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ProjectDeals is rated 2.5/5
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ProjectDeals is rated 2.5/5
by ScamFighter and is not
on our TOP essay Writing services
We recommend checking out one of our
best rated services

ProjectDeals Review

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Executive Summary

Several academic writing services are oriented for international students in Great Britain. Projectsdeal is among them, and they claim to be the most used writing website in the UK. We have tested this particular service to estimate the “outstanding” quality of their writers. We came to the conclusion that papers not worth the price they offer.

1.Service Review 


Projectsdeal is an academic writing service based in the UK and established in 2001. The company itself is registered in London, United Kingdom. They claim to be the most trusted, the most popular and simply the best UK writing service with a team of professional writers ready to do your assignments for you.

By the end of 2017, they state that the company delivered over 1 million papers. Is Projectsdeal scam? Its not, the quality of their writers is not as good as they advertise though.

2.Pros and Cons 


  • informative website.


  • average quality of writing;
  • not trustworthy reviews;
  • high prices;
  • support is not accessible 24/7.

3.Online reputation 

Is Projectsdeal reliable? Projectsdeal rating is 5 out of 5 based on yelp rating, however, when you click on the link, all you get is 404 Not Found. Projectsdeal reviews on Trustpilot platform are all positive.

 However, it seems that fake users left them. Feedback on Sitejabber is almost the same except one Projectsdeal review from a dissatisfied customer. There are some Projectsdeal Reddit mentions, but there are no actual opinions on the service, just some Projectsdeal UK reviews links that lead nowhere.

projectdeals review


Is Projectsdeal legit? Lets take a look at their terms and conditions. Regarding the cancellation policy, you can get a 90% refund if you decide to cancel the order within 24 hours after it was placed.

They dont give a 100% refund to cover the expenses of the payment company. Within 2-3 days after the order was accepted, you will get a 50% refund only. No refunds are available after three days from the date the order was placed.

Projectsdeal provides free revisions within seven days from the day of the delivery of the paper. Projectsdeal plagiarism-free paper is a guarantee, and they promise the similarity level under 7%. Is Projectsdeal safe to use? They do guarantee that all your data is secured and not transferred to third parties.

5.Types of Services 

Projectsdeal offers help with different kind of scholar assignments, for example, writing essays, coursework, dissertations, Ph.D. proposals, theses, and other types of assignments. You can also order assignments that require STATA, SPSS, Enviews, Nvivo, and other tools. Service also provides proofreading and editing help for your papers.

6.Ordering Process

The order form is available on the home page of Projectsdeal website, and it starts with selecting your academic level from Masters, Undergraduate, or Ph.D. After that, you should choose your subject, the type of the assignment, and the number of pages. You can also choose the tool to be used to complete your assignment: SPSS, STATA, Enview, Nvivo, Xls analysis, or Medical tool.

The last options of the first step are your contact information and the deadline. On the second stage of placing the order, you can choose whether you need to pay with installments or no. You can also select the preferable grade to receive, the referencing style and upload more instructions or files if you have any.


7. Prices and Fees 

Projectsdeal prices can be calculated within the price calculator form. You should put your assignment details. The basic price you can get for an essay will be £155. It applies for undergraduate level papers with bigger deadlines.

The maximum cost for two pages will be for a Ph.D. level and short periods of 24 and fewer hours, and it is £402. Projectsdeal discount code is not available. However, a first-order discount will be applied automatically if you are a new customer.

8.Paper Quality 

Despite the high price and “qualified” writers, the paper we have received was of average quality with a few mistakes. Some sentences sounded odd, and the grammar was not perfect. After several revisions, all the issues were gone; however, this is not what you expect from the paper that cost almost $200. 

9.Customer Support 

Projectsdeal’s customer support can be reached in Whatsapp, over the phone, or via email. It’s not specified if they are available 24/7 or not. Working hours of the support office are not determined as well. We had to wait from 15 minutes to an hour to get any reply from the Projectsdeal team. 

10.Offers and Extra Services 

Projectsdeal has no additional features or bundles to offer their customers. The only option you can choose is the desirable grade to receive. However, I would call that an extra feature. Theis prices are already high enough, and increasing the cost by adding more options to the order would be an excess.

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Totally rejected

0.5 Bad
Posted by stefano.maggioli, 2020-04-07 15:40 about ProjectDeals
Totally rejected by the professor!

1 reviews, registered 31 Mar 2020



I was given a paper of low quality

3.5 Good
Posted by adrianaldente, 2020-01-10 17:50 about ProjectDeals
I was given a paper of low quality. Putting the actual content aside, which in itself is dubious, the paper was riddled with grammatical issues. The reason I use this service is to save myself time I could otherwise be using somewhere else. Now, I must edit the paper myself which is counterintuitive ...more

3 reviews, registered 18 Oct 2019



Lots of grammatical errors.

3 Good
Posted by melscott62, 2019-11-05 17:31 about ProjectDeals
Lots of grammatical errors. They were helpful, but not able to fix errors.Disappointing.

1 reviews, registered 05 Nov 2019



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