Top Canadian Essay Writing Servicesand why you should think twice before ordering from them

This third article is devoted to essay writing services in Canada. It turned out that there are few custom writing services in Canada which claim to be truly Canadian. Nevertheless, after some research I managed to dig out the most popular Canadian essay writing services. These services were rated based on the method used in previous articles. According to stats, there are over 2 million students enrolled in Canadian universities and colleges, half a million of who are international students. Taking into consideration that Canada is home to so many students, I know that many of them turn to the assignment help services, and it’s important they don’t fall for scammers. Hope you’ll enjoying reading this review. Let’s get started.

1. - 2.7/5 seems to be owned by the same company that owns UKWritings and AustralianWritings. Apparently, this one is the least known because there are almost no CanadianWritings reviews. The one I found was on unreliable essay review website. The prices are average and start at $13 per page. I didn’t place an order with this company as I’ve had some experience with UKWritings and AustralianWritings. Well, the papers offered by them are readable but you need to thoroughly revise the paper before you can turn it in. Is CanadianWritings scam? I wouldn’t say so, but if you’re ready to spend like $13 and more per page and then edit your paper yourself, you can try to place an order with them.

2. - 2.5/5

Despite claiming to be the best Canada essay service on their website, I didn’t find any reviews proving it. PaperLeaf says they provide professional writing assistance for Canadian students. So I decided to go online and see what people say about this company. Unfortunately, there are no reviews that seem real - I discovered some fake reviews trying to discredit the company reputation without no good reason. The only way to test this service was to place an order: order

I placed a small order: a 14-day deadline, High School level. It cost me around $27. Paper was delivered in time but the quality was a bit disappointing. The main complaints were grammar mistakes and lack of proper transition between sentences and paragraphs. Overall, the content appeared good but the way it was presented lacked professional touch and consistency. Though, is not scam, I could not recommend it.

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3. Canada - 2.5/5 Canada is another custom writing service which offers essay help for Canadian students. This time I was more lucky and succeeded in finding some Canada reviews on trusted sites like SiteJabber and Trustpilot. Overall, the reviews are positive, however, many of them seemed fake to me. The main complaints of clients included the writers inability to follow the instructions, copy-paste, and lack of writing mechanics. review

All these complaints don’t necessarily mean that Canada is scam. It shows that the quality of the paper depends on the writer you’ll get. If you’re lucky enough and get a writing savvy, then you’ll get a decent paper. But if you’re down on your luck, be ready to edit/proofread your paper yourself.

4. - 2.4/5

It’s not clear whether this service is solely based in Canada but when I searched for cheap essay writing service canada and essay writing service in canada, SameDayPapers popped up each time. Besides, there were 6 Samedaypapers reviews on SiteJabber - all were 5 star reviews. review

That seemed suspicious because even best of the best writing services have negative reviews if they don’t delete or hide them. To find out whether SameDayPapers is scam or legit writing company, I had to order from them and see what quality they offered. As usual, I placed a small order, provided all my details as thoroughly as possible and waited for the paper to arrive. I shall tell you that I didn’t like the quality. It seemed like the writer was lazy reading my instructions, and wrote the paper based only on its title without going into details which I asked him to provide. I had to resend the paper two times before it appeared satisfactory. Obviously, SameDayPapers isn’t scam but it took much of my effort to spell every bit out to the writer.

5. - 2.4/5

The last service on our list is This service shows up for other popular search queries like assignment help canada and custom essay writing services canada. That’s why EssayVikings made it to our top. Slogan on the site states they provide essay writing service that can impress. I was ready to be impressed and order a paper but before doing it I decided to read Essay Vikings reviews. There are reviews both on SiteJabber and TrustPilot.

Reviews are mainly positive, the only negative review I managed to discover was this one: review

Since reviews were no big help, I ordered an essay from them. My order was a 3-page essay on Pro-Life vs.Pro-Choice Debate. After I completed all paper details, I have to proceed with bidding and price can differ significantly. I got my paper with a 14-day deadline written for $50. As for quality, it wasn’t something that cost $50. The writer seemed not to know the basics of googling as he wrote to me, asking what was meant by my topic. Even after that, he sent me paper where I found rephrased information from the internet without any hint at synthesis or analysis. Bottom line is EssayVikings isn’t scam but their services are largely overpriced and not writers are professional.

Concluding notes

As there are too many services, ripping off students, I want to advise you to stay vigilant not to fall prey to scammy services. Always do some research before placing an order, thoroughly read reviews online but don’t let fake ones lull into making you order, chat with supports, ask questions, read money back guarantees and order only from trusted services (some of them can be found on our site). Good luck and I hope you’ll never come across scammers.