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Best Personal Statement Writing Services 2021

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by John Milovich
  1. 1. SpeedyPaper Review

    Rating 4.9/5
    star star star star star

    Main highlights

    • Deadline: 6 hours
    • Price: $9
    • Free revisions
    • Money back guarantee
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  2. 2. Essaypro Review

    Rating 4.7/5
    star star star star star

    Main highlights

    • Deadline: 6 hours
    • Price: $9
    • Free revisions
    • Money back guarantee
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  3. 3. Writepaperforme Review

    Rating 4.6/5
    star star star star star

    Main highlights

    • Deadline: 6 hours
    • Price: $6.99
    • Free revisions
    • Money back guarantee
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  4. 4. JustDoMyEssay Review

    Rating 4.2/5
    star star star star star

    Main highlights

    • Deadline: 3 hours
    • Price: $17.55
    • Free revisions
    • Money back guarantee
    Visa Master PayPal Amex
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Personal statement or statement of purpose is the core of your university, scholarship, or fellowship application. It lets the admission board get a clear understanding of your personality, strengths, and achievements that they can’t glean from your CV and school records alone. It is what sets you apart from other applicants, the same way admission essay or cover letter do.

There are different types of personal statements. Some programs rely on generic prompts and ask you to improvise and write about whatever you like. Others publish a list of questions your personal statement should answer. The most exacting schools want you to submit several pieces, each devoted to a specific problem or topic.

If you notice that some prompts look similar, it’s because they are. However, there will be small, subtle differences in their wording and specifics, so you should not use the same application for them. Think of a personal statement as a sales pitch. While your offer is the same, you would not use the same words and phrases to promote it to different customers. They same holds true for your applications.

The personal statement is at once your portrait and an invitation. It lets the admission board into your world, thoughts, feelings, desires, and fears. If they find it exciting enough, your dream will come true. Otherwise, you can try again next year and hope for better results.

What Are Personal Statement Writing Services?

Writing a personal statement for college is a time-consuming and mind-boggling task. How can you squeeze your whole life’s story Into a single piece? There is too much to tell and too little drama to make it interesting. As a result, most personal statements are dull, generic, and ineffective. They don’t get the results you expect despite your best efforts.

What do you do when you need help? You ask for it! 

You can turn to your older friends or siblings, school tutors, or teachers, but none of them will write your personal statement for you. They can provide personal experience and share anecdotes, but you can never know whether their tips will apply to your case.

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, you can now buy personal statement online, and no one will ever know about your little shortcut. In essence, a professional personal statement writer service is a team of freelancers with years of academic writing experience. They can complete any school project with their eyes closed and their hands tied behind their backs. 

While you would agonize over your personal statement for days and weeks, it will take them but a few short hours (several days at most) to complete your work. So you provide information and list your requirements, pay upfront, and wait for the writer to finish your personal statement. The whole process takes half an hour at most and saves you from sleepless nights and anxiety attacks over your unfinished writing that is due very soon.

Is It a Good Idea to Pay Someone to Write Personal Statement?

Yes, it is.

When you can’t eat or sleep, when you are always on edge, when nothing can hold your attention for long, the most natural thing in the world is to say “write my personal statement for me.”

There are multiple benefits to using personal statement services. Just think about it:

  • You get a second pair of eyes on your draft and a fresh take on your life’s story. Two heads are always better than one, and a new perspective can breathe life into your personal statement, where it was stale and boring before.
  • You get a chance to kick back and relax. Sometimes it takes ripping your attention from the problem to find the best solution. Professional help frees up your time and energy and lets you focus on other things while your subconscious mind works on the issue and comes up with the perfect answer.
  • You learn from the best. Even if you don’t use the full version of the personal statement you buy, the sample you get showcases the best practices and approaches that win over admission boards. Use this knowledge to craft personal statements for other programs and schools to save money.

We won’t try to talk you out of getting help with writing personal statement, but we want you to be careful and smart about it. Too many students have already lost their money and ruined their reputation by choosing the wrong company. But first, let’s go over your expectations and the reality of writing services.

What Can You Expect From Such Companies?

You can just say, “help me write my personal statement” and be done with it, but you won’t like the results you get. If you know anything about a personal statement, you realize that it should be highly personal and customized to a specific program school or position. Experienced advisors don’t even recommend using the same personal statement for more than one application. Generic writing just doesn’t do it for admission board. It will be a waste of your time and resources.

So how can you make sure the personal statement website you choose does a great job with your order? Over the years, we’ve come up with several essential requirements:

  • Provide as many details about yourself as possible. You’ll have to talk with your writer extensively to explain your choices, experiences, skills, and achievements. To save time, you can upload your admission essays, CV, resume, or personal statement samples you’ve written on your own. All these papers will help your writer understand you better.
  • Specify your target program for school. If you get the personal statement prompt from the admission board, upload it with the order or provide a link for your writer. This will help them identify the critical questions your personal statement should answer. The prompt might also dictate the tone of your application.
  • Set a deadline before the submission date. Despite all the satisfaction and on-time delivery guarantees in the world, you can’t be sure you will get the personal statement right on time. Therefore, you should give yourself at least a couple of days to review your piece, request revisions or make corrections on your own.

