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Why is writing an essay so hard: strategies to make writing easier

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John Milovich
John Milovich
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Former college customer turned freelance writer, shares insider insights on the essay industry.

Writing an essay might seem simple enough at first glance, yet many students find themselves struggling with it. Although its rules may seem straightforward - write succinctly and stay on topic - students still often encounter obstacles and seek assistance, even with just their thoughts and the ability to structure them. Why is writing an essay so hard? In this article, we delve into some of the challenges students encounter while writing essays and offer strategies for overcoming them.

Challenges when writing an essay

Few people manage to write an essay perfectly the first time. Challenges when writing an essay can be for various reasons. Typically, students do not know how to work with sources of information in order to write an essay competently and structured. Since the essay is not a small work, it is important to highlight the main thing from all the available information to present it in the best possible way. This strategy will help when you are having a hard time writing an essay.

In fact, students have experience writing essays. They write this type of work frequently, and they may encounter it when writing exams at a college or university. The more practice you have, the easier it is to write a high-quality essay.

Lack of preparation

Colleges and universities regularly assign essays throughout the academic year, with timely submission being obligatory. Yet, not every student excels in crafting these papers, and many lack the time needed for the task. Instead of struggling to write an essay, some opt for extracurricular activities, part-time jobs, or leisure with friends. Insufficient preparation compounds the issue, as students may have difficulty writing essays due to limited research, brainstorming, and drafting efforts, leaving them feeling overwhelmed by essay assignments.

Fear of taking the first step: struggling to write

Students often doubt whether they should take the first step when writing an essay. They may often think about additional help. This is all due to a lack of experience and confidence in the quality of their work. Despite this, students should try to practice their writing skills, thereby learning on how to avoid mistakes when writing essays. Struggling to write an essay, students can submit their assignments to qualified specialists.

Procrastination and struggling to write an essay

Postponing everything until the last moment before starting an important task, doing unimportant things, being lazy, and being dissatisfied with one's productivity. These are symptoms that often occur in students. What does it testify about? Procrastination is the word that can be used to combine these symptoms. And this problem frequently worries those who wonder: "Why is writing an essay so hard?" What to do? In short, work on yourself and find a balance between "pleasant," "useful," and "necessary." Students should be happy to deal with all the tasks they receive from their educators. Persistence and desire to learn will help dispel doubts about writing quality essays on any topic. No procrastination, only efficiency! Struggling to write will balance gradually as soon as the motivation for writing appears among students.

Fear of criticism when writing an essay

Many students are afraid to make mistakes, which is typical for them. They are often concerned about avoiding these mistakes when struggling to write. In fact, they shouldn't be afraid of criticism from teachers and peers. Preliminary preparation and detailed study of the topic and material are necessary to write an excellent essay. So, don’t be afraid to send your work to the mentors to get final results. The more you revise the task before submitting it, the better results are expected without being criticized. You will see that your answer to the question: "Why is it so hard for me to write an essay?" will simply lose its meaning. Stop worrying and being afraid of criticism and condemnation!

Smart tips for writing an essay

Students often think: “Why is it so hard to write an essay?”. Embarking on an essay-writing journey can be daunting, but with the right strategies, you can navigate it with confidence and finesse. Below, we present a collection of tips for writing an essay tailored to enhance your essay-writing skills and elevate your academic output.

Divide essay tasks into stages

Break the task down into several stages. It will simplify the process when struggling to write an essay:

  1. Choose a topic you like. The crucial first step in the essay-writing process is to select a topic that resonates with you. When facing challenges when writing an essay, choosing a subject that interests you will motivate you to research and write about it. Consider your passions, interests, and areas of expertise when narrowing down potential topics.
  2. Research. Do research not only to explain but also to support your main point.
  3. Create a detailed essay outline. An essay is a creative work that has a detailed outline. When checking how the student has completed the task, the teacher pays attention to the presence of relevance, hypothesis, and theses arranged in a certain order:
    • Introduction: An intro that grabs the reader and draws him into the paper. A well-formulated thesis statement will present the main idea and related points discussed in the body paragraphs.
    • Body: Well-written body paragraphs that continue to support the main idea, with each paragraph presenting and explaining new supporting evidence.
    • Conclusion: A conclusion that comes full circle confirms the main point and leaves the reader with more to think about.

Utilize additional help when writing an essay

Don't hesitate to get extra help if you have a question: “Why is it so hard to write an essay?” There are several working options that will serve as effective help in writing a quality essay:

  1. Find a tutor. Tutoring is a great option because a tutor will give you full attention and review your writing, especially if you're experiencing difficulty writing essays. A tutor who knows your strengths and weaknesses will help you improve your writing skills.
  2. Work with a friend or group. Essay writing is difficult, so you probably know someone who is also trying to get better at essay writing. It might be helpful to get together and encourage each other to write. You can also help edit each other's posts and provide feedback. When you work with a friend or group of friends, it's easier to focus and feel motivated to write.
  3. Writing center on campus. Most colleges and universities have a free writing center on campus for students. These writing centers are staffed by faculty and graduate students who can help students struggling to write essays for their classes.
  4. Writing services. Access professional assistance from essay writing services such as writepaperfor.me to fulfill your academic requirements. These services employ skilled writers who can provide customized assistance tailored to your specific assignment guidelines. Whether you need help brainstorming ideas, organizing your thoughts, or refining your writing, such services can help you achieve your academic goals effectively and efficiently. Read essay writing services reviews to choose the most reliable service to help you with your academic assignments.

Make priorities in writing essays

Organization is an integral part of any process, including essay writing. It allows learners to structure and organize the material to achieve their goals and prioritize tasks successfully. This is especially important in the educational process because the potential of future specialists depends on it. Students must be able to prioritize those tasks that are of paramount importance.

Mandatory break in writing a structured essay

Don't write the entire text in one breath. It's better to take several approaches to writing an essay of high quality and correctness. Take breaks as often as possible, at least every half hour. It is necessary to allow the brain to restore its energy reserves to make the learning process more effective. This will refresh your mind and give free rein to new thoughts. It's better to write a text with a fresh head than to be surprised: "Why are essays so hard?"

Make an essay completely revised

At the final stage, you should carefully check and re-read the entire text. Editing is important to understand how an essay is written correctly. Essay editing and revision are good forms of quality control: they can correct spelling or formatting mistakes and ensure that evidence and arguments are reasonable and logical. In addition, when editing an essay, it is very important to check the logic of the structure of the work. Pay attention to essay editing if you want to produce excellent writing assignments.


Every student has encountered essay writing as something challenging. There are good reasons why students are increasingly asking the question: “Why is writing essays so hard?” To avoid mistakes in writing and produce high-quality work, listen to the sensible advice mentioned above. By avoiding these mistakes and paying attention to the quality of writing, you can create an essay that is clear, persuasive, and effectively expresses your ideas and arguments.


Students often struggle with essay writing due to various factors such as lack of organization, difficulty in generating ideas, poor time management, and fear of criticism or failure.

To overcome the challenges of essay writing, students can employ several effective strategies. These include breaking down the writing process into manageable steps, brainstorming and outlining ideas before writing, seeking feedback from peers or instructors, managing time effectively by setting deadlines and sticking to them, and practicing regularly to improve writing skills.

By following strategies like breaking tasks into smaller parts, brainstorming, seeking feedback, managing time, and practicing regularly, students can simplify the essay-writing process, making it less daunting and more manageable.