Top Subreddits to Follow for Students in 2024

top subreddits to follow for students in 2024
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This social network is known as the “front page of the Internet.” Reddit collects the best videos, music, images and is one of the best forums on the web. Reddit is an absolutely fantastic source of most fascinating readings about everything in the world, also with quite reasonable sane comments of professionals literally on every question of interest to you. Reddit has one fatal flaw: at some point, its consumption begins to take too much time. From the very beginning, Reddit can scare away a spoiled user with outdated site design. But when you come to know the service better, you will be pleasantly surprised by the appearance and convenience of its mobile application. Here ScamFighter collected a list of best subreddits to follow in 2024. WARNING: Use them wisely and don’t forget about your studies. Let’s get started.

Best Educational Subreddits


This is one of the best subreddits to learn something new. Here you may find a lot of interesting facts from all areas of knowledge and impress your classmates with the breadth of your horizons at the most appropriate moment. Open it right now and start learning!


Higher education in our time has devalued very strongly (in the language of economics), has lost its value, now only the lazy one does not have a diploma. Why did it happen? Apparently, a painful fashion for higher education, which is far from being necessary for all people, is to blame for everything. If you do not want to visit university lectures, then this page may be considered as one of the best educational subreddits. The subreddit contains scientific facts with their explanation. This is the best place to fill your head with a bunch of information on any topic.


This page offers content for those who do not like to read but like to perceive information visually. Sometimes this is the best way to understand a particular phenomenon, and this subreddit contains a million such examples. Take a look and see for yourself.


Over the past decade, global changes have occurred in the work of humanity with knowledge. And those who understood what the essence of modern education is, began to study with triple diligence, and those who continued to study in the old way ran into a series of disappointments and rejected the science. This is one of the best subreddits to follow in order to get all your questions regarding the process of learning and education answered. Here you may find real concerns of real people and learn about a way out from a difficult situation with studying.


This is an ideal place for those who want to learn something, but so far they don’t know where to begin. This subreddit contains millions of tutorials to develop and upgrade your skills in different areas. No matter whether you play the guitar or bake cakes, this page will be helpful anyway.

Fitness Subreddits


This is one of the top fitness subreddits with a lot of content about healthy lifestyle, fitness, yoga and much more. Be sure to check it if you want to find out more content on these topics on an everyday basis.


If you are looking for a place to show off your achievements, as well as look at the successes of others, this subreddit will suit you well. There are a lot of photos and information about everything related to bodybuilding, fitness and a healthy lifestyle.


This is one of the best subreddits since it has gathered millions of posts regarding healthy food, proper nutrition, and diets in one place. Feel free to ask your questions here as well as read about the experience of other users to get some useful info from it.


If you want to meet like-minded people in sports, fitness, bodybuilding, proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle in general, do not hesitate to check all posts in this subreddit. All topics are very well covered.


If you are feeling like Forrest Gump and your favorite hobby is to run, you should read this subreddit between your races. This page contains a lot of useful information about this sport, as well as the latest news and opportunities to find like-minded people.

Best Music Subreddits


If you think jazz is the best music of all time, here is one of the best jazz subreddits. This page will help you to find out more about your favorite music style, songs, and singers. Let the music begin here!


This page is one of the best one to look for inspiration, evaluate original songs of other people and just enjoy your favorite minimalism music. If you are tired of all the stuff, you should certainly check this subreddit.


Rainymood subreddit contains tons of video and audio material, including your favorite music. If you are in search of something new, or vice versa, like to turn to timeless classics, this page will be a great place.


This page contains a monstrous mix of everything in a row, but I’m sure you will like it. Come here if you don’t know what you want because what you need will find you here.

Best Fashion Subreddits


Fashion is the central theme of this subreddit, which contains the most current industry news, photos from fashion shows, reviews of the leading trends of the season, exclusive photo shoots, as well as StreetStyle from all over the world. Actual news from primary sources will help to keep abreast of all the important events of the fashion industry.


Fashion designers around the world each year come up with certain criteria for each season, with full compliance you can be safely called a classy person. Do you want to know what people from different parts of the globe think about fashion? This is one of the best fashion subreddits to find it out.