If you follow our advice, you will most likely enjoy the personal statement you get.

Can You Trust Them?

Like people, professional personal statement writing services are very different. Some have been around for decades and have accumulated a considerable fanbase. These get hundreds of clients by word of mouth alone. Others have popped up recently and don’t know what they are doing even though you’ll see their names in your Google and Facebook ads all the time.

However, the worst are personal statement help websites that take your money and disappear into the ether. These scammers ruin the reputation of the whole industry by providing plagiarized pieces, hiring non-native English speakers, and ignoring all instructions. You must avoid such companies at all cost, however attractive their prices might seem. They will just waste your time and steal your money without giving anything in return.

How Can You Tell Reliable Writing Companies from Scam?

Unfortunately, there are more scam services than there are legitimate writing companies online. The frauds ruin the reputation of the whole industry and make many students hesitant about getting personal statement writing help. Still, there are dozens of reliable websites you can trust. We have a list of factors you should pay attention to when choosing who to believe.

A safe personal statement website:

  • Does not lure you in with impossibly low prices. Think how much time you would spend writing and looking for an average freelance writer’s wage on Upwork. No self-respecting writer worth their salt would agree to work on your personal statement for $5 per page, especially if they work for a medical or law school personal statement writing service. Their knowledge and experience could earn them so much more in a shorter time. So be realistic and don’t fall for limited-time deals, 80% discounts, and other marketing tricks.
  • Is honest about revisions and refunds. Read the fine print. The terms of use, revision and refund policies are all annoying, but vital if you want to make sure your money is safe. Pay close attention to the free revision and refund request deadlines. Most websites will only give you 14 to 30 days to file a complaint. If you miss your chance, there will be no getting your money back, and you will have to pay extra for any extra editing services.
  • Shares honest customer reviews instead of fakes. There should be enough reviews on the website and independent platforms for you to make an educated decision about entrusting the website with your money. You can tell fake reviews if they are gushing without any substance or if they are super negative and recommend another site in the same sentence. The more reviews you can find, the better.
  • Has friendly and helpful customer support managers. Before placing an order and transferring the funds, use the online live chat or call the company to learn more and get answers to your questions. Avoid websites that don’t have 24/7 support and rely on chatbots to deal with customers. You should be able to reach a human agent and receive information instead of getting another sales pitch.
  • Uses a simple and straightforward order form. If you have to spend more than 10 minutes on placing your order, the company should pay more attention to its user experience design. At every step of the order process, you should be able to see the total cost of the piece. Scam websites often check boxes for additional features by default so pay attention to extras and remove them from your order before you transfer the payment.

But who has the time to research even the first ten entries from your Google search results? So how about using ScamFighter instead? After all, that’s precisely what we do here!

We use Google and students’ suggestions to make a list of professional personal statement writers and test them one after another. We check them all against the parameters we’ve just talked about and more. All you have to do is use the search bar on our website to look for the website you want to use. Or you can use our top charts to browse the best services we have found online. 

The great thing about ScamFighter is that you don’t even have to trust our word on it. Instead, you can use any in-depth personal statement writing service review we’ve written and compare it to student feedback and see for yourself that our research is balanced and objective.

What Should You Do If You Don’t Like The Personal Statement You Get?

The answer to this question depends on how far you are ready to go, and how angry you are. Of course, you can file a lawsuit or ask your bank or credit card company to reverse the payment. Either way, the company will lose money. However, if you go to court, your name will be connected to the website, and you don’t want that bad reputation to transfer to your application. These measures should be your last resort if peaceful negotiation does not work.

If you are mostly satisfied with the personal statement review service you got but want several corrections, start with the requesting a revision. However, you should specify the exact shortcomings of the piece to let the writer know what you want to be corrected. Make sure your request does not contradict your initial instructions. Otherwise, the company will charge you for editing services or writing from scratch.

Sometimes it takes 3 to 5 revisions to get your personal statement just right. Don’t despair! It is still easier and faster than writing a personal statement on your own. Just make sure you leave enough time for revisions when placing your order with the personal statement writing service.  There is also an option to request a new writer to work on your personal statement if you feel like the current specialist doesn’t do your instructions justice.

If all else fails, make use of the money-back guarantee. Before you send your request, list all the shortcomings of your personal statement. Be specific and precise. The more details you provide, the easier it will be for quality assurance expert to evaluate your claim and make a decision about a partial or a full refund.

However, personal statement service employees can sometimes willfully ignore all refund requests or make you jump through the hoops until you forget about your initial claims. If that is the case, please, contact our dispute resolution center. We have years of experience dealing with writing companies and protecting students rights. Of course, we can’t guarantee a full refund. However, will save your time and get at least some of your money back.

While you wait for your refund check out our top picks among the online writing services. You can get an idea of the websites and their services from our in-depth reviews and browse feedback by your fellow students. We only post honest testimonials, and we would welcome your reviews as well. Remember that your feedback can save someone else from losing money and wasting time.