Top UK Essay Writing Servicesand why you should think twice before ordering from them

The second article in our Top series is gonna be about the UK academic writing services. ScamFighter analyzed dozens of supposedly the best UK essay writing companies. The yardstick against which the companies have been measured was the methodology described in my previous article. I should tell you upfront that you won’t find here anything about services like UKEssays as its reputation is out of question. Instead, you’ll come across most of the essay writing companies shown in Google search for queries like “essay help uk”, “do my essay uk” or “essay write service uk.” I think it’s vital to review such services as many users will never go further than the first Google result page and if the quality of their services sucks, you, our readers should know about it first. Let’s cut to the chase right away.

1. UK Writings - 2.5/5

UK Writings

UK Writings is one of the most popular writing services. The company specializes in many academic writing services like writing, proofreading, editing etc. Despite relatively affordable prices and friendly supports agents, the quality of writing is a shame. When I had my essay written by one of their professionals, there were too many mistakes to turn the paper in without proofreading. The main drawbacks include little knowledge of formatting rules and grammar mistakes. The content of the paper made sense, but its formal part needed revising badly. If you’re ready to spend like $13 per page and then edit it, then go ahead and place an order. My full review on UK Writings can be found here.

2. Oxbridge Essays - 2.5/5

Oxbridge Essays

Less known but still popular with British students assignment help company. With its aristocratic name, one can expect the corresponding quality. But is so in reality? The company is based in London and has the office where you can come by and receive the help. Not taking the ordering process into consideration, the quality of the paper was adequate but I paid $180 per page where I could order the same paper just for $10. I cannot see the rationale for such skyrocket prices. If you have money to burn then order from Oxbridge Essays. If not, look somewhere else! I described my experience with this company in my review.

3. OX Essays - 2.4/5

OX Essays

There are no many OX Essays reviews on the web. The ones I managed to find were on fake review websites. The two reviews on TrustPilot seemed fake as well

OX Essays review

They were published within two days, that’s it, no more reviews. I was determined to find out whether OX Essays is scam or legit. That’s why I had no other ways but to order a paper from them. I placed a 1-page essay (something from a High School program). I paid $13 per page. To tell the truth, the quality could have been better. Although there were no grammar mistakes, lack of any transition at all, made it impossible for the writer to get their message across. Not the best experience I’ve had.

4. Writing Peak - 2.3/5

Writing Peak

First of all, I want to say that their order form is one of the worst I’ve ever come across. Let me explain, you cannot place an order for a page (275 words), the minimal length is 550 words. Second, there’s no price calculation at Step 1. So, the minimal price will be $27.8 per 550 words. They try to trick you into thinking that it’s $13.90 per page

Writing Peak price

But since you can’t order a page, it would be better not fall for this marketing trick. There are no Writing Peak reviews on trusted sites. All I found were obvious fakes. Writing Peak is not scam but all that experience I had interacting with their website and supports put me off. So, I don’t recommend you ordering from this website.

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5. UK Assignment Help -2.1/5

UK Assignment Help

UK Assignment Help raised many questions during my review. First, there are no UK Assignment Help reviews which seem to be real. Reddit was no help either. The only reviews I found, again, were written by somebody willing to tarnish their reputation without no good proof. It’s really funny reading such reviews:

UK Assignment Help conslusion

It’s difficult at this point to say whether UK Assignment Help is scam or legit service. That’s why I decided to inspect their website and place an order. One thing that made me somewhat uncomfortable was the language some parts of their content was written in. Maybe I’m exaggerating, nevertheless, have a look:

UK Assignment Help expertise

Returning to the question of quality of services offered by UK Assignment Help, I placed a small order to test it out. The prices are affordable: I paid £24 ($31) for two pages with a 14-day deadline. The quality was a bit lower than average. Despite offering writing help for students in the United Kingdom, the paper was written in American English. And the writer had a hard time formatting it per Harvard (the most popular format in the UK) requirements.

6. British Assignment Writers - 2.1/5

British Assignment Writers

Another company which doesn’t have any reviews on trusted sites. I tried to search for “British assignment writers reddit” but found zero information either. I was wondering why so many popular assignment writing services in the UK have few reviews? You may wonder that British Assignment Writers is a scam company but I ordered a paper from them and they delivered it. But the quality left much to be desired. The good news is prices are not high and you can get 30% off your first order. If you wanna take some risk, then go ahead and place an order with them.

7. British Essay Writers - 2.0/5

British Essay Writers

Upon closer inspection, I noticed that this service and British Assignment Writers are alike. First, look at their live chat icons:

British Assignment Writers

British Assignment Writers live chat

British Essay Writers

British Essay Writers live chat

Both companies offer 30% off discounts and in the headers they’ve got similar features as well:

British Assignment Writers

British Assignment Writers hover

British Essay Writers

British Essay Writers hover

This time I was more lucky and found 9 British Essay Writers reviews on SiteJabber. All 9 reviews were negative ones:

British Essay Writers home

Almost all people complain that they are scam.

British Essay Writers review

I didn’t place an order with them as everything is crystal clear from the customer feedback submitted to SiteJabber.

Concluding notes

Having some of the popular British custom writing services, I felt a bit disappointed in the quality they offer. The main takeaway message from this review is not to choose the essay company by country. You could see yourself the UK assignment help services wrote the paper in American English, had problems with Harvard formatting and the overall quality. Good luck and let’s fight scam together.