pros and Cons


  • Good prices
  • Claim to hire only ENL writers
  • 15% first order discount


  • Outdated samples
  • Controversial online reputation
  • Annoying extra features

Info Types of Services

PayForEssay provides a very standard type of service. I did not find any specific offers that you cannot find at other essay writing services. I would even say that here you can find the same type of works that are offered by every writing company.

Info Assessing the Quality of Work

I have to assert, without a doubt, that the paper I received did not seem to be the work of an ENL writer. The English was good but not exemplary, especially considering PayForEssay's origins in dissertation writing. There were minor errors in my order, and though I did not opt for a revision, it was clear that their claim of exclusively hiring native English-speaking writers might not be entirely accurate.

Info Prices and Fees

What prices does PayForEssay offer to its customers? I would say the cost of their papers is affordable. Not the lowest that you can find on the Internet, but not too high as some companies require for such service. The price for a 1-page high school essay with a 20-day deadline will be $11.15.

If this price is still too high for you, the company has a 15% first order discount. That’s a huge payoff, especially if you take into account that they do not overcharge the customers with extremely high prices.


Additionally, for those interested in discounts, a 15% payforessay promo code or promo code for payforessay first order could offer savings. However, always question, "Is payforessay reliable?" before proceeding.

Info Ordering Process

Surely experienced students would have coped with this procedure without the analysis of Payforessay.net reviews. But I want newbies to know where to start. The process of ordering papers on Payforessay.net is quite straightforward. Here are the steps to place an order:

  1. Visit their website and click on the "Order Now" button.
  2. Fill in the order form with the necessary details, such as the type of paper, academic level, deadline, and any specific instructions.
  3. Choose any additional services or features you may need.
  4. Provide your contact information and proceed to the payment page.

Once you complete these steps, your order will be placed. However, considering the issues mentioned earlier with the quality of their work, it's worth being cautious before entrusting your academic success to Payforessay.net.

Info Exploring Online Reputation

When I first stumbled upon payforessay.net reviews, I had high expectations. However, delving into online pay for essay reviews unveiled various opinions. A common thread in these reviews was writers' failure to follow instructions, leading to glaring errors. Complaints about formatting issues, typos, and plagiarism were common in every payforessay net review.

Info Reliability Check: Is PayForEssay.net Dependable?

In terms of reliability, PayForEssay net presents a paradox. Despite their long presence in the market, the inconsistent quality of their work raises red flags about their credibility. The outdated references in their samples are a particular concern, pointing to disregarding current academic standards. The mixed nature of online payforessay review commentaries further complicates the trustworthiness of this service, especially for crucial educational projects.

Info Guarantees

Is PayForEssay legit? They claim to provide customer safeguards like refunds and revisions. However, a detailed scrutiny of their terms and conditions reveals numerous vague clauses, raising concerns about potential loopholes. These ambiguities could lead to misinterpretation and possibly put customers at a disadvantage, leaving them feeling deceived by unfulfilled guarantees or unsatisfactory service.

Info Final Thoughts: A Comprehensive Look at PayForEssay.net

To sum up, PayForEssay is a service with both strengths and weaknesses. While they offer competitive prices and a user-friendly process, the actual quality of their writing and the veracity of their claims about employing ENL writers are debatable. Based on the mixed online reviews and my personal experience, I advise caution when considering this service. It might suffice for less critical assignments, but other more dependable options might be worth exploring for important academic writing.

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