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DarwinEssay is rated 2.25/5
by ScamFighter and is not
on our TOP essay Writing services
We recommend checking out one of our
best rated services

DarwinEssay Review

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Executive Summary

DarwinEssay.net is an academic custom writing service that can handle your essays and research papers within the deadline given. The company has poor ratings online, and their quality is not good at all. The prices are fair, but I doubt someone can write for this amount. They also give random information about their service so I could not get their real location. The support agents are really slow and obviously are not native speakers of English. I the way of conclusion, I would state that it is a very strange service to use.

1.Service Review

Darwin Essay has been working as an essay writing service for 2 years only. Although their support agents avoid these questions, the Wayback machine shows that they are a new company.

When DarwinEssay was founded

They definitely do not have enough writers to handle their workload, and you can see only 20 - 80 writers online in their statistics. The interesting fact is that they have more orders than the writers. Please see the screenshot:

DarwinEssay active orders and writers

At this point, each writer has at least 3 orders. I don’t think they can provide decent quality with such statistics. In addition to this, they seem to be a fraudulent company. When I asked their location, they told me that they are online service and could not disclose this information. I asked a direct question again and got this:

DarwinEssay location

Without any doubts, they are not Londoners. The only hint about their location lies in their testimonials. There is feedback from Lim Tray on their website:

DarwinEssay feedback. Customer’s reviews

But actually this girl from the cover of the Turkish language book. Check it at https://www.kitapisler.com/Kida-YGS-Turkce-Konu-Ozetli-Soru-Bankasi_25094.html#0 . Do you really trust them after that?

DarwinEssay fake location. Turkish writing service.

Please be careful with them! I would not recommend this service to anyone of our readers. Just keep on searching or take a risk and read the rest of the review below.

2.Pros and Cons


  • 3-hour deadline is available.
  • Plagiarism free and On-time delivery Guarantees. If they fail to do this, you are eligible to get a full refund.
  • Low prices.


  • Low quality of their papers.
  • Fake location. They seem to be located in Eastern Europe.
  • Slow support agents. They barely speak English.

3.Online reputation

Darwin Essay doesn’t care about their reputation. Truth be told, their online reputation is awful. You don’t have to be an expert to say that they are not good in writings. Please see the Google search results for their reviews:

DarwinEssay online reviews. Bad feedback

I really don’t know who uses this website. I wondered if the support agents could explain this, but their reply was only I cannot tell for every and each customer. Please see the reviews on our home page.’ No thanks, guys!


It was a surprise to me, but their Terms of Use and Money Back Guarantee are fair and strong. You can see their Refund Policy at https://darwinessay.net/money/. According to it, you can get a full refund if they fail to send you at least something on time, no writers for your assignment or there was a payment issue like double payment or identical orders. Then you can get a 70% refund if you want to cancel the order before half of a deadline is passed. The last option is a 50% refund if there are no writers for your revision or you want to cancel the order after 50% of the deadline has already passed.
Please note that you cannot get any refund

DarwinEssay Money Back Guarantee

5.Types of Services

Darwin Essay is usually associated with this kind of services:
  • Academic Essay
  • Buy Essay Online
  • Custom Essay
  • Do my essay Dissertation
  • Writing Dissertation writers
  • Essay Help
  • Essay Paper
  • Help Essay
  • Writing Paper
  • Writer Papers for sale
  • Paper Writing
  • Research Paper
  • Writing Term Paper
  • Writing Write My Paper

6.Ordering Process

To buy a paper with DarwinEssay company you go to https://darwinessay.net/order/ and fill 3 steps of their order form. The first is your personal info. Do not worry; their Privacy Policy does not allow them to show it to someone, so you can write some fake information.

DarwinEssay order form and Privacy Policy.

Please note that by clicking Continue you accept their Terms of Use. Do not do that if you didn’t see our DarwinEssay Guarantees review.
The next step is the assignment details. You have to be very careful here as you will not be able to change these details after the payment.

DarwinEssay assignment details order form.

The last step before the payment is a price calculator. Here you get the final price for your assignment. Please note that VAT is not included in this price.

DarwinEssay price calculation.

After that, you can proceed to the payment and find the order page. There you will be able to send more materials and messages there.

7.Prices and Fees

DarwinEssay is one of the cheapest writing services online. It is obvious that non-native speakers work for them so Darwin Essay prices are quite low. See the chart with their prices below:

DarwinEssay order prices.

8.Paper Quality

The Quality of DarwinEssays service is substandard. It is discussed all over the Internet. They simply do not have enough of good writers. Truth be told, it is a very rare case when you can get a paper without an error. Anyway, it is good enough for short essays and some simple tasks.

9.Customer Support

The support agents are slow-typers, it takes up to 5 minutes to send you a reply for 1 simple question. Also, they are ESL people so it would be difficult to understand them via the phone.I was not pleased with their service.

10.Offers and Extra Services

Darwinessay service has a lot of good extras for you. Please note that most of them can help you to track the order progress. Here is a list of them:
  • Initial draft means that you will get an outline or a draft before the final paper
  • Plagiarism report is an official report that they send after the order is approved. It is similar to Turnitin so you can use it for sure.
  • The abstract page is an extra page in the way of an outline. Students often use it for big assignments like research papers or dissertations.
  • VIP customer service means that you will get a personal support agent that types faster and better in English. It is a shame that you have to pay extra for it.
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I've got B+ for my essay

4.5 Excellent
Posted by David Skin, 2018-05-23 18:48 about DarwinEssay
I received my paper with the mark B+. What else can I say about darwinessay.net services?

US, Washington
1 reviews, registered 23 May 2018



I am not satisfied as I used to be

3 Good
Posted by penny, 2017-09-11 12:31 about DarwinEssay
When I started using Darwin Essay, they were much better. The Customer service was awesome! I used to get my assignments fast and without revisions. I tend to purchase my papers elsewhere unfortunately

US, New Jersey
1 reviews, registered 11 Sep 2017




1.5 Poor
Posted by hanktaville, 2017-08-22 23:01 about DarwinEssay
They declined my cancellation request. They decided that I didn't supply sufficient details for the order so they could send me some random garbage. I sent them the rubric, topic and a sample. They simply paraphrased the sample! The writer cheated! The manager said that the writer is right! Who's ...more

US, New Jersey
1 reviews, registered 22 Aug 2017



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