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How to Write a Cover Letter. General Tips for a Successful Application

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John Milovich
John Milovich
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Former college customer turned freelance writer, shares insider insights on the essay industry.

Wherever you apply for, a cover letter is an opportunity to create a good impression on the person your nearest future depends on. It tells your reader that you are a right person for the job, college, or internship and have serious intentions. A cover letter shows whether you have a grasp of good manners, fluency in English, and understanding of the formalities. Our advice will help you create a catchy cover letter and distinguish yourself from the crowd of applicants.

Formatting a Cover Letter

Usually, cover letters are around half a page long. They are formatted as a formal business letter. A cover letter includes greeting, closing remarks, and a signature. As a rule, it consists of several paragraphs:

  • The first paragraph shows the purpose of your writing
  • The middle paragraphs highlight the certain aspects of your personality which make you a good candidate to consider
  • The final paragraph explains how you will follow-up

What you say in your self-presentation is vital, but how it looks also matters. Follow the tips to make your cover letter readable and good-looking:

  • Pick a simple font (Arial and Verdana of 12-point font size work well)
  • Leave space below your salutation and paragraphs
  • Proofread your text (or delegate this work to professionals)
  • Make sure your letter is concise and to the point

How to Write a Cover Letter for a College Application

We think you believe the power of cover letters are great, so it is high time to learn what exactly students write about in such documents. Point out:

  • Why you want to study at this particular college
  • What are you interested in concerning the academic sphere
  • How the school can assist you in achieving your long-term goals
  • What aspects of your background make you right for the role
  • What special connections you have to the school (maybe your relatives are alumni)
  • A request to consider you for admission
  • Contact details

What a Cover Letter for a Job Application Should Include

If you want to get not any job, but this specific job, it is wise to show how you are interested in the vacancy and the company in particular. Here a well-structured and well-presented cover letter comes in handy. The essential things to include in your letter are:

  • Your name and how the manager can contact you
  • The recruiter’s name (take efforts to find it)
  • Where you saw the vacancy announcement
  • Specific features of the company that appeal to you
  • Concise explanation why you are perfectly suitable for the post
  • How the company will benefit if they hire you
  • Appreciation to the HR manager for their time

If you want a recruiter to remember you, for sure, create a video cover letter. Here is an instruction:

How to Write a Scholarships Cover Letter

When you apply for a scholarship, attach a cover letter even if it is not required. Such an approach will help you win the committee officer's favor. In addition to the formal greeting, your personal contact details, and closing remarks, including the following information:

  • The credible reasons why you cannot afford education without this scholarship
  • Your academic strength you are proud of
  • How you can contribute to the school life and science during your studies
  • How you will reach your objectives with the help of the academic project you are applying for

Having all the necessary information for writing a cover letter, you are ready to impress admission officers or employers. All we can add is “Good luck”!