Today, fashion is controversial, and this title can get anyone who gets into the media: actresses, singers, models, bloggers, artists, brides princes. If you want to know what all this rabble and ordinary people think about fashion and everything else, you are welcome to this subreddit.


This is also possible on Reddit - the whole page devoted exclusively to sneakers of all shapes, colors, and sizes. So if these are your favorite shoes or you are looking for non-standard solutions in the combination of clothes and shoes, you're welcome here.


If you consider yourself a real fan of fashion and do understand fashion trends, you can greatly expand your knowledge in this subreddit. All or almost all the knowledge about fashion available at the moment is collected here for study.

Best Subreddits for Women


Wisdom rules the woman always - 24 hours a day. A wise woman is a happy woman as she herself creates her life and knows how to manage herself and her family. In addition, women are not the weaker sex. Everything that men can do, women can do as well, except, of course, stupid behavior. The latter is only for men. Therefore, dear ladies, this subreddit is suitable for all occasions.


Not everything is so simple in the world of men. They live with women, love them, but play by their own rules. And girls need to know these rules in order to understand which game to play and how to win. The more competently you show yourself in a relationship with your beloved, the more points you will earn in the eyes of your chosen one as his girlfriend, wife, and mother of future children. Here is one of the best subreddits for women to help you.


Social skills are all the abilities we use to communicate and interact with other people, both verbally and without words, through gestures, body language and our personal appearance. The process of mastering them is called socialization. Those who are not good at communicating effectively are doomed to a misunderstanding in communication or difficulties with it. If you have not yet decided whether to focus on improving this area of your life, this subreddit will help sort out the issue anyway.


Each person dreams about meeting their soul mate and live with them happily ever after until old age. But relationship problems can begin literally after the first weeks and months of communication. Why is this happening and how to build a relationship between a guy and a girl so that they suit both partners? This subreddit collected unique stories and useful tips that will help you understand your own relationships, and of course, find out what the hell is going on with other people.


If you want to look like a million, but you don’t have that much money, then it makes sense to listen to the advice of those who have already tried something on their own experience. After all, a luxurious image is not only the amount of money spent on clothes, but also a special approach to appearance that helps a girl to always be at her best. This page contains tons of tips to help you look stylish and expensive without buying designer dresses for thousands of dollars.

Best Subreddits for Men


This is a huge prejudice to assume that only women are fond of fashion. Men's fashion also has a right to exist, and if you want to learn more about it, this subreddit will be useful.


Men are universal beings, and they must know everything and be able to do everything. This one of the best subreddits for men contains tips about all the stuff in the world, so keep it open in an unexpected situation.


This is a universal public, and it is possible to spend here a few days and nights and not even notice it. Jokes, quotes, and tips for all occasions - all this can be found on the pages of this subreddit.


This is really a pure male subreddit. There is everything about the development of self-confidence, and it is also possible to read the real stories of real people.


If you are fond of gadgets and cannot imagine your life without technological innovations, this page will be very interesting and useful. This will help you learn about innovations first-hand, as well as read reviews of those who have already tried a new tech proposal for themselves.

Best Meme Subreddits


If you want to look at economic phenomena through the eyes of an ordinary person and still laugh heartily, this is one of the best meme subreddits to do it. Here you will find tons of truthful jokes on hot topics.


If you like different memes, and some of them have already become the style of your communication, this subreddit will suit you. Here you will find hundreds of memes on current topics, eternal jokes and much more.


The life of memes is getting shorter: some of them are forgotten already in a week, popular ones are lucky to last for a month, and then become nonsense. But there is an exception - eternal memes that have not lost popularity for quite a long time and remain interesting even after years. This page has gathered all possible memes from the entire web.


With the development of the World Wide Web, users are finding more and more new methods of communication. One of the most original ways of sharing information is memes - viral, ironic, and witty drawings, photos and demotivators. This subreddit will help you find even more cool jokes and memes for each day.


The purpose of this page is to blow your mind and deprive sleep for long weeks because after starting to absorb the slag that is collected here, it is impossible to stop. We recommend to start, but the choice is, of course, yours.